Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family Time in Cali

SATURDAY, JULY 21, 2007:

On Saturday the 21st, the Cummard family headed out (at 4:00 AM) to Newport. (Made a quick stop at the outlets) We had so much fun. I love the beach .. the weather & just relaxing.

I do not understand how anyone has money that lives there. ?? Plus, it seems like people that live there are never working.

SUNDAY, July 22:

Lance and his family playing a little ball.
Below is a picture of the "3 Musketeers" .. plus BOT on the far left (Talbot, who is Jon & Summers). I do not have many pictures of BOT, because he stayed in the waves & "BATTLED" all day, every day. Waves would knock him down, but he did not care. He would get right back up & go back for more. He was so worn out every night!! Speaking of, (I wish I had a picture) Lance came in one night & told everyone to go check out Bot. He fell asleep while going to the bathroom. Can you blame him?
L - R: Cooper & David 3 (Davy & Syd), Tyton (Jon & Summer), and Little Parker (Parker & Kanoe)
Sunday night, Kanoe's cousin Con & his wife (I think her name is Diana???) & baby came over. She played some songs & sang to all of the kids. I loved it, along with every kid & adult there! I need to burn her songs onto my Nano.

Ellie sitting on Mommy Cal's lap to listen.

While she was singing, there was a POSSUM (sp?) running around. It was so sick! Look at it's tail & the ugly face. We all had to go check it out since it was next door. As all of us were out there looking at it, 2 doors down there was a man yelling/beating his girlfriend or wife. He walked outside his door to find a huge crowd listening to him. I am pretty sure he thought HE was our reason for being out there... but he wasn't. (Him & the girl were later arrested)
QUITE the entertaining night!
SICK! It looked like a huge rat.

MONDAY, July 23:

Camp Cummard.
As soon as I woke up I realized I was sick. (I really think I had WAY TOO MUCH junk food on Sunday) Lance ran & got me some "Pepto" pills & Sprite to help me feel better, which luckily worked quickly!
(It started off a CRAPPY morning & stayed that way most of the day.)

As I set up camp for myself, I started shooting some pics. I had my Nano all ready, camera out, & next thing you know... Crystal & I are being soaked with buckets of ocean water. (This is a lame, & oh so annoying tradition that some of the brothers love to do. All of us girls hate it every year.) I had the worst morning all ready & the camera I was using was my brother's, I had spent so much time (before we left for Cali) downloading songs on my I-Pod Nano.... ETC. The camera & Nano would not turn on. I was more than T.O.'d!! I had to go back to the beach house to cool myself down. BUT, long story short, the person that did it, came to me & personally & sincerely apologized, & told me that they would replace what broke. I had a camera the next morning & the NANO started working again after being charged.
{As for learning any lessons... ?? We'll see.}
Later that day while sleeping on the sand, I heard everyone laughing, so I woke up .. to find ... look below at the pictures of my Child.
(Son {Elliot} or daughter {Ellie}, I am not so sure.)
Good thing Syd snapped some pics.
I think she started trying to make boobs with the sand, but... AHH, that did not happen. SICK!!
L-R: Quinney, Zilla (Jackson who is Steve & Crystals), Elle, & Conzy
Baby Tilley's (Parker & Kanoe) first day at the beach. So cute! (love that bow)
As I mentioned earlier... These are "The 3 Musketeer's":
Cooper, Tyton, & Parker.
All the kids loved the dance paties out front of the beach house. {Ellie- Partying like a ROCK STAR.} She's got some crazy moves. I think Lance taught her.

The kids also loved going up & down the street we stayed on. They loved running (Jackson), riding scooters, bikes, golf carts, or long boards. (Sorry to any neighbors that did not like kids.)

