Thursday, June 30, 2011

Loving Valentines

The fun Valentines Day cards Ellie & the kids at KDO made this year..
"Here's a TWEET because you're SWEET".
Our family did our Progressive Dinner the day before Valentines Day this year.
We started at the Price home:
Walked down to the Baldwin's:
Then we headed to our Parents house:
Then we went to our house (for SWEETS of course):

For Valentines Day Ellie brought her class her homemade Valentines & also cookies for their class party.

After school these hotties went to the mall with me & acted like they were older...
Oh boy- CLAIRE'S already? It starts young.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pinetop Cabin Trip

SNOW is not something we are use to. We don't have any appropriate clothes, shoes, toys.... nothing.

BUT we borrowed some stuff & headed to the Pinetop cabin to play in the snow....... or just play inside!

Ellie SLEPT A LOT this trip. She kept saying she felt fine.... I guess she wanted to grow 5 more inches or something.
These 3 hang well together:
YEAH OLD NEWS to most.... but guess what I introduced to the younger kids? We were all laughing so hard at each other.

I might have mentioned one of my latest obsessions...... We brought up stuff to craft it up..
"Mobi"/Noah & Sophie:

Shalae & Russ love Geo Cashing.. so they took some of along with them.
It was really hard to find, but eventually we found the GEO CASH hidden in the snow-in the woods.
It had been there for SO MANY YEARS.
Love Russ in that attractive cap.
Here's Lance carrying our almost 7 year old all the way back to the car. SUPER DAD. The mean mom said "WALK, You are fine." ha
It was so nice to get away for a few days.

Our January & February 2011 Randoms

We all brought our bikes to the Gibbons house & then rode to Discovery Park on a day off from school...

We got 2 new family members on the Cummard side!!
These 2 boys were born with in 30 minutes of each other & the rooms were back to back.
Made it nice to visit!
CHARLIE is Lee & Sarah's new son & STEELE is Parker & Kanoe's.
One of my latest obsessions is the twist flower clips, so we even made them for KDO at the gym.
Ellie "babysat" a couple of her favorite little ones: Lucy & Hank!

I got to go with the 1st graders to the zoo on a field trip {again}! These 6 are all cousins. Love it.

We had a hard time watching my Grandpa Sherwood get worse with his cancer & etc.
 {I'm gonna ramble for a moment so I don't regret writing a few things for myself to remember}

Some of the things that I'll remember most about him was his goofy faces & happy smile. In the last month or so before he died, Lance, Elle & I went to visit him when he was at a hospice place. He was confused. He was in & out of sleep- from minute to minute. He kept bringing up how he had to go work- he was always busy working or doing, helping, etc. He would tell Lance to help him get his shoes & Lance would tell him it was already taken care of... but in the next minute or so he would say something about needing to go help someone with something again. FINALLY- he gets to rest. That gives me peace. He more than earned it.
 ALSO- that day I had been asking him if anyone had come that day- which I knew a couple of my sisters had been. At first he told me "no"-- and then kind of remembered that one of them was there. At one point he kind of knew who I was but he had been trying to figure out where he knew Lance from. All of the sudden when I said my dad's name- SAM- he said to Lance "Oh that is where I know you from. Sam & Vicki's house." I'm not sure why.. but I asked "Do you recognize me/know me?".... He wanted to say yes, but he hesitated & told me that he wasn't sure. It tore me up. I asked if he knew who {Ellie} the little girl was. He said "Yeah, that is Sam & Vicki's daughter- Suzanne." It was so hard for him to even talk. That was one of the last conversations I had with my grandpa. I lost it- BUT I knew he didn't forget me. He just remembered me being younger & obviously Ellie looks enough like me that he thought it was me. It was sweet. (Plus I like to believe that I was one of his favorites when I was younger... and still while I was grown up.)

We all enjoyed listening to his stories of his life & his life history & I know that we were lucky to have the time that we did with him. 
We love him....He will be missed! We're all glad he is not in any more pain.

Our Last Week of 2010

Even though a hot cocoa stand would have went better with the weather, Ellie, Molly & Quincy were so excited to do their first lemonade stand.
That same week, I tool them to POLAR ICE to ice skate for the first time.
We all slipped a few times but it was ALL LAUGHS the whole time.

All of the Cummard grandkids went over and wished Grandma Cummard an other happy b-day...

At the gym, we had SNOW delivered for the kids that came to camp & kids day out that week on Friday- which was New Years Eve.
My mascot for KDO- "Best friend BROOKLYN".
That night we hung out at Lance's parents & did fireworks,
and silly string...
of course Lance was in heaven with all that jazz.

It's always a party.... and every once in a while- A SLUMBER PARTY!!