Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Thanksgiving 2009

We spent this year's THANKSGIVING in Pinetop.
We all had a great time!
The kids loved being outside playing...
matching, being together, etc.!
We all thought we were going to freeze... but with the help of Lance- we had fire in no time... and we were VERY WARM! It felt great.

Thanksgiving morning some of us enjoyed having our own TURKEY TROT!
Felt great.. (and now I have not worked out in a month)
While dad & Lance enjoyed a NAP or two!
We all got warm & cozy & shared the small kitchen to make our feast!

Even our new family members got to be there!
Speaking of family members...
my dad & his twin (Dan) still confuse all the little kids.
Who's your Poppy?
None of us had the guts to tell this little guy that he got it wrong:
COZY.. {like I said} as we watched TWILIGHT.... and the next day went & watched NEW MOON.
The next day we also had a "SHOOT-A-THON{g}" as my dad called it & planned it.
Some just enjoyed the junk food... maybe I should've been in that pic!
Of course Lance brought a gun for the kids!
What angels!
And the couple that has "never been so happy in their whole life"
(Sixteen Candles)

Such an attractive familia... HA
I had to include this shot:
Little Sophie got so worn out that she took the stuffed bull from the cabin, put it in the middle of the room & fell asleep. She is so silly & so cute!
I call her POLLY, cause she is my Polly Pocket!
We had such a great trip & we all had so much to be ThaNkFuL for this year!
ESP. adding 4 new family members & soon 5.... check out my sister ALISSE'S blog if you want to know more!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hats Off To Our Vets

Hat's off to our Vet's!
That was the theme for the LeBaron/Cummard family float!

For the first time I helped make a float! The kids esp. loved it!
The kids got all ready for the MESA DAY VETERAN'S DAY PARADE in their red, white & blue!
They all looked so cute!

Speaking of cute-
Check out my mother in-law, CHERYL!!! So cute!
We were a huge group!
We all brought so much candy... that kept getting "thrown"... and since throwing anything was against the rules.... We got disqualified from winning anything!

Did I mention that we all felt like celebs when someone would yell our name from the crowd?... {chuckle chuckle}