Monday, September 29, 2008

Come Join Us & Bring Some Friends

She's Got It All
is having the
Fall Boutique & Benefit Raffle

Friday, October 3, 2008
(yes- this Friday night!)
6:00 - 8:30pm
3257 E. Harmony Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85204
Gear up for fall with Halloween & Fall decor, a new purse, clothing for the season, and more boutique-exclusive items including:

*She's Got It All products

We did not order lots of extra stock when we made our fall orders, SO...


{hint: Be there at 6:00!}Remember, because we do not have a "store front"-


than other retail stores!!

* Seasonal wall writings... adorable on doors!*J Purses & Tees

*Denim Lovers jeans

*Jewelry by The Bead Diva

*Funky Bums - vintage tees for children

*Bling Bling hair clips


We will also have a benefit raffle ticket sale.

Several GREAT prizes means SEVERAL WINNERS!!

*All proceeds from the benefit raffle

will be donated to the

Christian and Stephanie Rehab fund.

Below are pictures of this sweet couple

and their family...

click here to read more about their story and how

you can help.

We hope to see you there, even if you come just for the sake of donating money to the Nielson family!

* Cash & checks only at this boutique!
* Yes, you are invited- and bring some friends!
* No children please!
* No entry fee!
* E-mail for any questions, or if you are interested in donating anything for the raffle! (asap)
Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Help A Girl Out!

This girl:

is in desperate need of a NEW, BIGGER BIKE!!!

She is hoping to earn that bike THIS Saturday, Sept. 27th, while also raising money for new equipment, and the

BUT ..................... She needs some help!

She needs some sponsors/pledges from some people like YOU!
She is going to participate in a CARTWHEEL-A-THON at USA GYM.
You can pledge per cartwheel or make a flat donation.
A coach will be counting how many cartwheels she can do in 1 MINUTE!
(for example - donate 25 cents per cartwheel... {she can do about 20 cartwheels in 1 minute} =$5.00 - it suggests no less than $.25 per cartwheel)

You can leave a comment or e-mail me at if you are interested in helping her earn her bike & helping out the charity!

Her long legs can not handle her cute, little bike anymore!

Esp. on the days that she bikes 1 - 4 miles!!! {no joke}....She's been practicing....

If you are intersted in more information about the CARTWHEEL-A-THON, any gym classes, or anything else, please e-mail: or you can call 480-926-1480.

There will also be a KIDS FITNESS CHALLENGE the same day from 1-4pm, and then FREESTONE PARK is having their "Say GoodBye To Summer" event from 6 pm - about 10 pm! USA Gym will have some mats out--- so come stop by!

Speaking of the gym....

{you know I am always advertising}

We have opened so many more classes & also a

2nd day for


Come join us on


from 12:30 - 2:00, or


from 9:30 - 11:00.

$7.00 per child, a snack & drink provided at the end!

Monday, September 22, 2008

HP Women's Retreat 2008

.... It started with something that sounded like some DOGS HOWLING! ...

This past weekend we {the best ward ever.. plus Shalae & Mary} had our 2nd annual WOMEN'S RETREAT.

This year it was in Clay Springs, Az. The place we stayed at use to be an old church. (very large)
The tour inside was interesting... so you know I took some pics to share!

Here's a couple shots of the "innocent decor":

(antiques, flags, nautical, Raggidy Anne, lighthouses & lots of SUNFLOWERS)

Then there were some rooms that must've been decorated by some men!:
And I made sure to not leave out the following rooms with animals, axes, weapons, etc.!

Once again.. a man must've been incharge of these rooms. It would've definately been a nightmare for any


(which is not me... I'm just stating the obvious)

(I just wanted to share some of the spacious cabin.)

The cabin was so large! It was amazing! My mom wants to rent it for our whole family to stay in... and if we do, there will definetly be some games such as HIDE & GO SEEK or SARDINES!

................................ anywho............................

After a delicious dinner (of fry bread & scones) we split into 3 groups and had a treasure hunt!

