Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We've been.....


*Watching the Olympics... sometimes upside down...

*Pretending to be Olympians! Ellie loved Shawn Johnson & Noah loved to pretend to swim like Michael Phelps.
One day when the kids were swimming, Noah said to Ellie:
"I am Micheal Phelps & you are RANDY JOHNSON"
... he meant Shawn Johnson... it was really funny.

*FIRST DAY of Preschool in 2008 with Ms. Rebeccah.
Noah & Ellie had been counting down the days.
They love their teachers, and "the twins" have already made some new friends!
When I picked them up, they were LOVING LIFE!!! They took turns telling me all about their favorite things, including all details! (reading the racoon book, new friends, both teachers, their masks, the cookies from teachers, tootie-tah, playing, etc.)

Since they were so excited, I took them for an afternoon/after school snack---- of course at OCEAN BLUE!
(Ellie & Noah love OB. They ask to go all of the time & tell me what flavor they want.)
* We were lucky enough to babysitt Baby Reese. (My good friend, Blaire's adorable baby) She is so cute, so happy, & so easy going! We love her. She wasn't sure how she wanted to fall asleep, but as soon as I put a baby doll next to her, it made all of the difference! So sweet.
* My sister-in-laws celebrated Summer's b-day at Mattas... and Ocean Blue!!
* We've been to & from the gym & dance class at Higher Ground.- (Lots of practices for the upcoming performance.)
Noah thought Ellie looked so cute in her costume, that he pretended to take her picture with "his cell phone".
* Ellie (and Noah) played with "Bot"! They had lots of fun swimming & playing pretend..
* Ellie & Noah have been celebrating colors at preschool.... {below is YELLOW day}
* I had to be at the gym at 7:00 am on Saturday, while our gym was featured on Channel 3! The camera didn't work at the beginning, so the schedule was off.... because of that- I lucked out!!! I was supposed to talk about the preschool program, but instead I coached .. while Mike (the owner) talked! {Yahoo!}
Below is when Brittany (with Ch. 3) was held up as she talked with the cheerleaders!
* Sat. night I was the director for KIDS NIGHT OUT (Parents night out) at the gym. There had never been so many kids at 1 KNO. We closed this event & had to turn people away after signing up 125 kids!!!
Here are some pics I snapped:
-Pizza for dinner...
-Root beer floats for a snack..
-Open gym, a movie, & games...
- I prepared their craft-- Bookmarks or notes to their new teachers.
The kids loved the glue, glitter, punches, paper, stickers, etc.! I loved watching them get crafty & creative.
It was nice to see some familiar faces & some of my favorite students that night!
After cleaning up that night (with my awesome husband Lance) .. we got in the car & talked about KNO.. turned around and found "the twins" so asleep. I hope that is what all the other parents got, too!!
I had a fun time & I am already planning on directing again in November!
* We actually got to watch Reese again! Ellie loves this wake up call!!!
Alisse came & helped while I coached - {THaNkS sis!}
Could you die at her cute, happy face?!
She is always so delightful!! I actually dreamed about babies the last few night so bad, because I was looking so forward to watching her. She is the perfect baby.
When her dad came to get her, she was laughing so hard at Ellie, we just had to film her!
Enjoy this happy 40 seconds if you'd like!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday...

Well... maybe not at a club... but at least party at Matta's! (Summer's favorite restraunt!)

We get to celebrate one of my sister in-laws birthdays again today...


Summer is so much fun! She is a very happy person & so easy going! I am so lucky to have her in my family. Here are some things about her that make her the great person she is:

* Summer is so fun to be with... whether it's a party or just hanging out. She always lightens the mood.

* Summer is an awesome {fun} wife & mom. She teaches her kids well & it shows. Her world revolves around her kids & husband.

* Her family is totally organized... from schedules, dinners, clean house, you name it. In her words

"she runs a TIGHT SHIP"

... TRUE. I like to tease her that I am going to drop off Ellie for a few days, have Summer get her on a good schedule & then I'll pick her up when shes all trained!

