Sunday, March 31, 2013

Favorite Things with Cummard Girls 2012

My favorite things of 2012:
 (always food)
 I have been on such a cherry kick, so I gave my 2 currently favorite Thrifty flavors! One is the chocolate cherry chip & the other is  a cherry flavor with cherry chunks & candied almonds.
I also added the chocolate covered cherry kisses, that I can not resist.

I am also obsessed with mini banners, quotes & printables. 
So I added them to my gifts.
Here's the other favorite things:
Sarah brought a book that she has loved to use for her family nights & also dry shampoo.
Crystal brought colored chalkboard markers.
Summer brought reusable cups filed with Crystal Lights.
Kanoe brought cute flip flops.
Syd brought 'To-go containers".
 Our mother in law, Cheryl, always goes over the top! She brings tons of favorites, but her main thing was Blue Goo for shaped/dry skin.
We had such a fun time together & loved sharing our favorite things!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 2012

There are so many traditions that I love around the holidays.
Every Christmas Eve we spend the evening with Cummards.
We eat a nice meal, do the nativity & open presents.

Christmas morning... Santa brought Ellie 2 of the things she wanted. An American Doll & a Razor Scooter.
 Ellie & Lance were so anxious to give me a gift... 
I was so shocked & in love right away.
They bought me a PUPPY for Christmas.
(I'll do a whole post on this little pup.)
Here's the bike basket liner I made Ellie, with her basket.

This puppy was so worn out!
So cute.

 Christmas afternoon we always meet our family over at our parents.
We eat, do stockings, & open presents.
Always a good time.

This year our parents had a few things up their sleeves. (as usual)
Each kid opened a present with a letter in the gift.
The kids had to put all of their letters together to make a word..
was the word!
They bought all the kids tickets to DisneyLand.
All the couples were spoiled with a mini I-PAD. :)
A few more cute shots:
AH! Look at that cute puppy!!

My talented mom made (sewed) each of us these cute cakes & framed them! 
We all love them so much!
More pics from my parents house:

 (Auburn crying laughing when someone would open the gifts that they brought!)