Friday, December 26, 2008

Progressive Dinner 08 with the Sherwood's

Ellie & I missed lots of the Cummard's Progressive dinner (due to gymnastics)- and I never took any pictures ... not like me, I know.

BUT- PROGRESSIVE DINNER is one of my favorite HoLiDaY TrAdiTiOnS!!

On Sunday, my side did our Progressive dinner.

Ellie was so excited for it ALL DAY. Of course she wouldn't take a Sunday nap, but we knew what would happen as soon as we got in the car... SURE ENOUGH!! {notice her crossed legs..ha ha}

Earlier that day, Elle was going thru her things & looking for things to "GIVE" for Christmas to her cousins. Once I said "o.k." she would load them up in her bag.

She was super excited to give them to her cousins and she planned on saying "Merry Christmas" to each one. Some of my favorites---- stuffed animals for Roxy! (ha ha Auburn) You know that I was just fine with giving those away!!

Look how cute these girls looked!

Another favorite was Noah's gift! A- he already has one... and B- come on.. it's a Corn Dog On A Stick hat! ha ha

We had a great time at the Gibbons. Auburn made great food &

Next stop was our parents home... (and ours too- for now)

It was all fancy!

(Yummy soup, Olive Garden salad & breadsticks.)

Our fam... same as the last few years, just a little bigger..... US, not the number! ha ha

And my great parents.

Then we headed to Shalae's for some delish PePPerMinT treats.

She makes the best peppermint cookies.

I gotta say that the kids started to get loud & kinda annoyish there! - at least Ellie. She wanted to dance to every Christmas song that was playing in the background. (of course)

The 2 love birds & their perfect casa that I love!

Last house was just a hop, skip & jump away- the Baldwins.
We enjoyed hot cocoa & a special performance.
Alisse had been teaching them "Silent Night" in sign language & it was really sweet. (thanks sis)
We even video taped some things for Brad....

including them singing, & sharing their testimonys.
Someone asked the kids "Tell us your favorite part of Christmas"....
Of course Ellie said "Jesus"... oh wait- she is 4 & said "I love presents." {NICE ELLE!!!} At least she said it in a really sweet voice. ??
Ellie did her Rudolph dance with Rox & Noah...

the kids sang "Called To Serve" * made my emotional mom cry..
TO SUM IT UP- we had a great time, as usual.
My bffs-
Auburn, Alisse, Vicki, & Shalae
Shalae & I took our picture for our Christmas cards for our SGIA customers-
ha ha.... so romantic.
(Ali make us a fake card!!!! When the bank is slow of course! wink)

Thanks Baldwins for having us all be crazy at your house. - Speaking of crazy....
STAY TUNED.. I will be posting more Holiday Festivities SOON!

Holiday Performances

Yes, I will be the first to admit that I am the worst blogger!
With that being said....

Let me share a couple Holiday performances:

Ellie & Noah go to preschool together & they had their GINGERBREAD MAN PERFORMANCE.
It was so adorable!!!!

Ellie was asked to wear her Halloween costume once more, since she was THE LITTLE GIRL in the play.
Question- did she really need to stand next to the shortest boy in the class? ha ha... he is the cutest thing!!... She is just so tall!
Noah was supposed to be THE FOX... but we heard he got cold feet that morning... so he was part of THE CHOIR!
Everyone & everything was so cute!
The kids had been practicing since November & it showed! Their teacher (Miss Rebeccah Arnett) is amazing. The kids LOVE HER & her assistant (Miss Lauren).

This picture proves that Ellie think she is another assistant. She was trying to make sure that everyone was singing, acting, saying, or doing what they were supposed to. (Funny unless you are that childs mom.)

The next night (Friday), Elle had her dance performance.... aka:

Ellie was super excited to be apart of this. She loved the dances... and the outfits.... and of course the make up!
I was a "back stage mom".
(It was crazy back there!)
These were the 4 cute girls that danced to RUDOLPH the RED nosed REINDEER!
They did such an awesome job! The dance was very fun.
Her other dance was to "Where Are You Christmas" from The Polar Express.
That dance was so sweet & cute.
She had so many FANS there. She loved it.

Ellie & I say "THANKS FANS"!

BTW- ELlie & I loved these outfits.
(I've got a lil poser on my hands!)
Later that night I was getting some stuff done & when I came back in the room.... here is what I found:

Could she be any closer?
A little while later, I came in to see Lance almost falling off of the bed & Elle spread out as much as she could.
The next day was the BYU vs. ASU basketball game.
It was a stressfull day & that is all I want to say about that...
AND GO UNCLE LEE!!! It was so fun to see Lee play LIVE & in town at "HOME"!!