TUESDAY, July 24th:

I wish they all could be California Girls.
THAT NIGHT.... some of us decided to go to LA to see who we could find.....
Summer, Crystal, me (with what the? bangs ?), Kanoe (Yes, that is Kanoe's real hair).
Not pictured: Steve, Jason Jones & Andy Jones)
SO... Did we see anyone???
AHH, YEAH!! We saw the cameras going crazy!!! And under them all:
None of us can stand her, but it was so much fun to see a big celebrity. We were so giddy, that Steve told his family "They were like a bunch of 12 year old girls who just saw Justin Timberlake".. Well, we kinda were!! Who cares.
This picture is bad, but it was dark & we were trying to get any pictures we could. This is her Range Rover. (You can try to click on it to make it bigger)
That is the car she was in that night. (I copied this from US Weekly.) We also saw a guy from 7th Heaven & he is now on October Road.
Summer & Crystal knew he was someone right away. He was just walking alone, all casual, he even looked us straight in the eyes. It caught us off guard. (The first 2 pictures are him, & the last one is his brother George (who was also on 7th Heaven with him) Check Crystals blog, since she took a picture of him that night.)

WEDNESDAY, July 25th:

3 Little Cheez Balls.
Ellie, Molly (Davy & Syd), & Quincy (Parker & Kanoe)

Since we did not have any recent family pictures, Kanoe helped us out by taking a few quick pictures!

First (and probably LAST) trip to Lawry's. I do not even want to think about how much money we spent for dinner & then a babysitter.

(I love prime rib... but NOT that much. I am still craving El Torrito.)

Kanoe's new baby is so cute. Look at her little half smile.
Syd told Ellie that Baby Sally had the same CAMO suit, so every day Ellie wanted to wear it to match her. Aren't they so CUTE?!! Look at Sallys big blue eyes.
Elle thought she was in charge of the 2 babies on our floor.
(Jonnie -Jon & Summer & Hudson - Steve & Crystal)
YES, this would be the same bathroom that Talbot fell asleep in. Elle was in a pose & everything... of course.
(sorry, I removed the picture)
These are all the babies that were there in their BUMBO's. (We all missed Casey)
Hudson, Tilley, Jonnie, & Sally

THURSDAY, July 26th:

The girls would always smile (minus Quincy) when I would say "NO one likes a HAPPY face, change it for a FROWN".. Quincy was really good at this game.
The kids collection.
Did someone see a camera?
Harley (Jon & Summer) & Calee (Davy & Syd)
I had to include this. This summed up every day. Ellie whining!! Lance & I were going NUTS!
Every time she got dressed ... EVERYTHING was "TOO TIGHT". People kept teasing her, because it happened every time she changed her clothes.
She also whined about sand in her eyes or hair....
Ellie loved these 2 boys. Conway & then in the back is Caden (aka"Chubba" -who belongs to Casey & Brooke Jones) Ellie plays with Conz all of the time, but her & "Chubba" are now best buds, too.
Yes. He is the cutest thing. Posing!! This is Conway (Parker & Kanoe) I love CONZ.
The girls had been wanting to go to Sprinkles, so right before they closed on Thursday night, we rushed down there. I am not sure it was worth $3.75 per cupcake. The workers were so rude & there were hardly any flavors left, so we got what we could.
Not what I expected... but, I'd try them again if they had strawberry or vanilla!!
Aren't we attractive??? HA HA HA
None of us were ready to go anywhere... that is why Crystal & I whipped out some sunglasses.
This is a tradition. Right before we leave on the last day, we take our group picture... PROBLEM IS: Lance, Ellie, & I are not in the picture. We left on Thursday night to meet our family at Oceanside. BUT, I still wanted to include it. It is fun to see how are family changes ever year. {Who came, who we missed, what babysitters came, who we added to the family, ETC!!}

FRIDAY, July 27th:
Bed Head ANyOnE???
After not seeing each other for so many days they could not wait to wake up to each other being so adorable! HA HA

