Sunday, March 28, 2010

Come JUMP With Me!

Ellie could not decide where to have her SIXTH b-day party.

She wanted to have it at the gym because she knew everyone would have fun ... but she also wanted to have it at her new house so her friends could all see her new room!

So we came up with a plan....

we'll make her invitation have a picture of her new room & then they'd have more fun jumping at the gym, etc.!


So one Sunday afternoon, I quickly made up some invitations!

Ellie was so excited for her party to come. She had been practicing a few tricks to "show {off}" at her party!

The day finally came!

We played freeze tag and then Ships & Sailors - Ellie's request.

All the kids had a blast.


Look how cute these girlies are!

OH & then theres the other birthday kid- RUSS!!! {after swinging from the rope into the pit}

Lance, Ellie, & I played "ADD-ON"... well kind of.

Presley & Maibri were so cute. They kept "chatting" & hugging!!! I could adopt both of them in a heart beat!

After playing in the gym, we headed up stairs to the b-day party room.

Ellie really wanted to cheange her clothes after jumping, so she brought along a "b-day looking outfit". We were all waiting for her upstairs & when she came walking up the stairs in her "gown" I laughed because it felt like I was waiting for her to come out of the temple all beautiful!!


Since my parents could not get there until later Ellie changed again after her party & gladly went & showed off some more!!

We love you so much Ellie & we are so greatful for your HAPPY, SILLY, SUNSHINE SPIRIT!

You mean so much to us.

We hope you had a great birthday & party!!

You are a party girl!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

One Spoiled B-Day Diva

On March 14- Ellie turned SIX!!!
It was quite exciting for her.
My mother in law gave us/ MADE US this b-day cake count down for Christmas. Lance was so excited because she made the exact one that they had growing up. She also gave us papers that say "GOOD FOR....." to put in 7 slots. (week/count down..)
On Monday night she chose one that said "GOOD FOR your choice of dessert"!
Of course Ellie was thrilled to wake up each morning to see what each day was good for!
She chose one of her favorite sweet spots- BAHAMA BUCKS!
Every day was something sweet, maybe small, but it made her feel special!

Friday, she wanted me to get her out of school early... but instead we picked her up for lunch & met my mom at Ellie's pick for lunch. Peter Piper!
The worker over the ticket counter knew Noah, cuz he is a regular there on Wednesdays when his G-ma Hunt takes him.
AND SINCE ELLIE HAD A B-DAY HAT ON... they got hooked up!!!
She took her class back KRISPY KREME doughnuts ... which incase you are not aware... you can get a free dozen on b-days with proof of I.D.!
Friday morning she actually had a "Good For a date night with mom & dad- your choice"!
She chose JOE'S FARM GRILL. (I think mostly because I told her it was free)
It was a chilly night for AZ.. so of course her Prince Charming swithched her jackets.
The next day Ellie watched a baby goat be born... "all for her b-day/ they were trying to have the same b-day as Ellie"... Ellie was pretty much disgusted at "the yucky stuff on the baby goat when it came out".
She had a blast at her b-day party (next post) & then enjoyed one of our new favorites-
Orange Tree Frozen Yogurt.
Straight from there we spent the night at our G-ma Riggs's house & she had already opened some of her Barbies, etc.!
SUNDAY MORNING- finally her real birthday!
Her last "GOOD FOR".... was a treasure hunt! Lance & I made her notes & hints to find some of her gifts around the house...
1st: You picked lunch, you picked dinner
we threw you a party that was our pleasure!
Now you need to search to find more treasure!
You already got a leo, crown & shoes....
so time to start looking where you go #2!

Next go to the place where you rest your head
and you might even have to look under the bed.
Now you get to look
where you are our little cook!

It's so fun that you are now SIX
there's something waiting where we burn sticks!
#5: There's something small you'll soon see
somewhere you go to ACTUALLY watch T.V.! (Grandma Cheryl's)
#6: Being SIX will be so fun and rad
cause soon that means we'll see Uncle Brad!!
Happy Birthday Ellie!
We love you!
Love- Mom & Dad
Later we had Heritage Night at Cummards- Ellie ate on the red plate, got her b-day bag, got measured, did the money bag & felt so special!

Because she is a party girl..... we went to my parents for a quadrouple party celebration!
(Sorry we didn't have a crown for you Auburn...)
Did I mention that RUSS & ELLIE share the same birthday?!!

...Roxy was so excited that I finally fixed some of their jewelry!!...