Monday, June 24, 2013

Ending 3rd Grade

  I get so sad when school ends, because it means Ellie keeps getting older & older. I have a hard time with that.
A fun tradition that Ellie's school does is decorating all of the teachers doors for Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, I was asked to do Ellie's teachers door. The theme was fruits & vegetables. With our love for cherries right now (and cupcakes) we went with the CHERRY ON TOP..

 Ending the school year also meant  showing off some projects. Ellie did a report on Meteor Showers & she did great.

My sister in law, Crystal had me make her this cute card to give to her kids teachers. She also gave them a movie themed gift. How cute! HUH?!

Speaking of Crystal, she throws a traditional LAST DAY OF SCHOOL party with popsicles for the neighborhood kids. Its a tradition that  they all love!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

May Kids Craft Class

 The cute kids had so much fun making a flower clip,  Mother Day Questionnaire & also their SUMMER banners.

Abby Blue Price

 It was a day we have waited for for a long time.
We all love seeing Shalae happy with her husband Russ & finally their baby girl Abby.
My mom & all of the sisters were able to be in the room to see her be born.

 Right away we noticed her long body, long fingers & feet & also her long eye lashes. So cute.

 Look at these 2 perfect babies that we get to share!

We are so in love with little girl.
Abby Blue Price, you are perfect.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Cutest Disney Party Ever.

Lexi turning 3 was a big deal.
Lexi is a little girl that I met (her & her family from the gym. I work one on one with her & I love this girl & family.
This party gets serious about their parties.
From the invitations shown here to every detail of the parties they throw.. it is all amazing!
Her invitations were made by an other friend. Inside the box was a Disney memory game.

I was asked to make 30 Minnie Mouse Headbands.
Here are the cute headbands that we made our girls for our families DisneyLand trip earlier in the year. (We were inspired by the picture on the left.)

Here are a couple of the pictures as I was making them.

 I also made her banner and the subway art.

Here is Lexi's cute Disney Subway Art that I made.

 This might look like a lot, but it wasn't once it was at her party!

 Every detail was over the top. The house alone (on the lake), the decor, the cupcake pops, perfect cookies & cupcakes, little treats and snacks everywhere ...

 Here is LEXI, the birthday girl!
 Lexi invited Lucy about a month or 2 before her b-day. 
They also know each other from USA GYM, when I get to bring Lucy to the gym with me.
Look at these amazing Happy birthday letters! 
 This table was where the little girls got their Minnie Mouse headbands & some other fun hair accessories.
 Each table was so cute! 
There were chocolate dipped marshmallows at each table.
(Notice the water skier in the back ground.)

Here are some pictures of Lucy & Lexi playing..

Ellie with her 1st decorated cookie.

 Like I said, each detail was amazing.
 The kids loved the cookie decorating & also the coloring table.


Of course everyone loved cooling off in the water if needed too.

The face painters were even dressed up as Minnie Mouses.

 The cake was nothing less than amazing too!!!
 The box under the banner was for presents that were going to be donated to a local hospital.
 Lexi & Lucy.
 This is one of Lexi's friend who I also coach. 
I was dying over her whole outfit! So cute.

 These were also things for all the kids to take home.

Your party was the cutest ever!