Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oops, We Skipped EASTER...

We had a great Easter. Hope you did too.
This year, the weather couldn't make up its mind... Hot... cold... rainy...
Surprisingly, THE NEIGHBORHOOD EASTER EGG HUNT still went on.
Lance got to take Elle once again since I work on Sat. mornings.

(Elle is really in to mix & matching her p.j.'s!!)
The Easter Bunny has such great taste.
We have LOVED the clipboard & the cookbook!
After church, we went & took some pics at Freestone Park.
Alisse came & snapped away...

Oh yeah.. The Hunts & Gibbons met us there too! (the whole reason we met there was to get some pics of the 5 grandkids for Mother's Day - that is ONE reason I haven't posted yet.)

(How nice- the water matched us.... SICK!)

How cute is she? I know!
Ellie & Noah kept asking to borrow our cameras so they could be like their Aunt Leasy.
Thanks Alisse for sharing your talents with all of us!
Later that night....
My parents had some family Easter baskets...
Lance's mom- Cheryl had "Grandma's Store for Ellie to shop at....

and then we spent the rest of the night with our Riggs cousins at the Goodmans house.
(Yes... an outfit change for Ellie & Roxy)

My grandma Riggs wanted Ellie & Roxy to have a seperate outfit to wear for "after church"... she didn't go to church growing up, so she always had a play outfit on Easter she told us.
So that was our Easter weekend.
A little late but... HAY....