We had to find a bunch of small boxes that the presidency hid earlier. In the boxes were pieces to a map. Each map told you were your treasure box was! Our TREASURE was found in {what use to be} the baptismal font (sp?)!
Our treasure had lots of candy! (.. mostly gold candy..)
I think this groups treasure had our journals that we received the next day.
This groups treasure had a ball, jump rope, and some other fun active stuff that we did as kids. (sorry these pics are so blurry)

The theme of the retreat was



Everyone had a blast hanging out....

playing group ping pong,

(of course we always have entertainment with some particular ladies in the ward)
playing Mother may I?, (like we did in the past)

playing jump rope, (of course we sang the jump rope songs like elementary kids..... and some of us can not jump like we use to since we've had kids- ha ha)

played Jacks, (was a first for me)played Four Square, (wow, this was so fun... most of us will be taping off 4 squares in our driveways... and out came all the prom dresses- ha ha) The cabin had a bunch of old fancy dresses, which made for lots of laughs!
The games went all night - including cards & dominos.

We all missed being kids that night, but felt so young again as we played.


OH!! There was a 2nd basement that was being worked on.


If you watch Desperate Housewives- you know what kind of basement I am talking about! There was a warning on the door about the drop off!

Some girls got brave & walked down there on Friday night... only problem, Mary went with them & scared them so bad.. all we heard were loud girl screams from up stairs.
On Saturday night our great cooks made a delish breakfast! (of course I over ate)

After breakfast, we had a GREAT SPEAKER come. She made us these awesome journals! I loved everything that she said & can't wait to write more in my new journal.
Here were just a few of my favorite things:
* Learning from the past - on a few pages were some different things to write about.
One page said
and #1 was "your house that you grew up in". Since I am such an artist (oh I'm not at all), but it was so fun. She gave us about 1 - 2 minutes. Then she said to go thru and put #s next to place that you can remember a memory. After that she had us pick just one.... and for 4 minutes write about that memory of your house.
I wrote about OUR GARAGE... why?
Cause that was where I found my favorite Christmas present ever as a child.
MY DOG Marjerle.
I don't think that I have ever written that great memory before & I love the story.
* Prepare for the Future - list 100 things that you want to accompish in this lifetime!
(I am thinking!!!)
* Live in the Present - write about what makes you happy today & counting your blessing!
Anyway, I just loved it!
Everyone cleaned up & packed a lunch to go. (..well at least almost everyone..)
Group shot of those that didn't leave early:

There were some rebels that took a detour thru the Salt River just to enjoy some fatty town:
We had so much fun... from the second we left our homes, until we arrived home!
.... and it ended with something that sounded like some DOGS HOWLING! ...

Sunday, September 21, 2008


When I got an e-mail about FREE taste testing for sweets....
you know I put it on my calendar!
The taste testing was at a nice home.
It was for some sisters that are starting to sell their yummy sweets.

When we walked in the door, a sister handed us a score sheet. She told us to rank everything that we tried & she warned us to "PACE ourselves".

ha ha ha.... so I thought...

(Of course my sister Shalae challenged herself to try everything... which I don't think she accomplished.)

We all loved everything!

(Above: my friend Sandye from work {front desk at USA GYM}, Shalae, & Alisse. Below: Lance & Ellie.. FYI- There was a great turn out, including kids and men!)
Sandye bought me an early birthday present... a few of my favorite cupcakes... the OREO and BUTTERFINGER! {thanks so much Sandye} These were huge cupcakes & so yummy!
If you are in need of some yummy sweet treats - you can check them out & order online! or call Wendi - 480-703-4615 for cupcakes, or call Jo Dee - 480-834-1588 for muffin bites, brownies & cookies,

or call Michelle - 480-734-5241 to order some chocolates!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emergency 9-1-1

On Tuesday night, Ellie & I were so excited to make some of "Ellie's Oven Fry's".
(Family Fun this month)
As I was cutting the raw potatoes {& sweet potatoes-yum}, I sliced my finger. Not a very big cut, but it would not stop bleeding.
As I was holding it tight with a paper towel, I asked Ellie:
"Ellie, can you go and tell dad to get me a band-aid?"
(If she got it herself, she would've brought me a pricess or SpongeBob band-aid)
My dad was in the kitchen kind of laughing & mocking me, so he said:
"Hurry Ellie, run and
call 9-1-1.
It's an emergency, your mom is bleeding!!"
I told my dad:
"Don't give her any ideas, she probably would."
(Sidenote: Ellie knows my cell phone # and likes to go in the other room and call me. Shes into memorizing & also using the phone.)
I now remember passing Ellie as I walked in the bedroom to get a band-aid... I can picture telling her:
"Hang up the phone, Ellie."
I thought that she was trying to call me or Lances cell phone..?..
The phone was ringing & I was in the back of the house... so I never answered.
Since my mom wasn't home, nobody answered the phone. (as usual)
It started ringing again.
Finally my dad answered the call from "the city of Mesa".
Then, my dad came in to me {chuckling}:
"You better answer the door when the police show up and explain why your daughter called them."

