Wednesday, August 29, 2007

She's HOT!!!

Who knew being 26 could look so good??!!!!

Happy Birthday CRYSTAL ANNIE!!

We both know that "26" is on the down hill of being in the 20's!!! SO SAD!

Love havin you as a sister in law.... but I know you love having me as a sister in law even more, RIGHT???

Visit Crystal's Blog & harrass her a bit!!!!!

Just a few bits about her:

-She loves to cook. (and is a great chef)

-She loves her 2 cute little boys, but will die if she never gets a GIRL!

-Suzanne is her fav. S-I-L!!

-She loves ORANGE!!

-She usually is pretty caught up on her scrapbooking. (BUG)

-She had a crush on my husband in high school! (from Lance)

-She was my cheer captain while I was a sophmore! (El Capitan)

-Still loves being a cheerleader! (Go Mesa!)

-Loves hats & looks so cute in them.

-Such a good wife & mom.

-She is the "SHE" of She's Got It All. (Thank ya kindly!)

-Love's Hot Chocolate...and all other chocolate.

-Fav. candy bar = Take 5??

-Gets ticked if she goes to a shower & they don't have lots of good food.


-OBSESSED with food... looking at her you might not realize!!

-Wore her (non maternity) True Religion & Rockin' Republics her whole flippin pregnancy!!

-Loves The Office, all WB shows.... I could go on & on!

-Drives SO far to come in town & go back home .. and does it so much.

-Always dresses so fashionable!

-Spiritual & humble.

-Such a GOOD friend & I also get her as my sister in law.

-She is a happy, pleasant & honest person.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

RockHeart ROCKS!!!!!

For those of you that I have not checked out our FEATURED ITEMS, or incase you STILL have not signed up for our monthly newsletter.... You have got to check out these awesome products! (Sign up quick!)

YES, She's Got It All sells a little bit of clothing (it's just hard to find). WE HOPE TO ADD MORE! Everytime Ellie (wonderful model... *wink) wears this
people stop us & ask where I got it... (of course I get a little nervous advertising in person).. SO, if you have a little princess, surprise her with a crown tank! I know she will love it!!

Close up of the crown. (made with studs & rhinestones)
Here are just a few cute pieces to give you a HINT of what there is... BUT click HERE to scope out more! I love everything that RockHeart makes.



You ask:

ROCKHEART was started by

Christy (Garcia) Frank.

(She is the oldest daughter of Fran Garcia, one of my moms bestest friends). RockHeart is a non profit organization. ALL of the proceeds go to help charity. Christy has been helping Shalae & I with everything to get our charity started. We are calling our charity

"She's Got Heart".

We will be raising money to help with the research for newborns and children with heart conditions. As some of you may know Auburn's oldest son, RIGGS has been so inspiring to us & maybe even some of you!

Riggs (now) on the far left

While Auburn (my oldest sister) was pregnant with Riggs she found out that her baby probably would not live once he was delivered, because of how serious and complicated his heart conditions/defects were. So many people prayed and fasted so much for Auburn, Riggs, and also for the doctors that would be helping them. Heavenly Father has answered so many prayers and blessed Riggs so much. After many surgerys and close calls, Riggs is quite the athlete and he is one of my heroes. As far as I know, Riggs hardly ever complains about taking his meds every day.
We will have more info on our charity

She's Got Heart,

our exclusive RockHeart item,

& more about Riggs' inspiring story, soon.

As far as ROCKHEART products, you can shop our site here,

call & let us know if you want to stop by to shop thru our stock,

or come visit our boutique/trunk show this coming weekend!

(See my last post if you want more details.)

Monday, August 13, 2007

First Come, First Serve!!!

She's Got It All Boutique
is comin' up!!!

We have been stocking up, along with many of our great local suppliers!!
Come & bring a friend or family, or who ever you want!
Come even if it is just to

(You can copy, paste & then print this reminder if you want!)

I have been wanting to post a few of my loves from She's Got It All

so here are a few of my obsessions: (Including all the cute kids)...

This flower clip (above) can not be found on our website yet... but it will be sold at the boutique. (We are also hoping that our local supplier that will be selling our HEADBAND BOWS will have some to sell these 2 days!)

To view more clips and headbands click here or come check them out on the 24th & the 25th!


I love all the camo and leopard printed booties!!!
Keep in mind that we will be selling most of our products for LESS at the boutique!!

(On our website the above booties sell for $12.00.... there they will be $9.00!!!)


We offer a large selection of car seat covers.

FYI: If you click on the link to car seat covers, the first covers that appear are from our very custom (higher priced) supplier. If these are not in your price range, be sure to scroll down & check out the more reasonably priced covers!!!

We have recently removed the (reversible) car seat covers. We will have these covers on clearance at the boutique.

For those of you that do not know, we do have some items in stock! Not only for babies, but great gifts for teens or adults, too! Please call or e-mail Shalae or me to let us know if you would like to come by and shop!

THANKS to all of those who have kept us in mind & that have stopped by to grab a gift! We love it!!!!

Thanks for all the support & for all the people who have spread the word & listed us as a link on your blog! We appreciate it so much!

