Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our First Visit to MEXICO

Our family was SO lucky to be able to go on such an awesome vacation to Rocky Point, Mexico! We stayed in our Uncle & Aunts beach house (Gerry & Cynthia). The house was amazing!!!
I had never even been to Mexico, so it was all new to me.
The first day was traveling & getting unloaded so the next morning we were anxious to get down to the beach!

All of the kids were so excited!
ALL the kids... including Lance!
That night we wanted to go eat somewhere....
so we went into town where Lance & some others bought some DVD's... real cheap, really crappy quality... ya ya..
The first group to travel down to Mexico was Auburn & her kids, my mom, Lance, me, Ellie & Noah!
(This pic looks like we are on a cruise)
The next morning The rest of the Price Fam arrived! (Any size wave could knock over Miss Sophie.)
Just enjoying all the colors & decor in this awesome house!
One day we went down to a hidden bay. We were the only ones there most the time.
The kids swam in the water, adults could ride the dunes around it, etc.
It got so windy that we had to move- but it was such an awesome spot.

The beach was still so windy- but we wanted to enjoy the beach anyway.

Later that afternoon, the boys helped teach Sophie how to hit a baseball while the other girls made up some dances in the house.
One night my dad took us to a PORK TACO "STAND" that he heard was great. We pulled up & thought it was a joke. Our family took up the whole "place" except one table! It was a husband & wife that ran everything. Our family kept them busy & we'll just say no food was wasted that night! Even Little Soph ate 2 tacos (huge for HER)! They were pretty good pork tacos I must say.
After dinner we were heaced to go get some THRIFTY ICE CREAM.... but Sam turned into a neighborhood ice cream spot instead.
If you look close- Look at everyones size of cup THEN at my dads cup!!! Dang!
More fun at the beach.. This was the day that a young girl got stung by a JELLY FISH & a woman told us that it was really rare that thsi happened in June. REALLY- cause later that day Riggs, Jax & I took a walk on the beach & spotted 36 jelly fish. we were a bit nervous to get back in the warm water after that!
Most nights we split up making the meals, but one of the nights we went to what I think was "Pollo Lucas" another taco shop. Lance & I thought it was o.k., but I think everyone else liked it alot more than us.
I always heard about "random dogs roaming Mexico".... obviouslt that is true. this dog sat & watched us eat our food outside the gate.
Believe it or not... one of my favorite things about Mexico is how the tide changes so much (high to low through out the day/night) which results in finding some cool (and nasty) things in the ocean. We all found so many shells & hermit crabs & etc....
Lance & I also found some interesting things. We put them in a bucket & then the next morning we read about what we had found.
Lance found a "delicate starfish" -the black thing- it moved like a spider!
I found a "sea cucumber" - at first I thought it was a cord/tube?? until I realized it was something that was alive!
There are 2 pictures- the first was when we found them- notice the water was all clean & clear.
The 2nd pic (including a golf ball) was what we read about.... OOPS!!
The 2 things that we found are enemies. the cucumber spit out a bunch of nasty stringy things "to try to get away" & then the book explained to us that after that it would spit out its internal organs (and grow them back) if it was desperate! SAD cause it was in a BUCKET- no where to get away! It did spit both things out.
We did let them both go later that day.
NOTE: I did not actually tough either one of those nasty things.
The last day of the beach- I got really sick & could hardly even stay at the sand. (Shalae & Noah got sick also on the trip) I had to stay at the house & sleep most of the day & stay near the bathroom.
Was it something I ate???? NOT SURE!
Here sits the 2 love birds in the shade.
Noah, Kaitlyn & Jax waiting on the waves:
Shalae & Noah:
We tried to take an updated family picture with the help of Kaitlyn.....

Here are some pics of the TALENT SHOW that the kids put on:
(Dancing & singing to "Eye of the Tiger")
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Roxy- "Justin Beiber (sp?):
The audiance clapping along to Kaitlyn performing to "You Belong With Me" TS:
NOAH (was hillarious)- is was a band... I think the "A TEAM" song??-
I had to take this picture to show my family how far out the water was when we were driving home!
The other days we were sitting right in front of the homes on the sand because the water was SO close to the houses. MATCHING PIGGY BUNS!!!!

This was the cute room that Lance & I stayed in. Every room.. or should I say area of the house was painted bright FUN colors! That house is so cute & so nice.
The night before we left the younger girls all got pedicures from one of the adult moms.
All of them picked rainbow colors with glitter added.
Lance & Ellie found this crab right before we left:
The crab was missing part of its claw but still tried to pinch the dog everytime the dog tried to touch/play with it.
On our way out we finally stopped for some :
Some other random memories to remember-
Lance stocking up on Fireworks; matching hair for the little girls; dressing for MEXICO not CALI; Noah losing his shorts in the ocean & when I found them about an hour later; strong waves throwing off goggles; quad riding; the dunes; yummy homemade tortillas; rhino slipping back down the hill & me jumping out to help push it back up the hill; movies at nights; staying up late.......

We all had such a great time. (minus getting so sick) We are so grateful that we were able to go down together as family & spend time together in such a nice place!! Hopefully we can go back soon!!!

And that's my PLAY BY PLAY of Mexico!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Starting off Summer with a Boom

These are just 2 of my PINK LADIES that performed our tumbling routine at the Higher Ground dance recital. My tumbling class did great & I have was a very proud coach! (And Elle did awesome in all of her other dances, too)

The first week of summer I worked SUMMER CAMP at USA GYM! All the kids loved all the activites, games, open gym & of course- DRESSING UP each day. (below was NERD DAY)
I couldn't keep up with the teeth falling out of Ellie's mouth! The bottom 2 first, then the top 2 & all so close together. She started to become good friends with the Tooth Fairy! She even bought her stuff & wrote her notes.
The Sherwood cousins went & visited Grandpa Sherwood after watching Noah be an ALL STAR! He was so glad to see all of them & us.

Memorial Day we joined Steve, Crystal, Scott & Hollin at The Point/AZ Grand.
It was lots of fun. We sat right by 2 of the Suns players & an owner or coach..
Jason Richardson was the one in the white shirt & blue suit... the real reason we took the pictures! ha

June 5th was Alisse's baby shower. Everything was cute- from the decor to all of the stuff she got! It only made the baby hunger multiply times about... umm.. two million!

Pics below- I made her a banner for the baby, my mom made her 2 quilts, Auburn gave her a box full of adorable baby shoes, & Shalae made her a pillow for the nursery.

That morning I bought Ellie the skirt below & our cousin gave her the exact same skirt for the baby- Ellie is SUPER excited for one more little girl to match with!

And of course-
The Sherwood girls!