Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kids Craft Class June 30

Our patriotic craft class!
To add to the patriotism, we watched the mens gymnastics, olympic trials.
Right at this moment, we were watching Alex (my bosses son) compete on the pommel horse.

Such fun kids making their patriotic crafts:


June Randoms 2012

Bring on SUMMER! 
We started off June/summer with an ice cream trip in the middle of the day. THRIFTY!

Over Memorial weekend, we swam & hung out with cousins.
All of June, we were busy.
These 6 cousins did Taylor Swim team together. They had a blast together. (and Conway, not pictured)
Here is Ellie at her first swim meet:

Ellie went to the meet pretty confident, or should I say care free. ??
After racing, she got a bit down on herself. :( 

Random... here is Ellie at Taylor Pool..

and Sally & Tilley after their race at one of the meets.
Such cute goof balls.

The next swim meet Ellie knew what to expect. 

The cousins on Taylor Swim team ages 7 & 8.
Such fun kids!

Also, if 1 hour of swim team wasn't enough, 5 of them went straight to volleyball camp, for 2 hours. 

It was Mesa High's volleyball camp & it was great. These kids loved it & wished it didn't end so soon!

 Bad news of June- Lance got hit in his car, which left us down to one car AGAIN. Ugh.
Such a hassle, but so blessed that he was ok.

Ellie was so excited to cut her hair. (not trim it) 
Even though longer hair was so convenient for a pony tail, she had her mind set.
This cut is so cute on her & fits her personality so well!

We went shopping together right after getting it cut. 
Those mirrors were looking good! ;)

It's always fun to spend time with My Elle Belle. I love the days when she is so sweet.
I dread the day that she won't want to hold my hand.
I have to take advantage when I can!

 One day, I had Ellie & Noah after swim team. We drove by a park with sprinklers & they decided- MIGHT AS WELL TAKE ADVANTAGE. So they did.

It has been a great summer so far & we try to celebrate each day of it. 
Summer goes by way too fast.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kids Craft Class June 15, 2012

 It was time.
Craft time!

It was my biggest group yet. 
I always have great kids!
Plus, I am used to having around 30-40 kids every Friday.. just at a bigger spot, the gym

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pretty Penny

Crystal had her 4th baby on 6.24.12. She weighed 9 lbs. & 9 oz. & was 22" long! 

 She is perfect.

Love this babe so much already.
I love being an aunt.