Sunday, October 3, 2010


My baby.. I mean my niece is getting so big so fast. I just realized I haven't added pictures of her to my blog yet.
#1- My camera was breaking & so Lance got me a new camera for my b-day.... & I am just realizing that I'll have to add pictures from that camera. (Lucy being born, etc.)
#2- We still don't have internet at our house.... OMISH still, I guess. SOMEDAY!

SO - 2 months later- meet my lastest obsession!!!
Shalae thinks she is her mom & she's so lucky because she only lives like 5 houses away! Look at her adorable dimples as she smile sat Shalae:
Oh, there's a little mom who also think she belongs to her- ELLE.

One morning Lucy came to our house & might have been introduced to BABY DOLLS! That grin on her sweet face says it all.

Lucy saying "Suzy- I love you- hold me please"!
Any baby wearing a onesie is just asking to be snuggled!!
I love this outfit on her. (and the matching binki)

I wish she really were mine.


This picture was actually the ride THERE!!!...
After we got there, we watched the game for a minute & then headed to the FUN SPOT!
(BTW- these kids cars were not even moving! ha ha)
Air hockey- Oh Elle!
Noah was really good at this game & kept scoring. Noah would feel bad & tell Ellie that she could score & he wouldn't block it... it was still hard for Elle though! ha ha

Meeting the bobcat....

Ellie & Noah stole my camera to snap pics of each other-

Then we finished watching the game & ate some JUNK!

Random Goodness

Time to clear some randomness off the camera!
Ellie is loving school & any free time she can get!

Heritage Sunday with the Cummards-
The candy bar game .... that always ends with someone in tears!
Molly, Quincy, Teryn, Ellie & ALL THE BABY STUFF they could find.

KOOL AID STANDS are all the rage right now with these lil ladies! (Molly & Ellie pictured)
Even though Ellie couldn't make it to the clinic- she was able to go learn stuff an hour before & PERFORM at the gane with her cousins & friends.
(Calee & Quincy above / Sally below)
Ellie & Molly stayed up front (left of pic)

The Cummard Bunnies of 2010
Ellie with her friend (and mine) KAILEY Glover.
Summer told us about this great deal... so Ellie & I joined in on the fun!
COST - $1 wristband for Ellie for the whole night!

SUMMER was so nervous for this ride! It was cracking me up! She was laughing so hard the whole ride.


Our Lifes=USA GYM

My lovely FRIDAYS are now filled with KIDS! KIDS DAY OUT that is!
Kids can be dropped off (WITH THEIR LUNCH) at USA GYM. WE PARTY! We play games, have open gym, eat snacks, make crafts & have tons of fun!
Some of the kids are NORMAL ATTENDEES- which I love & some are new faces! ANYONE can join us! See the gyms website for more info... esp. since the times change every other week!
Craft above= fabric puppets!!

Ellie's first TEAM SLEEPOVER.
I came for a little bit to help her make her hair accessory & flip flops.
They played fun games, ate lots of food ...
A few of them thought up their own things like signing shirts...
AND they stayed up almost all night. (Ellie slept on a trampoline which explained why she slept into about 11:00 that following Sunday!)
KDO- rulers for back to school season
If I am actually not coaching or running Kids Day Out- probably means I am working a B-DAY party at the gym! Sometimes only one... or UP to 4 PARTIES in one Saturday!
This one was really cute!
KDO- frosting COOKIES!
more KDO

Ellie's first mini-meet as a "team member".

Lance thought he was funny snapping pics of me..... I was also working at the mini meet- but coaching my girls.
The true ELLIE - distracting everyone else!
Her vault- BLUE RIBBON!! Nice form, Elle!
Bar- Quick story: Auburn was the judge at bars & she came up to Auburn before and said:
"Auburn I will give you all the money I've been saving for DisneyLand if you give me a blue ribbon!"
Auburn was so nervous about that- and she said she was flimsy in practice & then did really good & got tight when she was up!
BARS = BLUE ribbon!
BEAM- umm... let's just say she needs to practice & actually know the routine!
Beam = white ribbon- I would've given her the same. Now we know what we need to work on!

The floor routine I was surprised. I didn't think she really knew the fllor routine with the music & by herself but she did pretty good & got a RED ribbon. That's a pretty good start!
The end of the meet- group picture-
KDO- mini candy dipped apples!
For October I have lots of fun things planned for KDO- this past Friday we made ghost & spider suckers!
Sat. morning- team pics at Freestone!

Team 4B- (non competitive girls team)
I love Sundays- it's one day I STAY AWAY from the GYM. ha ha
NO, I really love my job & I love that Ellie can be there learning & loving what she is doing at the same time!
We are kind of all for USA!! Can you tell?!