Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blizzard Beach or bust

Last month I said if I ever figured out how to post videos, then I would add some Blizzard Beach footage! You might want to plug your ears, so you do not have to listen to my ANNOYING voice. SICK. I hate hearing my voice.


Belly laugh

This was about a year ago. Roxy was so young. I love watching this video, because it always makes me laugh. No matter how many times I see it. Rox is so easily humored.

I dare you to try not to laugh or smile through this whole video.

I double dare you!! wink.

Doodles I love you!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

See It, Want It, Get It

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With She's Got It All prices it is easy to live like the stars! wink!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

This is my dad, (Sam Sherwood) with my mom & all their grandkids
Here are a couple things to know about him!
He is a great dad. He is a very hard worker & is probably the most organized person ever. If you know him even a little bit, you know this! He never stops. He is a "work-a-holic"!! (In every meaning of the word.) He loves toys, esp. for the water or dirt. He is very spiritual. He loves music... & has a good voice. My dad is so obsessed with fishing, I do not even know how to estimate how many times a month he goes. (Around here, Powell, or Mexico.) Sam is a cowboy at heart, due to the way he was raised. He's also a plumber! He is very forgiving, which is so important. My dad is a bit cheap, but he thinks very hard before making a large purchase. (What, like 7-9 months before my parents finally bought their last car... RESEARCHING!!??) Sam is a fun grandpa, or should I say POPPI! He is a wonderful husband. He is always surprising my mom...ALWAYS! He is constantly thinking up what nice thing to do next.
Thanks dad for all that you do for me & my family. WE appreciate you and love you!
(Below is a picture of my dad from earlier this week. He had knee surgery, & just earlier today my daughter hit him really hard right on that knee! I am so so so sorry. So is Elle.)

This is my husband, LANCE. Ellie thinks he is the best thing on the earth. (He is!) Lance is the best dad & husband. I gave him a shout out last month for his birthday. (If you want to get to know a couple things about him, see MAY!) Above is a picture of Lance & his PRINCESS Ellie on his very first Father's Day! Below is a picture of him & Ellie (wearing on of my old tank tops) painting our "home". Lance is such a hard worker & always giving service. He is constantly doing things for others that will not even know it was him! I love that about him.
BELOW: He knew this would come back to bite him!!! wink.
I walked in the door a couple weeks ago, to find this!!! (Thanks LEE) I just stopped, & he kept acting normal.... after a few seconds he started laughing. I grabbed my camera & he acted like he did not care.
This was a Sunday afternoon, so it was not like he was going to play somewhere.... I guess that was a good thing. SUCH A NERD, but I still love him!
He does have a great sense of humor!

We were stopped at a red light, & Ellie said, "Is that my daddy?" I looked to my left to see this man waiting to cross. I chuckled! Then, he looked towards our car & Ellie shouted, "That is my daddy!" I had to ROLL down my window, turn on the camera & zoom it! I am still laughing about this. Lance has a similar shirt, always wears a backwards hat, dark skin, dark brown hair, baggy shorts, & he has shoes just like that! BUT STILL!!!! I didn't know I had a baby with this guy!! HA HA.

I hope all of you have a great Father's Day.

Friday, June 15, 2007

"In The Motherhood"

Before I forget... couple new BLOGGERS!! Love it. You can check them out! (Look at my links.)
I just need to tell my Blog stalkers about this webisode! It is called "In The Motherhood" & one of the main actors is that funny girl from "King of Queens"! Lance showed me this on Thursday, and I am still laughing! Click here to see the 4 webisodes!! They are a few minutes long, but I know I could relate in a couple ways... AND today I will just say that someone close to me had a similar experience (episode one). Not funny now, but makes a good story!
When you watch them see if you, or someone you know has gone through some of these things!! If so, you can even write in!
I have added their site to my links! ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


is having their
I will be there to help for Kids Night Out this
Saturday (JUNE 16),
incase any parents are nervous that they would not know the adults.
(possibly Lance, too)
Let me know if you want to sign up!!
It said in the e-mail that it was from
6 - 9 at night,
but I heard it goes until 9:30.... ??? I'll find out.
The kids do a craft, eat pizza (or some kind of dinner), play games, and can play all around the gym!!!
It is fun, and also a great way for your kids to try out the gym!
To pay at the door (if there is still room) will be: 1 kid = $15.00, 2 kids = $25.00.
I have an e-mail that I could forward to anyone that would be interested.
If you bring in the e-mail, they will take off $2.00.
Call or e-mail me if you want to come!! THANKS, Suzanne

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WIN $25.00!!!

Do you know a really great DAD?
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If you did not answer yes to all.... Well... Then get a life!! wink!!
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Don't feel dumb! You do not even have to be in the picture! It can be your dad, your husband, or a father that you know of. We don't care. Someone has got to win.
Shouldn't it be you?
Good Luck!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gettin' Organized with G-Ma Riggs

