Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ellie's Baptism

Above was the invitation that I made for her big day.
Ellie has been looking at dresses since about September. She loved all the ruffles on all the dresses. 
(She loved PINTEREST for baptism ideas.)
THEN, I took her to look at some dresses that she had pinned at JC Penny. She saw a dress she was dying over. We tried it on & she was in love. All those ruffle dresses went out the window!
I didn't tell her, until she was 100% sure it was the one she wanted, but it was a clone of my wedding dress! ha ha.. Luckily, she was so excited. 
 I kept teasing her that I might wear my matching dress to the baptism, but she didn't like that idea.

My sister, Alisse was so nice & took pictures of Elle in her baptism get up, at the Mesa Temple.

... Theres are just a few of my favorite shots...

March 24th was a special day for both Lance & Ellie.
Ellie was the first person that Lance had ever baptized & confirmed.
Our neighbor, Maggie was born a day after Ellie, in the same hospital.
They were baptized back to back by their dads.

Lance and I were so happy for Ellie.


While on my cookie kick, I had an idea of making 2 circle cookies close together to make an 8.
So I tried it out.
Here's how they turned out.

(Choc. chip & oatmeal with butterscotch.)
Most people thought their cookie was just stuck together, so my mother in-law stood/sat by them for a long time & would say things like "OH, the cookies are an 8 shape! How clever!" ha ha

The Subway Art I made for Ellie. 
(Next post will be the baptism Subway Arts from the last 6 months.)

I lost a lot of sleep that week, but it was well worth it!
Ellie loved all the details.

Our front door- representing Ellie turning 8 & Easter. ;)

The DRINK station.
Sodas, Waters & Lemonade.
(Banner overload. I really need to buy the Chalkboard Markers.)

Food Area #2. 
Cookies, cheese crisps for kids, etc.

We had Mexican food.
Everyone helped & everything was so delish!
I started making Ellie a video back in January.
When I got my new computer, everything was a jumbled mess. No pictures in order, no dates, etc.!
It took a long time to organize the pics in the right order & then once I did- I added the music.
THEN, I found out my computer did not actually have the right software to make a DVD. I about died.
Shalae & Brad helped me make it so that everyone could watch it that day.
It was great.
Our family hung out, 
kids swam, 

weather was beautiful.

This painting was a gift from a lady in our ward when Ellie was born.
She made it herself after finding out what Ellie's whole name meant.
It was a perfect little detail to add that day.
It is so true.

I regret (big time) that we never got a group picture of everyone that came that day to support Ellie.
It was really crazy when we were leaving the church. Both baptisms in our ward were together & we had huge families. Not only that- but my grandma wasn't feeling good & they thought she was having a mini stroke right before the conformation. She was taken out & the ambulance came... we were a little worried about her- so a picture was not on my mind.

Besides that- It was a very special & emotional day.
A day filled with love.
It really was A Perfect Day to Become Perfect.
We love you, Ellie!

Baptism Subway Arts

Inspired by PINTEREST.
Here are the subway arts I've made for baptisms so far. From October until now.
5/6 were the Cummard "POSSE" that were all born within 6 months of each other. 

Molly & Jackson were born a day apart & were baptized together.

I didn't grab Molly, but this was taken after the baptisms, at their luncheon.
Quincy was born in December, but due to the Holidays, she was baptized in January.

This adorable picture was also taken from her luncheon.
(Eight is Great banner - I made.)

Kalei is Quincy's cousin & our friend. 

Talbot's- All MHS colors!

And of course, Ellie's.
... Her invitation, too.
I truly love Publisher. 
I just wish it was on my Apple.