Saturday, July 11, 2009

Girls Camp 2009 {a lil late}

WOW! Girls camp was about a month & a 1/2 ago... but.... BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! I have been putting off doing this post due to how many pictures I took & I have not been on the computer much anyway! BELIEVE IT or not- I only posted about 40% of my camp pics!

To get Harmony Park all giddy about girls camp, our CAMP LEADERS would get us pumped with things like these:
I prepared a little before camp, too....
It started EARLY on May 27th!
I was the leader for HARMONY PARK 1st YEARS! {woo woo!!}
(Rebekah, Jaycie, Samantha, Emily, and Kylie)
The girls rode the bus up while the leaders drove cars...
Our leaders were so awesome! When we arrived at camp- all of the tents were already up! {LUCKY}
OUR tent smelt like {maple} syrup.... I wonder why? (Fatty town)
The first few hours we set up & handed out even more STUFF!!
{Presentation is 1/2 of it ya know}
Since Steph Romney couldn't come- she prepared all those scotcharoos & perfectly wrapped the campers pillowcases! SO SWEET.
We made their hair flowers before camp... EVERY WARD happened to have flowers in their hair that 1st day! It was pretty cute.CAMP was at TAYLOR RANCH!
{memories, memories from all of my years as a camper}
Look at how fun our STAKE STAFF was:

& Her lovely assistant: (SISTER BLOOMFIELD)
They did such an amazing job at camp this year. WOW!!!!
1st day: Get the "hard" part over with..... THE HIKES! ha ha
(I am pretty sure the hike was about a stroll around the block or so.... but whatever. We had a good time.)
This years camp theme was "LIGHT KEEPERS". IN HP Ward- each year had a name. Ours was the "BUZZ LIGHTYEARS" - to eternity & beyond. Each tent had to make a mail box:

What's GIRLS CAMP with out:
Time to relax with friends...
The rock wall brought back some memories...
(Go Kaylee Glover- coming down)
Here are just a few more pics of girls from our ward- they were rockin!
( Just sing the words "THE CLIMB" by Hannah Montana in your head...ah!! Emily Shepherd made a camp video & had that song playing during the rock wall pics- I LOVED IT!)
Check out that face! Priceless.
Some girls were totally afraid & did it anyway! They were so brave.... and STRONG!
Oh, & some adults, too!!!!
Do you see something wrong with this picture? If not look closer! ha ha
Sister {Jennifer} Hall was quite the competitor during STORM the CASTLE.
She would HIDE the BALLS... or do whatever it took! She is so funny & adorable.
HP playing Storm the Castle!
At camp there was plenty of time to just hang out... so why not paint some finger nails..
Our "hang out".
planning our skit)
More STAKE STAFF.. the YCL's!

Amy & Becky - you 2 rock!

CANOEING- a new experiance for me.

Jamie- you look so DRY!
YES! AMY & JAMIE TIPPED. A little rock in the boat WILL do that.... ha ha
What happy campers anyway!
and soaked... nevermind it was really cold water...

MY awesome 1st years w/ BRO. JARVIS! What a TROOPER & HELPER he was the WHOLE trip.
... doesn't mean he didn't spray a couple girls w/ Sis. Horne!
As we waited for the cars.... HP played "ELEVATE YOUR BODY"!
Check out the moves.... NICE Sis. JARVIS!!!

Ahhh JAMIE! When we got back- Jamie didn't even realize she had a FLAT tire... a very flat tire!
SIDE NOTE: On the way up to Taylor Ranch Jamie also ran out of GAS!
THIS was STRIKE 3 for her.
At the end of camp she bore her testimony about her experiance(s) & then likened each thing to our daily lives. I really loved her testimony- as always. She is so sweet.
Each girl made 2 ribbon hair clips as a craft up there - they all turned out really cute.

We must be from the city... ha ha
In the middle of the day or night you would hear the most annoying sound.. ended up it was the PEACOCKS!
This bull wanted to charge the girls. They were teasing it & acting like a TORO or something.
It didn't like toro's much either I guess. {wink wink}
My mom was the "NURSE - slash WITCH DOCTOR" up at camp. {a good witch}
Whenever someone wasn't feeling good, she would get out her YOUNG LIVING Oils & help them feel better. THANK GOODNESS she was there for MANY reasons!!!
(What's Young Living Oils? - Ahhh, you have to find out! They are so amazing! Natural Oils to help you. My mom, sister Auburn, & I are all now distributors because we love their stuff so much! We'll have a get together soon if you want to come & learn more about it for FREE- e-mail me if you are at all curious:!!)
The last night was probably my favorite night!
We played Capture The Flag...

and our wonderful Bishop {Bishop Chiles} gave a great devotional & then we had some really special things with everyone in HP... and ended with testimonies.
The spirit was strong & it was a perfect night!

Thanks also to Sis. SKELTON & Sis. Raine who were over Harmony Park Ward. They were so much fun & made sure everything ran as it should.... ALSO thanks to all the serving leaders & campers who made this such a great year. I loved being a part of it!