Thursday, September 27, 2007

Best WARD... Harmony Park!!

When I grew up, I had the best ward. All of my friends wanted to be in this ward...
IF they weren't all ready.
I loved the teachers, leaders, bishoprics, kids, and adults.
I had good friends that were the same age or older or younger than me...
We had about 20 kids my age (most of us had been in that ward FOREVER) and we all were able to graduate together.
This ward always knew how to have a great time, NO matter WHAT!!
Here are a few pictures of the kids my age:

FAST FORWARD about 7 years, and my favorite ward is still the same!
The parties never end!

Lance and I teach the 11 (turning 12) year olds. We love it! Our class is hilarious. A bit HYPER at times, but I'll blame MOST of that on the biggest KID in there...
(that's YOU, "Brother Cummard")!!

Scope out our cute class: (The girls are imitating the boys)

A couple weekends ago the Harmony Park threw a party since there were so many
new people in the ward.

I was asked to be on the comittee with some really awesome girls.
(Jamie Bloomfield, Amanda Raine, and Peggy Moffat)
The theme was "Start Your Engines".
It was TONS -O- FUN. I think everyone had a good time & got to know some of the
"new comers" a little better.
{Thanks Jamie, Peggy and Amanda for all that you put in to it!}
Enjoy a couple pics:

OUR GREAT BISHOP and his wife... (The Chiles)

Last weekend, the WOMEN in our ward went to a RETREAT in
Heber at the Stahles awesome cabin.
There were so many girls I didn't know very well & I got to know some much better this weekend. We had so many laughs, we all had stomach aches!!

(Thanks so much for all the hard work Sister Lori Hamblin, Shellene Garner, Dalene Harmon, and Candice Huffaker. It paid off!!!)

(The Stahles relatives had a trailer close by, & my moms friends kept calling it "the double wide" .. in the most W.T. voices ever! (I slept there with my mom & a few of her close friends)

Jamie Bloomfield: WOW, she cracks me up.
(had such a good time driving with her)

Friday night, we played game after game & had so many good laughs.

One of the funniest things while being there...
(I'll tell the short version)
... A few of us were talking about
(this is when people light their "farts" on fire)

ANYWHO, this innocent lady in the ward wanted to know why we were laughing SO hard. My mom decided to try to fill her in... which made us laugh even harder....

Can you tell how SHOCKED she was to know that people actually did this?? HA Ha HA!

We could not stop laughing at how shocked she was... THEN she went and asked Jamie: "What's the PURPOSE?"

HOLY COW. I almost died when she asked that.

I had such a headache (along with my stomach ache) from laughing at that whole conversation.

Meet Shellene Garner, incase you haven't.
She is my friend, Michelle (Garner) Yamamoto's mom. (my friend too)
ALSO my visiting teaching companion.
(Speaking of stomach aches from laughing...)

She is a HOOT!!! When ever you need a chuckle, go hang out with her!

AFTER playing all the fun games, some of us stayed up and watched this movie...

(If you have not seen it yet, WATCH IT ASAP with your family or loved ones. NO, it's not a church movie, but just a "Feel GOOD, make you want to be a better person" kind of movie. Grab the BOX of Kleenex, though.)

The angels of all angels.... Sister Carol Stahle!!

Our wonderful COOKS: (Brother Garner, Hamblin & Stahle)

On Saturday, I was put in charge of our CRAFT.

(Lori Hamblin had a bunch of extra premade sets with ribbon, & other small things in them.)

I wanted to think up something SIMPLE so those that weren't into crafts wouldn't be overwhemed. When I showed all the ladies what we were making, I told them to be creative & that they could be inspired by mine and change it however if they wanted to... I was very impressed!

Here are just a few journals:

(my original)

The REAL photographer:

Sister Debbie McKennan

They said they didn't plan this... YEAH RIGHT!! *wink*
(I V.T. the one on the right, Sister Rhonda Angle... When her & Sheena get together it is OOC!!)

We had an awesome GUEST SPEAKER, all though I wish she stayed longer. This is Sister Caye Mabry. Her talk was so inspiring. The whole retreat was about "Destiny Is A Matter Of Choice", she did such a good job. She brought us all these cute books, too....
Some ladies made these towels:

So, What did I come home to?

UMM, Can you say WAL-MART customers?

My sisters gave me warnings. There was more than just these things.

Good thing I'm having a garage sale in a couple weeks. SORRY ELLE.

(I hate stuffed animals & JUNK!!!)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Couple good things about PPP

On Wednesday, we met Crystal & Jill at Peter Piper Pizza for lunch.
Incase you are not aware... and if you care...
They have a pretty good lunch buffet for $4.49!!
(I know some adults that go with out kids)

When you have no money, you can make your kids PRETEND the rides are going.

IF you do spend some money...



Could equal this:


BUT, once again, if you didn't have any money to give your kids to win tickets, sometimes your kids can go work their magic with a sad face, go to the ticket counter & still get some junk... (NO!! NOT THAT BIG DINO)

(I just have to add this picture... Ellie and Hudson were IN LOVE for a while. She kept petting his face with his blankie, & he thought she was an angel!! She is so obsessed with all babies. She was more excited to see Hudson than Jackson.)

(Hopefully you can see this)

You can sit down in the middle of all the games & practice your straddle, or get a quick stretch in!!

AND, apparently if you are an employee...

You get to play all the games you want.