Sunday, April 27, 2008


It's been a year since we opened

May 2nd, 2008
(please contact us at
for the location and / or directions)

*Make it a girls' night out and bring your friends

*Shop for Mother's Day
*Remember teacher gifts for the last day of school

*Door Prize drawings every half hour
*Party Favor / Project Idea samples to take home
*Products for sale at clearance prices

Special Vendors:
delicious cupcakes from
Jill McKee
trendy tees & caps from
Tees for chics
hair accessories from
Bling Bling by Amelia
jewelry for all ages from
RockHeart, Elementz, & The Bead Diva

Boutique-Exclusive items
from She's Got It All:
trendy spring purses,
apothecary jars,
adorable shoes for baby girls & boys

all at unbeatable prices!
We hope to see you there,
Shalae Hunt & Suzanne Cummard

(Feel free to add this to any blogs, or pass it to your friends and family through e-mail! We appreciate all of the support!)

A Little Girls Dream!!

Where can a little girl have all of the following done?

Get their toe nails & finger nails painted how ever they want,

eat a bunch of chocolate and make candy,

do 2 girly crafts,

get their hair & make up done,

get dressed up,

play all night with their girl friends,
play musical chairs, (and other games)
have a contest making wedding dresses out of toilet paper,
learn a dance & perform it the same night,
eat soft serve ice cream at midnight, watch HSM 2, and even spend the night at a gym?

It only happens ONCE a YEAR....

and it was this last weekend.

at USA Youth Fitness Center!
Every girl was in heaven. It was so much fun. Ellie was so sad when it was over.
USA has lots of great events to keep kids entertained.
* Sign ups for SUMMER CAMPS are going on now!
* Open Gyms weekly!
* Great classes with fun coaches!
* GLADIATOR NIGHT (boys night out) is coming up next month!
* Let me know if you are interested in more info!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ellie's first DANCE RECITAL

(Once again, she is doing her pose- sick!)

Ellie was so excited to get ready for the dress rehearsal.
When I got out of the shower on Thursday, this is what I found:

She looked so cute. I loved their dance costume.


Ellie asked me to take a picture of her "looking at the flowers"!!

Practicing at the dress rehearsal:

Their dance was to a song called "PITTER PATTER". It was so stinkin' adorable!

Ellie took dance from "Miss Brittney" (Brittney Shumway Smith) this year. She loved it.
If you know Brittney- you know she must be an awesome teacher. She is always so cheerful... she always has been.

Since Brittney was so sick during this pregnancy, she had "Miss Stacey" (Stacey Grace Albers) help out... a whole lot!

THANKS to both of them for giving Ellie a great experience in dance!

She loved both of them, and loved "dancing class" so much.

(Ellie is always pretending to be them)

Friday night was the big {SUPER QUICK} dance recital. Every group did really good. I loved all of the dances.


Ellie had a few fans.

Noah even brought her flowers!

(Once again- Hello longest legs ever!)

Here is the dance if you want to watch.

(Sorry about the filming job.. everytime Kanoe moved, I had to move!)


More Matching

Grandma Vicki (my mom) gave Ellie this adorable sunflower dress for her birthday.
She also gave Roxy the same dress for her birthday.
MatChinG AnYonE?
Bring on the PhOtO ShooT!

This one is probably my favorite:

Friday, April 18, 2008

The POSSE graduated

... from Grandma Cheryl's preschool!
(The Posse from left to right: Molly, Quincy, Grandma Cheryl, Talbot, Jackson, and Ellie)
Cheryl's 6th graders help put on a PRESCHOOL about every year.
This last Tuesday was the graduation.
It was really cute.
Each student filled out info about themselves with their "teacher" (students in 6th grade).
The "teacher" read the info at the graduation.
Here is what Ellie said about herself....
(?? 10 people in our family ??)
Ellie loved every minute of being in this preschool.

THANKS GRANDMA CHERYL & all the others that helped!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cher & Patches?

Cher lived at my old job (Huddle Furniture for Kids in Scottsdale, Arizona). Huddle would have her sit out on the beds in the early 90's. She had been in the attic for so long. When Huddle moved locations, they were about to throw her away. I told them I would take her & giver her a new life!
* She saved me time on my ride home that night. CARPOOL LANE, I just made her {really large} hair- face the window. (I am not quite sure what I would've done if I got pulled over!)
* She scared my cousin KRISTA's clients so many times when they would come to work out. She would always be in a different spot.
* She advertises the features of the BABY BJORN.
* She earned me $20.oo in a bet that I would not walk around the block like THIS:
(I can not believe I am posting this NASTY picture on my own blog... but I really wanted to prove a point!)
* On Halloween, she dressed up & directed traffic.
* Now, she is serving another purpose... watching over the garden. Kind of like a "SCARE CROW" but I call her our
I really think she is making a differnce.
Now meet Cher's friend.
Sometimes we call her "Patches".
This cat seems to believe that it lives here.
A couple of Saturdays ago it even came in my moms house.
It went and hid in a few spots that our old dog Majerle used to hide in.
It is a really friendly cat. No collar.
If it looks familiar, let us know!
Lance even picked it up... I think he feels bad for it, too.
It is a good cat, but I am sure it is probably really hungry. It loves to purr for hours outside our door at night. We can hear it the whole time!

"Patches" follows us & even watches us when we are inside our parents house.

Seriously- if you know this cat - let us know.
If anyone wants this cat - come get it!!

The Start of TWO YEARS

Last Sunday we had the Sherwood family had a family night to Honor Brad..
(RED PLATE for Brad, of course!)
The 3 youngest kids led our songs.
(Called to Serve & Til We Meet)

Everyone got a chance to say something to Brad.

After that, all the kids hopped on his lap for some loves!

The next 2 days, it was time for Brad to start packing his room & luggage.
He let my mom pack his bags for the 2 years!

Tuesday night, Brad got set apart as a missionary by our great stake President. (Pres. Smith)

It was such a good blessing. I really loved everything that he said in the blessing.

(see his blog for more)

After that, Lance helped measure everyone so we can compare the sizes of everyone when 2 years is up!

Last moments with some of his friends!

Brad was supposed to report to the Brazil Mission Training Center on Tuesday, but his VISA never came.(along with about 18 other young men) We found out all of the changes within the week he was supposed to go. He ended up leaving on Wednesday morning & instead he would be training in the MTC in Utah for at least a month until leaving for Brazil!
Wednesday morning came really early! I mean "so early" that it was pitch black out!
We left for the airport at 4am.

All of our family was there to see him leave.

Brad & all the kids he loves!

These kids love him so much, too!

Brad with his proud parents:

Uh oh... time to get in line.

Elle loves to announce to everyone
"I am going to be 6 when Brad comes home."

Ahh, heart breaker!
I am not so sure he will miss the sisters... we'll find out!


We watched him for as long as we could.
He gave 1 or 2 big waves at one point...
we just kept watching until we couldn't see him anymore.
Since it was early, we decided to hit up Denny's before the day started.
{WHY did I eat?? ... No idea.}

Everyone was so tired.

Can you tell?

For those of us that could.... went home and slept for a few hours.

After that, we crowded as many of us that could fit on my moms bed & watched "Mistaken Identity" from Dateline a couple weeks ago.
We are almost one week down.
Feel free to check out
blog for more & to stay updated!