I hope to see you there!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Happy mid 30's to my dad.
Today is his birthday. Here are a few things to describe him:
*Never stops
*He has project after project
*Obsessed with fishing, but doesn't eat fish
*Does so much for our family
*Magestic purple (huge) garage ceiling (now stairs and large shelf)
*Goof ball, so nobody knows when he is being serious
*Great church speaker
*Loves camping
*Still loves toys... (below is his crashed Prowler, after not seeing the drop at the Dunes. Just glad that everyone was all right.)
*Boot scootin' Buggy with us at the reunions
*Slap Leather
*Oldest clothes... & comb
*Serves others, with out them knowing
*Wrestler back in the days
*3 Dog Night
*Likes to pretend he does Feng Shui
*Likes to Dance, sing, cheer... entertain
*Elvis anyone?
*Country boy
*Great dad
*Wonderful & Playful Poppi (G-pa)
*Achy Breaky Heart
*Sea Doos
*Lake Powell
*The Beach Boys
*The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

(Us at his b-day last year... minus Scott)

*Sweet Tomatos


*Identical Twin

*Surprising people

*Loving husband

*Good Example


*NINEY "ninety degree angle pipe"

*Home Depot Runs

*Dates... Early bird special anyone?

*Singing.. high low & inbetween

*NY missionary

*Suzanne is his favorite daughter
*"This is Sam" .. answering his phone

*Maui Waui or bust

*Early riser

*Been known to own 3 boats at once

(Poppi on Father's Day 07)

*Teases kids... and now grandkids


*Marjerle Dog (Misses stretching with him every morning)

*FHE (even if it is just the 2 - 3 of them)

*Cream Soda

*Green bomb

*Always setting an example

*4 am lake trips

*Called me "Zannie"(younger), now it is "Scoozy"

Calls Ellie "Jellie"

Noah "No Key"

Riggs "Figgy"

Lance "Bro. Cummard"

Jaxen ?? "Jackie or Jax"

Roxy "Rocky"

My mom "Vicki Sue" (yes, that is her middle name)



*Hardest worker


Ellie said that one of her favorite things with Poppi is to run around and play catch... (She is such the athlete. HA HA HA)

Mine is... hmmm.. that is hard. I love that my dad has always been the same age since I can remember. AND .. He has always shown us how to have a good time together, AND... that he has always set the example on loving your family, no matter what. (Wife, kids, grandkids)

Lance was asleep a while ago... NO, Of Course Ellie was still awake! I'll ask Lance later.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Love Being A Girl

Yes, I have posted this picture before, who cares. I love it. These 3 OOC hotties are just too cute. They loved dressing up!
This was nothing out of the ordinary.. actually, it is an every day/second thing. I think Auburn thought that moms made little girls like baby dolls, pretty things, ETC.... She found out over the last 2 years that GIRLS come out loving GIRLY THINGS!!!
The pic. above is on a night that Auburn spent the night at my moms, I stole Rox & went & rocked her to sleep. She had to have her bottle, her blankee (from SGIA of course) and a baby doll. Shalae went to pick Auburns kids up a couple days ago (pretty early). Shalae told me all about how Roxy was curled up in her crib with her baby & she loved seeing her. Can you tell why I am so baby hungry?
My cheesy daughter is obsessed with jammas. These ones were too hard for me or my mom to pass up. My mom bought her the jammas, so I added the needed... emergency accessories. (As my mom would call them)
We all stare at Noahs long thick lashes, I guess Alisse couldn't help but find out what his lashes would look like with a little mascara.
If I had a working scanner, there would be some added of Brad & Drew Romney growing up!! (They loved having older sisters *wink)
It can also be really hard work bein' a girl.
Ellie never sleeps when we want her to. BUT she is really good at falling asleep in wierd places at wierd times. (I have all ready posted her asleep in the tub & upside down.. stay tuned, there are still more to come) A week or so ago, Lance & I were in the other room talking... all of the sudden Lance peeked in the other room (wondering why Elle was so quiet).. to find her asleep on the computer table. I guess Dora computer games are hard work.
SHE LOVES trying to fall asleep around 5:30 or so. It is so much fun for us!! HA

I had the cutest video to post of Ellie & Roxy having a blast in the shower, but I can't remember how you post a video clip. Roxy thought it was hillarious to be in the shower with Ellie while wearing swim suits.

The simple things!

Ellie loves dressing up... as does any girl! She can't wait to share swim suits & clothes. Ellie will probably be my height in about 2nd grade (according to Auburn)... but she'll be sticks & bones!

FYI: You might have heard it before, but those of you that tell me "She is your twin", ETC... Ellie has Lance's body with my head stuck on top. (Just a random note..)

Girls night out, (honey there aint no doubt...) Last Friday night Alisse, Shalae, me & (my cousin) Krista went out to Charleston's. It was a blast. All we could do was laugh! Just thinking back on us as youngsters is funny!!

(Rollcall, Shaboom, Shake Shake Caboom. Hi my name is Krista, Hi my names Suzanne... and we are the cousins on the Souix team... my Aunt Alma was our POP WARNER cheer coach for all the girl cousins & all of their friends while her sons Sonny & Griffin played football.) We have so many funny memories growing up... beach trips, grandmas sleep overs, parties, cabin trips, ETC!!! I am so glad we have a close family!

Today while I was trying to make these 2 children pick up their mess... I looked over to see 2 Princess/Sister MISSIONARIES! WHY missionaries... They had their arms around eachother. They were playing church, making up new words to church songs (even though they know the right words). Then the conversation:

Noah: "Ellie, we look pretty."

Ellie: "Yeah we are missionaries."

Noah: "Let's go get on our bikes."

Ellie: "O.K., and then we will ride to Grandmas house."

It can be hard to be pretty.

Just ask Noah about how much harder it is to walk in heals than it is to hit & catch the baseball!!