Sunday, August 30, 2009

WE Pretended To Have a 1 Year Old For a Week

Mid August, Lance, Ellie & I pretended that we had our own 1 year old...... and we loved it! We were not the only ones that loved her..... my mom & sisters were so excited when she was around!
I still had to work (lots) that week & I think we had something everyday..... so that Wednesday I decided to just take her with me to the gym that I coach at. So I brought a pack & play & had her take a lil nap there. After her nap, she was so excited to see all of the kids that came to play for PRESCHOOL OPEN GYM. She loved watching them.... but really wanted to join in on the fun.

Look how cute PRESLEY was jumping on the trampolines!

She was in heaven.

I love this girls faces!!!!!
Elle could not get enough of her either! She was such a helper the whole time.
Presley just turned one & has learned to throw a tantrum. (It's pretty funny)
If I walked away during a tantrum, she would find me & throw herself down on the floor again!
I love how she loves blankees!!!
It is so cute.
She would find our biggest blankets that looked like hers (minky dot) and she would try to drag them around! Even throw - twin size blankets.
The day I took her with me to the gym, she was so tired & just wanted her crib. She was such a trooper. She held her blankee & then she'd stare at her (/Ellie's old) minky dot car seat cover & put her head against it. As soon as I stopped at a red light I snapped a couple shots.

Presley LOVES her Uncle LaLa (Lance) & he loves her.
We are more baby hungry than ever & she did not take that away... she made it worse. She is so easy & fun.
We love you Pres!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Glance at Our Summer..

It seems like summer flew by! Heres a few things that kept our family busy....
Since my side of the family has no babies... we entertained ourselves with the Gibbons new {black} kitten. She is so sweet & so tiny. (Who knew Auburn would ever own a CAT?!!)

Her name is Hallee (sp?). She is Roxy's cat & she named her.

After lots of practice Higher Ground Dance Studio had their end of the year recital. Ellie was a super star & was in lots of performances (since she was/is on the mini company)! I coach a tumbling class & all of my students did an awesome job! (thanks Maile for the pic) Our number was HSM2 "Schools Out". It was really fun.
Although that season was over... this summer Elle did lots of dance & gymnastics still!
(She dressed herself this particular day & asked if I'd take some pics of her- she knew she was lookin good! The leo was from her ballet number)

My sisters & I tried to have some DOMESTIC FRIDAYS here & there. For example - canning chicken...

My primary class came over for a lil swim party!
They were so funny. They taught each other {including Elle} how to make a prego belly or boobs with their swim suits! ha ha ha

We played games & had a good time.
I miss my primary class a ton! Still a sensitive subject since I got released from that calling at church a couple weeks ago.
Ellie loved having play dates! This is her friend Rexli from the gym! They love each other & are so cute together.
w/ Noah... pretty much every day...
OH, how we miss the days we were able to sleep in..
Elle loves playing babies & loves putting them to bed with her or where ever, I think it's so cute.
My sisters & I took a quick lake trip with the Gibbons friends (the Heatons).
It was a blast! Shalae & the Heatons wake boarded.....
we THOUGHT we saw our dad..... HA HA... He looks exactly like this when he's out fishing!
We really just went to go tubing & it was worth it!
4th of July weekend we had the Cummards reunion at the cabin

(Reality T.V. theme... lots of games)

Marshmellow fight...

Honestly, Lance & I caught up on some sleep...
Every year we make plates at the reunion.
(Our tradition is to make a plate about Elle at that age, but we missed last year.)
More play dates... (Gabs, Carter, & Hollin)- hillarious gang...
Ellie & Noah had to tag along to the gym (USA GYM) with me... LUCKILY they were able to join SUMMER CAMP at the gym. The pic below is "sticker day"... the kids loved the themes.
We enjoyed the nice AZ weather...
& Elle loved watching the the sky light up.
Hangin with Kalei & Noah...

We enjoyed some summer days at all types of pools (My parents pool, Sunsplash with Crystals fam & neighbors).. at Mesquite Park (??) Pool on Riggs & Val Vista with all types of family... Casey Boy, the Gibbons, & this time was with Quincy, Molly, & Conway.

Nice flip Elle!
Here's a lil video of the kids on the diving boards:

We had Cummard family pictures taken before Lee left for Germany!
(we babysat Presley for a week... I'll post more pics later)

This pic is adorable!

The Saturday before school started, the Sherwood's did our "staycation" at WET N' WILD in Phoenix. It was fun, because we all went together.... BUT it was
I think Crystal & I had more fun with the little kids at Sunsplash! At least at Sunsplash the water was not ICE cold & they could go on most of the water slides. - OR maybe it's just that we looked forward to Wet N' Wild for so long & it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
So that was our (un)eventful summer! I have been busy with work & lots of other things... but that's life.
Next year- BRAD will be home from his mission & our family is looking forward to doing something a lot more FUN next summer.
I can hardly wait.