Monday, December 31, 2007

Day ONE of San Diego...

My parents took our whole family to


for the


It was a long drive! ... (Esp. for those who didn't sleep, *WINK!!)

As soon as we got to the hotel, all of the kids ran around like they hadn't been able to use their legs in weeks. (Lance is included as one of the kids, OF COURSE!)

We changed & left to catch the train... slash ... the light rail.

There were LOTS of ASU fans to join us!
...Come on ride the train...

The Sherwood Family
Check out how CUTE our ASU cheerleaders are!
Roxy & Ellie
(Thanks Courtney for loaning us the outfits!)

All the grand kids!
Our family all decked out!
After the longest first half ever...
there was a great half time show.
There were so many U.S. SOLDIERS who rolled out, held, and then waved this HUGE FLAG, as someone was singing the anthem.
It was awesome.

(I gotta say that the DeViLs played really bad.. which is why the score was the way it was..)

This is RIGGS cheering ASU on.

He is really into ASU, and he got a little emotional at the score once in a while.

Ellie had a little nap during the LONG, FREEZING game...

The result in her hair:

(need I say more?)

You could tell that a lot of us were true Arizonans, from how FREEZING we were!

Good golly!

BUT, we did have a great time. Thanks mom & dad!

Day TWO of San Diego

Friday, Dec. 28th....

Alisse & I wore our new matching

jackets! (It was freezing, again!)

We went to see our Uncle Jim's pier.

(AKA: Mr. Palmer for those of you Taylor Trojans)

I had never seen birds like these.
so was their poop, SICK!


Our Uncle Jim took us to a favorite spot..

We all ate & then the kids rode the carousel WAY TOO MANY TIMES!

Every time Ellie would come around, she was posing for me to take her picture.. (she gets it from her daddy... ha ha...)

The Gibbons

Roxy wanted to ride the GIRAFFE over and over. She thought it was HERS.

Here comes trouble...

Ellie & Noah.

It was a long day of fun.

That night we all went to Sizzler (minus our dad).

And, don't forget... TWINS!!!

Day THREE of San Diego

On Saturday, Dec. 29th,

we all got ready to go to the

San Diego Zoo.

MATCHING is a must, right?!!

We all rode one on the top of one of the tour buses.

Yes, I was a tourist, & now I am going to show just a few of my snap shots!


the orangutans!!!

Our family stayed at this spot for ... actually I don't even know how long .. but a really long time.

People told us that the San Diego Zoo was better than the Phoenix Zoo, we can see why we heard that so much (we still love our zoo, too)!


The monkeys/apes would come so close to the glass window.

The dad (?) & the baby were playing the entire time we were watching.

It was so funny!

Roxy is such an animal lover.

She went right up to the window to say HI to this playful monkey.

Roxy kept kissing the glass. It was so cute.

The ape liked Roxy, too!

YEAH, that's a big daddy!!!

One of them just showing off. It kept swinging on that bamboo!
Back to our favorite ape...

We noticed that she kept looking at my moms purse. Later on, a lady came and lined up things in front of the monkey. The monkey would point at which item she wanted to see her put on or use. Alisse & Shalae did it after she left. It was so fun to watch this GIRLY monkey point at which item she wanted to see.. lotion dripping out, or chap stick, etc!!!

Some of the guys left after that and took a visit to Midway, or something...

Ellie imitating the FLAMINGO'S!

This huge Polar Bear seemed O.C.D..

It kept doing the same thing over & over.

Since we didn't bring a stroller for Ellie, Lance rented this double stroller there.

Shalae & I came up with an idea, being the nerds that we are!!

Before we ditched our stroller, Shalae pushed Ellie & I down the hill!


Speaking of "roller coasters"...

We all took the easy way back to the front of the zoo.

WEEEE & WOOOW is what I think I heard from Alisse & Scott.

..HA HA..

Ellie standing in front of the exit/entrance as we left.
(Check out that cute tree shaped as an elephant)

Our family had never been to San Diego until July/August of this year.

Now, we have been there TWICE & both involved seeing AnImaLs!!

I now recommend the San Diego Zoo to all!

(Make sure you do BOTH roller coasters, though! *wink)