Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NEWPORT 2011 -{PART 2}

Why is it that time flies when you are on vacation?
I hate that.
Here are most of the kids that stayed at the house..
They all got along great & had such a good time!
On Wednesday night we headed to THE FUN ZONE on BALBOA ISLAND.
On the way there- Ellie & Roxy were laughing so hard at Lucy, which made Lucy laugh, & it went on & on. It even made me & my mom laugh just hearing them & seeing their faces!


The kids rode rides & the ferris wheel & also played in the arcade.
Me & My Girl..
Our moms with their mom!
{Aunt Alma, Grandma Riggs, & my mom}
OH... Ellie & Roxy had so much fun on the human sling shot!

They flipped all over!

Lucy on the mini horses..

We finished the night off right...

Ah, here is when Lucy got stung by a bee. It was so sad.
I am not sure if I already posted these- but oh well if I did. The pictures are way cute of my Ellie Girl!
Shopping at the swap meet:

Ellie & Roxy pretending that they were taking their baby sister on a walk to the pier..

We walked down to the pier for.....
Fresh lemonade & cheese dogs!

The pier always has something interesting going on- this day we had BUBBLE MAN!

These girls were so fun.
They kept working on their splits, bridges & cart wheels everywhere they went. FINALLY I got my camera had them pose together! (Which Hank was really into also! ha)

Thursday night the kids stayed home while the moms went out!
We waited forever at Fashion Island- so we shopped a bit- then ate at PF CHANGS.

Ah, Hank & Krista- so cute!
A few fun shots:


Again- classic Ellie:
Friday our cousin Stephanie brought her & her kids over to where we were staying to hang for a bit.
Mary & Ellie had some fun:

Cousin Molly & her family got there Friday, so Ellie went & found her & hung out for a bit.
Roxy & Ellie:
Ellie & me..

Ah, I loved the different plants that were there!
Before we left for home- you know we had to make one more "emergency stops"!!!
We love CITI DONUT{s}!!

A couple more favorite shots- these might be duplicates...
Lucy's first time on the sand. LOVE THAT GIRL!
Riggs & Jax! So cute!
Go RoXy!
We had a blast.
It was so fun to go be with our kids, cousins, mom, aunt, grandma and sisters- minus Shalae.