First time to ever go to Oceanside.
All of the kids (adults = kids in this case too) were so excited to be at the beach. Our family does not go to the beach together enough.
As soon as Riggs & Jaxen (Bryan & Auburn) saw the water they started running into the waves. Once they realized how cold it was.... they were running the other way. The weather was SO hot, so all of us got used to the water real quick.
Roxy (Bryan & Auburn) could not believe what she was seeing. She wanted to just get in the water after flirting with it for a minute. She was so cute.
(Ellie never once put her swim shirt on at Newport, but once she knew Rox was wearing hers...)
OHH! That face.
Lance & I were competing who could catch the most sand crabs. Jax & Riggs tried, too.
There were 2 models on the beach.. HA HA.
This is the only picture you will see of me in my suit on my blog.. obvious reasons.
They don't call us "Suz & Shae" for nothin'!
{Missing Rox.}
I love Jaxen's SHY face. He makes it ALOT!
Roxy could not be happier. Esp. since she was eating her chips on the sand! What a wonderful life!
(My mom & Roxy Doodle)

Ellie & Noah (Shalae & Steve) missed each other. They are besties.
(I can just imagine them together at their PROM!! HA HA)They even wanted to shower together.
I asked Alisse to get Ellie ready. I was too sick of "everything is too tight".
Instead of doing Elle's hair, I did NOAH'S!! I love doing Noah's hair. He has the best hair to style & it takes 3 seconds. He is so cute!!

Before hitting up Sea World for some night shows, our family wanted to EAT outside of the park. SO WHY DID WE GO TO DENNY'S? {Ask Auburn} We had the SLOWEST (first day) workers & I am not sure why we went there instead of FAST FOOD???
SHAMU called Noah & Ellie & told them to behave if they wanted to come see the show.
Most of the people were leaving Sea World, as we were getting there. I am not sure what this creature has to do with anything, but Ellie wanted a picture.
This was the Shamu night show. The kids were very impressed.
(Including this sunburned hottie)

SATURDAY, July 28th:
Group photo as we arrived at Sea World.
Grumpy anyone?

Did someone say "TOURIST"? (Yes, my whole family did.) This was my first time ever to go to Sea World... obviously by my pictures! HA HA
These are some scary sharks. (as we walked under them)... AHH! Look at those teeth. I swear that they could smell us.
More sharks.
{Look close.} These are penguins that live in the freezing weather.
A large penguin swimming.
Lance's favorite animal = dolphins. I should've took a picture of his face during the show. (Maybe he should've stayed at the Dolphin Show longer!...Alls I gots ta say is "GRUMPY"!)

I have a video to go with alot of these picture... maybe later.
All of us, ESP. Roxy loved the animals show. Cutest & funniest dogs, cats, ducks, pigs, ETC.!!Roxy kept reaching out for all the animals during the show, so at the end we went to meet a few of them.
As you can see, they liked her too!!! She loves doggies.

I wish I had a picture before or after we (Scott, Alisse, Auburn, Riggs, Shalae & me) went on the Atlantis roller coaster... Quick story: The line was over an hour long. Towards the end of the line some man commented "Twins or just sisters?" Shalae asked "Me? Cause we're all sisters. " He was asking Shalae if her & Auburn were twins or just sisters. We started to tell him that nobody was twins, but all of us were sisters. All of the sudden he started pointing to us & calling us each "introvert?? & extrovert?? or something. We just stared at him & asked what he was saying. He pointed again & said "SHY" (pointing at Shalae), "NOT SHY" (at me), "SHY" (at Alisse), & "NOT SHY" (to Auburn who was covering her mouth giggling in the corner of the line). WE ALL started laughing, & I think he thought we were so rude... so he just walked away. We could not stop laughing. Where did this random man come from & how long had he been watching/studying us?? BTW- that ride is kind of a shock. My throat is still sore & it has been 4 days.
SUNDAY, July 29th:

We headed back home. We went a different way than normal. (YUMA)
We still hit up some outlets.

Ellie loves bugin' Jax.
Such a long ride home. Good thing Lance got Ellie TONS of junk at Sea World & everywhere else. (She is holding her large dolphin that he won for her at an arcade inside Sea World. I think she was eating junk in this picture, too. AND around this time she got a huge strap of velcro stuck in her nasty hair. She pulled out SO much hair.. it was pretty sad.)

We had so much fun making more memories with both sides of our families.

I can not wait to go again!