Monday, April 25, 2011

DISNEYLAND * Nov. 2010

Taking these 3 CRAZY ladies & meeting up with the Price family at DISNEYLAND was one of the funnest times I've ever had!

Even our car ride was a blast. Giggles the whole way there with games & dance parties- OH YEAH!!!

That first morning the girls were all holding hands & talking about how excited they were. It was so cute.

The girls all wanted their hair curled ... which OUR BAD- after doing a water ride right at the beginning.. ha ha


As the ride was tipping-

On the "BIG WHEEL" that rocks back & forth. All fun until Lance's stomach did not agree with him.

(Threw up {only} on our 2nd ride...)

The 3 ADORABLE girls:

Getting ready for the 3D Toy Story ride.

Lance & Sophs:

Sophie kept getting denied for so many rides. It was so sad- she would even get on her tip toes.

All the kids in front of the "C" at California Adventures. (They were just starting to decorate for Christmas)

Ran right into Minnie & Mickey Mouse.

The kids in front of the castle-

The girls with The Fairy God Mother-

Danced after dinner & got the party started!

Walking through the castle...

.. wasn't only fun for the girls!!


Dessert for the show-

Watching World of Color:

SO WORN OUT after the first day at DisneyLand!!

Our 2nd day there was "PINK POLKA DOT MINNIE DAY"!!!!!

Tea Time:

Toon Town:

( Ellie would only do this roller coaster for awhile)

Minnie's cute house:

and Mickey's:

More rides....


"non" Bumper Cars!

Hope these girls get better behind the wheel in the next 9 years or so...


It's not always easy being a princess...

DAY 3- Doing our favorite things...

The CANDY stop!


Indiana Jones ride-

The girls loved riding the Railroad Ride- arms up every time!

Splash Mountain- obviously..

Haunted mansion (which was still decorated in Halloween)-

Space Mountain with our crazy faces the whole ride-

Riding the "BIG WHEEL" at night was awesome! We saw the whole city!

Notice who's missing this time?


AND THIS STAND is where the obsession with the lemonade stands began.


On our way home, we took a quick stop at Newport to play in the sand!

I am so glad we were able to save up money to go. (LOTS of BIRTHDAY PARTY TIPS at the GYM!!)

Luckily, we were able to go when the Prices went so we could be together alot of the time- and I LOVE that some of my favorites girls were able to come make the trip & make it even more enjoyable.. not just for Ellie- but Lance & I.

I love that these girls are so close & that they have each other.