Sunday, April 26, 2009

Animals & More Animals

Friday, April 10 - The Phoenix Zoo with the Cummards...

Monday, April 13 - Roxy had a small b-day party at Discovery Park. The kids were LOVING:
The cute baby ducks,

and this turtle.

After Roxy blew out her candles & we played some games...
there was a little baby duck that would not go with his family.
So the kids loved it a little!
That Wednesday (April 15)- back to the ZOO for a field trip with Ellie & Noah's Preschool Class!
(P.S. If I ever get a pet- these creatures are most likely 1st on the list.)
Don't you love the hats the kids got to make at preschool for the field trip?

..Showin off...

It was a work out pushin this LAZY girl around. SHE IS 5- I know!!! ha ha
It was a really windy day. We had to pack our jackets, snacks, & lunches. I am so glad I brought that BIG OL stroller.

YEP- these "twins" fought over the stroller most of the field trip.
(Noah waving/watching his family members)

Ellie & her friend Ella. Such cute friends. They are so excited to be going to the same school next year for kindergarten.
I love having the "twins" old car seats for days like those!!!
THAT Friday - April 17th - we went back to the ZOO with my mom, sisters, a friend, & a cousin. (YES- 3 times in a week!!! I am so zooed out!!)
When we go (sisters & mom) we camp out in our favorite spot for a VERY long time.

This was so cute. It was family time for Michael, Bess & Cassie (sp?). The baby just needed to be fed for a minute. It was so sweet. I loved the way the baby would hold on to it's mom.
...Brought back some memories...

Check out this friendly squirrel:

The same zoo, 3 times in one week... I'll be taking a break for quite a while!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ellie's GLAMOUROUS 5th B-Day Party

Ellie was given some options for her 5th b-day party. (I was hoping she'd take the easy route - the gym again- but no...) She chose to have a "GLAMOUR" b-day party.

Ellie and I went to the scrapbook store to pick out some stuff to make her invitations. With so many choices- Ellie couldn't help but choose 2 patterns for her CUPCAKE INVITATIONS! ( I'll try to add the other later)

March 21st finally came!
Lance & I decorated & prepared for our "A LIST GUESTS" to arrive.
Celeb status style.
It was truely a RED CARPET EVENT.

As Ellie's friends arrived- we played some games...

It was time for the 5 stations!!!

(Keep in mind that each girl got to pick what THEY wanted at each station)

(and eating them)

* Making a CRAFT/page with SHALAE:
(all of them said "PRINCESS" except one- it was labeled "POLICEMAN")
Pictures will be printed & handed out soon- sorry.

After the 5 stations, all the girls went in & changed into the PRINCESS outfits that they brought.
(told ya)
The b-day girl by some of the decorations...

Silly faces... of course:
Look how DARLING these girls were!!!!!
We hired our own security for the red carpet:

The security made sure to do his job. (Protecting stars & the Popparotzi (?).)

Check out our GLAMOUROUS guests:

* Rexlee

* Gabby
* Christy Jo
* Kalei
* Carter
* Autumn
* Roxy
* Ellaree
* Ellie
* Quincy
* Alexis
* Molly
* Noah (obviously our SECURITY)
After posing, the group cooled off inside to open presents. (which I wish nobody brought after cleaning out the play room... but thanks from Ellie)
(Gabs was so excited when Ellie opened her present. It was so cute.)
Obviously Ellie was loving this part.
Some of the girls posing:
We turned on the music at the end of the party & the girls were gettin their groove on!

We also played some FREEZE DANCE.
Alisse took this awesome pic of Ellie having a blast. Isn't it so cute!?
At the end of the party, each girl got to pick out these cute lil cupcake lipglosses!

Alisse also took a couple extra pics after the party for me. (thanks)

The party was a success. I think every girl had a good time (except maybe 1)..
As Lance & I were cleaning up after the party, I asked him:
"So did this party make you want boys?"
He laughed & said:
"NO, I thought this was lots of fun. It went by fast & the little girls loved it."
THANKS to my fam who helped out so much. (the reason it was a success)
If you have a daughter that would love a GLAMOUR NIGHT- including a sleepover, playing at USA GYM & so much more- call & reserve their spot NOW!!!
GLAMOUR NIGHT @ USA GYM is April 17 - 18!!! It is a girls dream come true. (I think the cost is $40.)
USA GYM: 480-926-1480 or visit
(Come in for a trial class or open gym, too!)