Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby Davis Crew Baldwin

 Alisse & Scott had the cutest little boy! They named him Davis Crew Baldwin. I / WE love him SO much!!
 So far, he looks a lot like Lucy!
 Sweetest face!

 In love.

Cute Randoms

 These cute kids wanted to put on a lemonade stand for Mele Larson, who was having major back problems & surgeries. Some of these kids are her nieces & nephews, the rest just think they are.
Below is their model that helped get them more business. :)
 Ellie already wishes she was a coach. She loves all the kids, like me. The kids love her back & love her attention!
 Even though, Auburn says she is not crafts... she put on a cute Hello Kitty Craft Party for Roxy's b-day this year. Hello Kitty bows & Hello Kitty Cupcake Pops. The kids were in heaven.

Our Easter Weekend 2013

  Saturday was filled with fun from morning to night.   First I had our Preschool & Novice Parent Show. I had stressed over this for over a month & I was excited to see how it played out. The kids were so cute & did great. The free yogurt & The EASTER BUNNY made it so fun!

 Ellie & I had to HOP in on the action at the end of both shows!
 That evening, we celebrated Shalae & Russ & their baby girl with a couples shower.

 Everything was "SO CUTE"!
 Easter Morning rolled around pretty early! Charlie & Ellie were super excited.
 That afternoon, we went & spent it with our Sherwood family.
 Luckily, The Bunny made some more visits! ;)

 Even paying a visit at Cummards.

Dogs go through the "dishwasher stage" too.

It was a fast & fun filled weekend. We are so lucky to have such great family to share it with.

Our St. Patrick's Day 2013

St. Patrick's Day was filled with cooking green treats at our house this year.
My mother in-law hosts a large "GREEN MEAL" at her house.
I was in a cooking mood, so I made cabbage chips (see earlier post),
Coconut Lime Cupcakes, 
 and green chocolate chip cookies.
 I loved that it was on a Sunday so I could be home in the kitchen.
Me & my lovely assistant, Ellie.

"Cabbage Chips"

I realized I love cabbage.

I messed around and found out this delicious way to make cabbage.
I was afraid my husband wouldn't even try them, so I called them "Cabbage Chips". He was sold.

Start off by washing your head of cabbage.
Second, cut it on half.
Put one 1/2 of the cabbage in a plastic bag with some olive oil or cooking oil.
Optional: Add some salt or sea salt.
Then, spread out all the cabbage on a cooking sheet with tin foil under it.
One whole head of cabbage can fit on one pan.
 Put your cabbage in the oven on HIGH, around 345 - 425 degrees.
 Flip the cabbage about every 12 minutes.
It may take 45 min. to an hour to cook the cabbage.
(I like it almost crunchy.)
It is addicting & delicious.

March Kids Craft Class 2013

 St. Patricks Day & Easter fell in March this year, so we had lots of crafts to make at our Kids Craft Class.

As always, great bunch of crafting kids!