So, about 20 - 30 minutes later we hear a
Knock, knock..

Sure enough! Ellie called the police.

It was luckily a neighbor/ward member, Officer Aaron Raine.

Ellie was hiding, cause she thought she was in trouble.
Lance & I helped her talk to him. Officer Raine was so sweet to Elllie.
(Of course, I blamed my dad- completely!)
Officer Raine told her to walk outside with him to come check out his car! So, she did - well.. she didn't really walk! Instead she did her kick- step, kick-step 1/2 the way to the car. ha ha

Officer Raine told us that somebody would've been there sooner, but ... they kinda knew it was an accident call.
He talked to us for a couple minutes and told us that it was good practice for Ellie & he told us a story about how it has happened at his own house in the past, too.
(I could sit & listen to him tell stories about his job for hours.)

He let Ellie sit in the drivers seat & told her what buttons she could push.
1st the lights..
and then the SIREN!

So, hopefully she doesn't think she can call him again to play with his car...
and hopefully she never has to call 9-1-1......
BUT, if she does-

she is prepared.

Thanks Officer Raine!

Our {Random} Update

Shalae & Alisse were the FUN AUNTS this past Friday night & babysat all the cousins - not just any babysitting... they had PLANS!
Plans involving: playing, watching t.v. & movies, eating pizza & candy, having oreo shakes, & of course..........

After Lance & I enjoyed a lil date at Red Robin, we went back to Shalae's house for the entertainment!

The Entertainer - RIGGS! He always had ways to get the crowd involoved!
The Proud American - JAX!
(he insisted on singing {slash TALKING} to "Proud To Be An American")
The Dancing Queen - Elle
Momma Mia anyone?...
The Rapper - Noah Boy
He was gettin LOW! And your 2012 American Idol - RoxStar
Now I know what Auburn teaches her all day.. ha ha! This girls got moves - even when she is singing!
Aunt Leasy even caught some of it on video. Feel free to check out the PaRtY here.
Back to ...
school, I guess...
Ellie & Noah had black day at their adored preschool. When they got home, I TRIED to do a lil photo shoot. Too bad Ellie was in a MOOD! -
Noah on the other hand- watch out GAP!

FUN Aunt Shae, bought Ellie a really cute CUPCAKE backpack! Ellie loves it.
AND Ellie really loves that her Price Charming wears a backpack - again.
(A SIMPLE-AS-CAN-BE COMPUTER CLASS...all to better his chances for getting this insurance job he's REALLY been wanting for a very long time. I know that he will be so good at this career. WISH HIM LUCK!)

Speakin of the devil- SUN DEVILS that is..
the Cummards had a great time this past Saturday tail gating at the ASU game.
(nevermind the final score)
Didn't end up taking too many pictures - by the time I got out my camera, it was so dark..
The drunks were - well everywhere... some partied right next to all of us. The games they play... YIKES!
Why would you ever want to have that lifestyle is beyond me. But anyway...
I will admit they were entertaining to watch.. clothes & all. (Sorry these are so dark)
Lance had been promising Ellie that he'd take her to a game... so, that he did.
Not very many of us went inside the game, but Lance {of course} took his princess in for part of the time. (Cause he is the best dad.)

Ellie has been planning her Halloween costume for months... but every morning she wakes up like this: .....
..... I can't help but try to convince her to be PIPPI LONG STALKING!
We've been enjoying our weekly "meetings" at Ocean Blue...
Except when the kids are being crazy! (Sorry workers!)
Ellie being goofy, but showing off her new RED necklace that I made her last night at a bead party.
And RoxStar with her cheese ball smile & bruised cheek from her trip at the Karaoke party..
Told ya-