Every other Saturday I get to help out my
Grandma Riggs.
This past Saturday she had planned to clean out this room in her house where she stores... well, her RANDOM things. (You know.. some of us have junk drawers, cause we tell ourselves we will put them away "later"! Well, she has a room, actually rooms.) So, when I got there I heard her say that it would probably take about 2 hours. Our conversation at that time:
Me: "So what do you really want to accomplish from this room? "
G-ma: "Well, I really want to clean it out."
Me: "O.K.! Sounds like a good plan. NOW, don't be affended at things I might say you should throw away. If you are asking me to help I am going to do my best to help you really get organized!"
G-ma (little Chuckle): "Ahh OH! Remember that you have to ask me before you throw anything away! I guess I am probably hiring the right person for the job."
So all we did for that 2 hours was clean off her 2 counter tops in that room.. & it looked a whole lot better. It was so much fun, & it went by so fast. I have got to share a couple of my favorite things about Saturday!:
1) My G-ma is quite the popular lady! (because she is so sweet) If you ever hear her laugh, you just start laughing. It is contagious.) So many people send her cards for many holidays. As I found out back in November... She keeps them! Quite the collection! She loves keeping cards & nice letters. I am not sure she has ever taken all of them back out to look at, but I know all of them mean a lot to her so she does not want to throw them away.
2) She loves sweets. (I'll blame this one on her.) She lived with my mom a couple years ago. At the time, we found out that she kind of sneaks certain foods. When she would take her blood pressure, it would speak for itself! We would laugh. If I were her age, I would have the same attitude. WHO CARES? She doesn't have to get in her swim suit! (All though she always tells me she is going to wear her STRING BIKINI to the beach.)
Her sister & her found this old DIET book from the 50's. (REALLY) My sister Auburn, who helps her every Wed., told me that they read in this book something about using BUTTERMILK on your cereal. I thought Auburn was joking until she sent me to the store one day with that on the list. I questioned what she was going to use it for. YEP, she told me all about the diet book! LOL. Actually, SICK. Just the thought makes me want to gag.
ANYWAY, while we were going thru everything Saturday we were making piles. (Pictures, garbage, history, etc.!) At one point there was a bunch of history at once. Then we came to this REALLY OLD Chart... It said it was a "CALORIE COUNTER". I held it up to show her. With her straightest face, she just said "HISTORY"! Then she started laughing. I thought I was gonna loose it! She is so funny.
3) After a while we came to this small paper that had a simple drawing of a person
itching their BUM.
It said at the top "Scratch Pad". (or something) It had no directions! Just that drawing. I looked around to see if it went with something. NOPE! I think I asked her if we should throw it away. I guess she distracted me & put it somewhere because about an hour later I found it. I laughed & I asked why she was keeping it. She sat there & just told me that when she looks at it... she just starts laughing. I came up with our conclusion! (My sisters & I have done this since we were young.) I told her that I promise that I was not going to throw it away! I HID IT. Now she'll find it when she doesn't expect it!
4) She had some large pictures that were damaged. I saw she had the same pictures in an 8 x 10. I did not suggest that she throw them away, since they had my Grandpa Riggs in them. (My Grandpa passed away when I was in kindergarten from leukemia.) My grandma said, "I think I can throw these away.".. But she couldn't. So, we decided to cut out his face & put it in one of her (100) unused frames. She put it on her nightstand. As she went to put it there, she turned to me & said, "This was that same face he had the night he came to me when I was driving to babysit you guys when you were little. It was so late at night on Southern by Lindsay & there was a ditch to the side of the road. I started to fall asleep & Grandpa woke me up & took the wheel. He looked at me with his smile.. where he would sort of bite his lip." I had heard this story so many times, but I love when she talk about him. I told her that I was glad he came to her that night, because there are so many great-grand kids that she would not have met & so many things that I am so glad she was here for. I do not know how my G-ma does it. I can not go a day with out Lance.
5) Later, she found some more letters... A bunch that were from My grandpa to her addressed: Miss Mary Malone. Then there were some from her to him. Most of these were when he was serving in the Navy. She read a few parts in the letters & then said, "I am going to keep these letters right here on the desk, since they are from my sweet heart." I got a little emotional when she said that. She is such a trooper!
I love my Grandma. I am so glad that she has been around this long. I hope I can be just like her when I am that age. She is such an example to me & everyone. To all of you that know her, I am sure you feel the same.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cutest Reception!

This is a picture of the cute helpers at Amelia Romney's reception! (The photo was taken inside where they were all making the food!) If you think this picture is cute, you would've DIED at the whole reception. Everything was cream, pink & brown. It was so fun, yet so PRETTY! Amelia's mom, STEPH, is O.O.C.! When it comes to being perfect, or when there is any craft involved, she goes over the top! Stephanie is one of my moms best friends & when their friends get together WATCH OUT! I just sit back & learn!
Great She's Got It All aprons, I must say. Aren't the stylin' aprons so cute for a big event?
To find this apron, or to view more Jessie Steele Aprons click here!

This PERFECT cake matched the Wedding invitation to a T! A girl named Katie Fort made this. She made my wedding cake (5 years ago) & I was so happy with it. It was EXACTLY what I asked for! If you would like to contact her, e-mail me or leave a comment, since she does not have a site or a blog.
BTW- once I figure out the website of the awesome decorator at the reception, I will be adding it to my links, FOR SURE!

This is my mom & one of her best friends, Fran. (If you do not know me, my mom is on the left.) I have about a million freckles like Fran, so she would tell people she was my mom... I guess she still says this. Aren't they so cute?!!

Look how good guys even look in these aprons! WINK! (Thanks Pres. Westergard & Ronald for modeling!... and thanks to Elaine Fort for taking these pictures, & letting me use them!)

Friday, June 1, 2007

June 1st

All I need to say is:
You all better be wearing red!

Today's Quote: "A Day of Magic & A night of pleasure!"