Sunday, June 14, 2009

You've Gotta Go Here!!!

My {fav} cousin Krista had been telling me that she spotted YOGURTLAND off the freeway- so we just had to take a lil trip! So Candace, Krista, Shalae, Noah & I planned a Saturday to go.
First we went next door to JERSEY MIKE'S SANDWICH SHOP next door & then got our yogurt.
BOTH of these places are amazing!!!
I felt so bad that I didn't take Ellie, (she loves frozen yogurt) so I took her out there, too.
Just looking at this pic is making me crave it.
The last couple times I went, they had fresh bananas cut up- YUM! I love the fruit, but mostly I love the TOASTED COCONUT yogurt & the white chocolate syrup to put on top.
Also when Lance, Ellie & I went last they had "ROOTBEER FLOAT" yogurt. It was exact!
Ellie approves!
These shops are right by ASU!
202, exit Scottsdale Rd., It will be the 1st left! (Right by IN & OUT)

Graduation (Preschool - College)


Ellie & Noah had a busy last week of preschool. They had their last class performance for the year. Of course it was way cute. (Yellow Submarine, etc.!!)

Next the cousins had preschool graduation with Grandma Cheryl's 6th graders.
(Elle's "buddy")
The kids who got to be apart this year:
Then Ellie & Noah had their graduation ceremony.
This is Noah & Ellie with their awesome teacher - Miss Rebeccah Arnett! We would suggest her to anyone looking for a preschool.
They performed letters & numbers songs....
All the kids got to say what their favorite thing of the year was.
Most of the kids said "water day" which had only happened a couple days before.
ELLIE said "I loved everything about preschool".
THAT was so TRUE! She loved her teachers, friends, the games, the learning... just EVERYTHING!
Noah of course said "My favorite thing was going to Krispy Kreme"... HA HA
If you knew his MOM- you know he came from her... that's all I'm gonna say.
They had some snacks & root beer floats after... and told their friends & teachers bye.
Ellie with the assistant "Miss Lauren".
We will miss the days of that awesome preschool class.
Ellie learned so much & is definetely ready for kindergarten! She is spelling out words to read & write.
THANKS Miss Rebeccah & Miss Lauren!
Not only did we have preschool graduates, but we also had COLLEGE GRADS in the fam!
Lee & Sarah both graduated from BYU!!!
To us, those 4 years flew by.
(We've loved having them around for the summer.)

ALSO- Alisse & Scott graduated from college!
My parents & sisters (& Scott) all went out to hear Alisse speak at her ceremony with her class at Phoenix College. She did great.
Of course we had a party!!!
(Aren't these invitations that my cousin made so cute?!)

CONGRATS AGAIN to all those graduates.
What a great feeling that must be.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dance, Gymnastics.. and Stunting

Ellie had her first {& last} mini meet as a "Shooting Star" at the gym. (She is now a "Rock Star")
She did pretty good... nevermind she is a little bit crazy & spacey once in awhile... BUT SHE IS 5!
She has been learning her handstands & cartwheels on the {high} beam.
She did her handstand flat-back on the vault..
she did great at her floor routine..
This was part of her bar routine- handstand...
She was so excited!
This is one of her coaches- Coach Karie.
Later that night we went straight to see Ellie & the rest of company at Higher Ground perform at a benefit concert.
I loved this number!
"Hit Me!"
The Suns Crew & Suns Gorilla was there- it was awesome!!

Ellie, her cousin & friend Alyssa w/ the Gorilla...
and of course with HER biggest fan... NOAH.
ALSO- Ellie loves stunting.
at the gym or in the pool... she loves it all.

(and Noah, too)