* Summer loves each of her kids & treats them all fair. She sees the best in her kids & I love that! PLUS- I love her adorable kids so much.

* GAMES? What.... Summer is almost always in. I don't really ever win her (or anyone else for that matter).. but I still love to play. She stays patient as all of my in-laws teach me games AGAIN/remind me how to play.

* She basicly lives at the cabin over the summer & visits as much as possible.

* Summer is a great cook... I esp. love her Mexican cooking! YUM.

* Summer is...one

TALL GLASS OF WATER! {Not fair!} She's the tallest of the 6 girls.

* Summer is very pretty. Even without make-up... she has lots of natural beauty.
* Speaking of looks- she sits in the shade at one of her favorite HOT SPOTS .. (NEWPORT BEACH) & gets so dark. - (NOT cool, Summer.... all I get are freckles)

* Summer loves the beach & gets giddy just thinking about it. We love that the Cummards have a traditional trip. We always have a great time & make so many fun memories there. (It was really hard for us to miss it this year...)
* Summer is a softy... don't get me wrong- she's NO push over.... she tries to think of others first & is sensitive to others feelings.

* Summer has a strong testimony of our church & has a good relationship with H.F.! She is an example for so many people.

* Summer has an awesome mom- BRENDA. You can see that Summer gets a lot of great things from her mom. Who doesn't love Brenda? She is also so much fun & is always willing to help.

Addicted to - well... Mattas, being a mom, coupons, laughing, having a good time, keeping the peace, the cabin, family, saving money, the beach, church, Jon, CVS, BYU basketball {cheering on Lee}, and so much more!!!
There are so many more things that I love & admire about Summer!!!

If I had to describe her in only a few words, I would say:

"Laid back & simple".

Thanks for being such a good friend, fun sister in-law, and Aunt for Ellie!

HAVE a GREAT birthday & eat as much chips & salsa as you can!!

I love you!

Love, SUZ

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Go on a date & drop your kids off at:

is having their
{aka: parents night out}
I will be the directer for Kids Night Out this coming
Saturday (August 23rd),

Let the front desk know if you want to sign up!!

6:00 - 9:30 pm
The kids do a craft, eat pizza, play games, have a snack, watch a movie, and of course they have open gym/play time!!
Every kid loves it.

To pay at the door each kid cost $20.00...
1 kid = $15.00,
2 kids = $25.00.
Here is a little look at the NEW GYM!
{Remember we have moved to Gilbert & Ray}
Our Preschool Area:

The huge new foam pit:
Tumble track & 3 very bouncy trampolines built into the floor!

(Not to mention... now there are 2 floors)

So... plan a date & drop off your kids (as long as they are potty trained) & go have fun!

If you can not make it, but would still like to check out the gym... come trial a class, or come to PRESCHOOL OPEN GYM!

Preschool Open Gym is every Thursday morning from 9:30 - 11:00 am! Snack & drink provided after all the running around. ($7 a child between the ages of 18 months & up)

Birthday Celebrations at FUDDS

Friday night, our family (minus Alisse & Scott who were out of town) celebrated my DAD & brother in law BRYAN'S birthdays!

ASU football season is just around the corner...
Lance helped pick out their gifts.. {thanks T.J. MAX!}

Ellie lovin her Poppie. All my adorable nephews!
My niece, Roxy & Elle!
I love this girl!
Auburn, our Grandma Riggs, & her sister Ruthie
Lance ... & his 2 wife's. ha ha
Seriously- he is so cute!!
After {over}eating, Shalae & I ran in S.S. mall with the "twins".
(They cried when it was time to seperate & leave Fudds, so we let them hang out for a little bit longer..)
Since they were SO hyper & crazy, Shalae & I kinda joined in.
They start preschool on Monday & I told them that they had to wear these shoes.
Ellie's VANS = to make sure they know the rainbow colors &
Noah's VANS = making sure he knows how to use the zippers on the back!
You can purchase these attractive boats at Dillards.

Is the weekend already over?