Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving 07

Last week in nursery (yes, Ellie is STILL in nursery until January) Ellie made this cute turkey.
I love it! She told them she was thankful for:

(Incase you can not see.... Grandpa, Grandma, Roxy, Mom, Dad, and Nursery!)
This THANKSGIVING I was thankful for many things.... but I am right there with Ellie.
I am so thankful for all of the FAMILY that we have.
One of my favorite things about the holidays....


Each year at Thanksgiving we have a tradition with the Cummards..
We all make a really nice meal (Dave & Syd supply the crab or lobster & also their house) & we always have a great time.
This year we did not do it, & I really wish that we did. It did not fully feel like Thanksgiving...
but I think my family started a new tradition.....
We did our neighborhood TURKEY TROT! It was our first one & we loved it.

My dad said he was going to walk it...then he decided he wanted to run it & make sure to beat all of his daughters. (Mission accomplished.)

Ellie loved having a few cousins there.

(Casey was also there with Sarah, the Mabry girls and Ron. I'll have to steal a picture later.)

Here is Calee Girl being an athlete!

Ellie just being...


Ellie & I have been practicing 2 miles.

(aka: TRAINING .. Elle on her back & me a very slow jog)

This might not seem like alot, but for myself it is amazing. I hate cardio & I have never ran 2 straight miles... sad/funny... I know!!!
BUT I did it! .. AND so did Ellie!

Thanksgiving Day we went to Alma's house and had a great meal
(esp. the mashed potatoes & cheese cake.. I have no clue who made them.. *WINK*)
The kids had a blast playing on her sports court, using all of the toys, and most of all hanging out with each other.

Grandma Riggs...
(the lady who started it all)

(Sparky was even there *wink ...)

(That same guy also was lucky enough to go with his Poppie to the ASU game.)Dave & Syd let Lance, Dean, Kemra, & I have their tickets. (THANKS!!)


What started out as a good game.. ended up a very sad ending..

BUT we still had a fun time!

It was a long day.

We were all worn out!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


{Feel free to sing along with me....}

Back then she was nothin' but knees and elbows

Golly did she grow up fast

She's got her daddy's money (it's just part of the song..)

Her mama's good looks
More laughs than a stack of comic books
A wild imagination
A college education (well kinda)

Add it all up it's a deadly combination (I am gonna be dead from posting this)

She's a good bass fisher

A dynamite kisser

Country as a turnip green (yeah.. I really have no clue what that means!)

She's got her daddy's money, Her mama's good looks,

And look who just turned FIFTY:

I have the best mom in the whole entire world & November 21st is her birthday!

My mom makes FIFTY look so good!

I want to share a couple quick things I love about my mom...

*My mom is the best example to me...

* She has always loved to go to lunch with her friends...

* She is the best sister and daughter...

* Grandma VICKI is the best grandma!!...

* She is so pretty, always has been.. (btw- she has the longest lashes)....
* She is such a good friend to everyone!!...

(some of her high school girl friends)
* She loves to travel, and has done LOTS of it, too ....

* My mom HATES camping, but she has always been such a sport about it anyway! ...

* She loves her hot baths at night & then PJ time.. & of course all of her jammies are so cute! ... (When Ellie was a baby, she loved every time my mom would put on her silky polka dots!)

* Even though my mom was unable to be an athlete, she was always the biggest ATHLETIC SUPPORTER! (From Pop Warner, softball, & all the years of cheering! ) I know she will be such an athlete, or dancer, or whatever in heaven.

* Vicki LOVES shopping... but most of all she LOVES the Orange County SWAP MEET!!!...

* My mom has always been so inspiring in every church calling she has had.

(This was some Young Women {Georganne & Georgette} from a long time ago that became baptised!)...

* My mom comes a fun & crazy family! She loves to have girls trips to Newport with everyone!...
* My mom is such a hard worker. She supported and helped with MAUI WOWI events, she helps us out so much with She's Got It All, and she does so much still as a mom, wife & grandma.
Here's a picture of her & Fran back when they worked at KRP together. I know it must have been really hard to go to work while my sisters & I were growing up, but she did it.
Memory Lane:

My mom's 30th b-day:

Her 40th Surprise B-Day party:

And this past Saturday, we surprised her at her favorite Mexican stop...


I hope I can look 1/2 that good when I turn 50!

I am so thankful to have her as my mom.

She is always happy, so super friendly, so cute, so in style, and always full of laughs!

She inspires me in everything from cooking, being crafty, decorating, or just being a mom.

She is so fun, funny, and we always have a blast when we are together.

She is so spiritual & I know I could go to her for anything.



Thank you so much for everything you have always done for me.

You truly are an angel.