Saturday, June 23, 2012

Girls Camp 2012 * Dana Ranch Ward

Our Stakes theme for girls camp this year was : Be Loyal to the Royal Within.
IT WAS A GREAT THEME. Here are a few free printables. 
The top one I found on Pinterest. Here is the LINK!

The 2 free printables below are  some I made (inspired by others). They are also on my Pinterest board.
Enjoy the free printables if you'd like!

The Beehives met at my house one night to make crown shirts. I loved watching how creative the girls got. Each shirt was very different. 

Some of us rode up to camp with the girls. 
The ride ended up being pretty fun.
I did about 1/2 the girls hair & was able to get to know more girls in our neighborhood.
Setting up tents... ALWAYS a good time.

Sister Romero relaxing in her "throne" camping chair. :)


Sister Heaton was our Ward Camp Director. She did so awesome. She made everyone a SNUGGIE. We were warm & decked out in purple! OH.. and we also wore our crowns that we made a few weeks before camp, at mutual. 

2nd years did a 5 mile hike.
 At the top of the mountain. 

Jacobs Ladder..

More games...

Just some of the awesome Dana Ranch Leaders! :)


Princess Training..

Me & my 2nd Years.

Each ward was given a flag to decorate. 
I loved helping with it.
Secret Sister area..

What would camp be like without BRAIDS?

Friday night. Bishops Night..

By Saturday morning, we were very spiritually lifted & closer as a ward/stake.
I loved our theme:
Be Loyal To the Royal Within.
It was a great year!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

End of School Year 2012!

The Cummard family did special things for her last few days of teaching. 
This was one of the things, that I put together.

And YAY for swim season!
All the 2nd grade Cummard (1st) cousins.
 At the beginning of May, the youth in our ward had a special walk.
It was called "Onward to Exaltation".
We walked over 9 miles to get to the Gilbert Temple.
It was well planned & something to always remember. 
"Steps to the Temple" in my mind.

 Ellie at 8, in front of the Gilbert Temple 2012.

 All the 2nd graders at Ellie's school loved taking a field trip to a local museum. 
 Dinos & GOLD!

 Proud Parents... YES, that is us. Ellie had a great year. Lots of awards & etc.!
Below is a pic of her & her 2nd grade teacher, who she loved!
 Every Friday, I run Kid's Day Out at USA GYM for potty trained kids.
The last week of school, we made teacher thank you cards & look who joined us!
LUCY! Love these kids!
 After a long week, Shalae & I met up for pedicures with the girls!

LAST DAY OF 2nd Grade.. Here's what Ellie gave her teacher, along with her card & etc.!
 After school was Crystal's "Popsicle party"!
 I helped her "cute" it up a bit! ha ha

 AND... we met up with Shalae & Noah for a cool treat...
 and a visit to see Grandma Riggs!