Thursday, July 31, 2008

You're all invited to a .... BEAD PARTY!!!


Leave your kids w/ your hubbies...
and bring:
* Sisters, neighbors, & friends
* Any outfits that need a matching necklace or bracelet
* Your fun self
Thursday, August 7
(yes, next week)
7 p.m. 'til whenever
{Come & Go.. YES, come LATE if you want}
The party will be located where all of our She's Got It All parties are located.
(Please e-mail me for the address or directions:
Yes, adults look so cute in these, too!

How excited would your daughter(s) be if you made them some fun bracelets & necklaces for the new school year??
No need to have any prior bead experiance!
has everything ready for you to string & create. When you are done, Wende even helps puts everything together!
(Thanks Amber for the pic)

If you can not make it, but are interested in The BEAD DIVAS fun jewelry- no worries!!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life Is So Much Better....

When you spend it with
We have been very busy... here are some of the things we have been up to:

Casey Boy celebrating his FIRST birthday party! (Casey is Lee & Sarah's little man)
It was a DOG GOOD PARTY! All dog theme & everything was so creative & fun!
(hot dogs for dinner, dog print table cloths, dog foot prints on the cement & on balloons, bone shaped sugar cookies & suckers, & the cutest PARTY FAVORS with doggie visors, dog tags, and bone shaped candy) Sarah out did herself! I loved everything!

Casey is always all smiles!
Casey & his cousins...
The moms...
We had Girls Night Out at Shalae's...
Why the poses??? ha ha... See Shalae's blog.
We had so much fun catching up & thinking back on the good ol' days!
We really need to do this more often!

daughter of Steve & Crystal Cummard. She is so sweet. I am so excited for their family! I love her. She is so cute & perfect!

Alisse hosted GAME NIGHT!
We had so much fun.

Here is a couple pics from Pictionary- Scott drew a house & people crying.. he just kept adding the tears! HA HA... I wrote this WORD, from our Newport experiance! HA HA...


I knew this word would be in the mix, too. {Thanks Clarisa Jenkins from Power 92}

FRENCH HORN. (too many inside jokes)
All of us had so much fun. {We were being such nerds in some pics.}
So many laughs..
The Host & Hostess with the mostess! Thanks guys!

I have no clue who this nerdy couple is...

We had some good friends come over & swim, & we've been at the NEW gym way too much!

{USA FITNESS CENTER- now located at Gilbert & Ray}

Ellie loves her new cousin!
We planned & threw a quick, cute, PINK baby shower for Crystal & Presley.
The sister-in-laws (minus 1) at the shower.
I must say the shower was ADORABLE!!
(Order here)

Ellie & I made her this letter at the last minute on Thursday.
(Of course Elle wants one now, too.)
Crystal & Angie... nice matching, huh!! I love it.
Since swimming wasn't enough for some of us, we decided to also go to Peter Piper later that week. Of course the moms were not planning on getting tokens, so guess who decided to spoil them & be the favorite FUN aunt??
That would be Candace Westergard.
Our kids love her. Ellie always calls her "Crazy Candace", because she is so fun & silly!

Not too many of the girls showed up {next time, right??} BUT we still had a good time catching up... CARLI... hadn't seen that cute girl in so long! Her kids are of course way cute!!
Me, Holly, Candace, Amy, and Julie McFarland. (She was one of our great YW Leaders)
Silly girls. Ellie with Holly's cute girls- Carter & Gabby. Ellie loves them.
This past Saturday was Lizzy's baby shower. I loved catching up with some friends there... like AMBER SOUTH WEBB, who I have not seen in forever! (and Liz, Amber K., Jessica T., Julie H., and Harmony K.!!)

{I might have to steal a few pics if Lizzy post them}

Our ward celebrated PIONEER DAY in such a fun way- thanks to Jheri Glover & her group!
Lance helped get the water balloons ready...
but I must say that the HUGE SLIP N' SLIDE was the big HIT!
KIDS {of all ages} had so much fun going over & over.
Jessica's cute girls had so much fun! {soon to be JESSICA CHILES!}

(Jessica - your girls are so cute! E-mail me your address & I'll send you the other pics, too.

The Primary Water Balloon TOSS.
(Noah- sorry about your partners "throw"! She gets it from her mama!)

Michelle Yamamoto's boys are such studs!
The water balloon launch...
AND more FUN to come in the next couple weeks...