Friday, February 22, 2008

3 Articles of Faith

FYI: for more interesting things about Ellie that will make you chuckle...
check out her blog! It is not private.
Ellie loves reading scriptures and praying. She also loves learning primary songs and the Articles Of Faith (these explains what our faith- Latter Day Saints- believe in). There are 13 Articles of Faith, and so far, Ellie has 3 down! I am very proud of her!
I filmed her doing the first three. She has 3 memorized, since she is "three"... but soon we'll have to learn 4.. or more!

A couple other (church) things that cracked me up:

1) I walked in on Elle "reading" The Book Of Mormon. : "And it came to pass that we believe in God the Eternal Father and in his son.......etc.!!!"

2) Ellie spent the night at Shalae's last week. The next day, Shalae told me that Ellie's prayer was interesting. I told her that I already know everything she says "help us have 2 babies, help us not buy junk"... ETC.

Shalae told me she said one that I didn't know of yet:

"Please bless that my mom so much will always like Sponge Bob."

I really don't like SB very much. There are some days that I ask her not to watch it that day. And she minds. BUT, I guess she really wants me to like SB "always"!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday BKS!

Brad is my youngest sibling & only brother. He has grown up way too fast. The last few years have been a bit of a blur. I truely feel like I turned around and he isn't 10 anymore, but 19 years old!
He will always be my "BEE-BEE-BROTHER". (I know my sisters feel the exact same)
Brad is a sport. I'm sure it wasn't always fun having 4 older sisters. We have teased him plenty over the years. We made up nick names for him, teased him about girls we thought were cute, nicknamed some of his clothes, etc.. etc.. BUT we did it all out of love, I PROMISE!!! We each love Brad so much. Ever since he was a baby, we all wanted to be his "favorite sister". I am not sure he has one, because he has always tried to play FAIR!
He has such a sense of humor. SOMETIMES RANDOM, such as his message when you call his cell phone, but Brad never tries to be someone he is not. I admire that tons!
Anyway, I promised myself to keep this short.
I made a long post about him when he graduated from MHS last May, and another quick post when he got his mission call to BRAZIL, so check those posts to find out more about this AWESOME GUY!!
Tonight, we celebrated BRAD with our family. Here are a couple pics:
Opening presents....
missionary stuff of course.

Ellie picked out a notebook and pens for his gift from her, so that Brad could write her plenty of letters over two years.
She drew an interesting picture on the inside cover! She drew a picture of Brad on his mission, her sitting down in church crying because she misses Brad because he is on his mission, baby church chairs & big people church chairs. Then she asked me to write him a note asking him to write her ALWAYS!
(BRAD- be expecting plenty of pictures that I'll try to explain over the next 2 years!)


{literally .. around Ellie's lips}
Ellie loves Brad more than I can try to explain.
She doesn't understand how long
will be until she sees him. I think that is probably a good thing!

Brad spoils all of the grandkids.

Every single one of them ADORE him!

Look how cute his {3} nieces are!!!

Happy birthday Bradley Keith {E-OPIAN}!!!

WE love YOU!!!

Our Valentines Party 08

With decor as cute as this.....


Auburn asked Shalae to babysitt on Valentines night & since I had to coah until 7:00 anyway, we decided to have a party for the kids!

I babysat Rox Thursday morning. I made a necklace for Ellie, and also for Roxy since I had left over beads! Even though it didn't match Rox, she insisted on wearing it.

When Auburn came to pick up Roxy, I had her step in "the salon" (aka: my bathroom) to "PROM her up" for her date with her husband, Bryan. (I "dolled up" the 2 little girls, earlier.)

Lance loves sweets. He really loves a hot brownie with ice cream on top.


(Yes, I am a little obsessed with cute cookie cutters right now)

Ellie had dance & gymnastics so we were trying to hurry and make BROWNIES in between everything.

As we were cooking, PrInCe ChaRmInG walked in.

Ballons for Ellie & pretty flowers for me. So sweet!

After the brownies were in the oven, Ellie enjoyed herself a bit!

When Shalae got off work, Noah brought Ellie her a special valentine. It was a heart shaped box that said "Best Friends" on it. It had 3 chocolates inside. The best part... Noah could not wait to show Ellie, but then he wanted to eat all the chocolates. Shalae & I were cracking up.

(FYI: These 2 were so super excited for Valentines Day to come. They kept drawing pictures for people & talking about this day for a couple weeks. It is sad now that we have to wait another year.)

That night, we finally got our party started!


The kids played a quick game of why they love ____.

It wasn't as fun as we wanted it to be, but it was still cute.

Ellie's paper that got passed around:

ON to the talent show!

We let each kid do 2 talents!

RIGGS rocked out to a song I didn't know, but Shalae laughed the whole time.

2nd talent was wrestling/fighting... (OF COURSE)

Noah (aka: Handsome Devil) showed us some flips & wrestled....

Jaxen has pure talent! He crossed his eyes for quite some time....

then he also showed us some tricks & sang.....

Ellie showed us some gymnastics tricks .....

and her RAIN DANCE she is learning at dance.... (can you tell she dressed herself?)

AND, last but not least, MISS ROXY showed us her forward rolls & some dance moves!
We ate more junk. (pretty junk that is)
Then the kids exchanged their Valentine cards.
I didn't take any good pics of the cards Ellie picked out. DANG!
We went to CVS & she saw a couple cards she really wanted to get them, so I let her. They were all that kind that when you moved them, the picture changed. (3-D?)
* Napolian (sp?) Dynamite dancing - Riggs & Jax.
* Dorthy tapping her ruby slippers together - NOAH.
(Ellie & Noah are obsessed with The Wizard of Oz.)
* The Lady & The Tramp Dogs eating spaghetti & it even played music when the card was opened. - Roxy.

Roxy totally loved it. It was adorable.

I am so glad I have so many Valentines to share this HOLIDAY with!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

At Your "Local" Wal-Mart

Some of my sisters are OBSESSED with Wal-Mart.
(You can usually find one of them there on one of the weekend nights.)
We usually refer to their store as "their LOCAL", instead of calling it Wal-Mart.
Anyway, my sister ordered a cake at their LOCAL for me.
This is how the conversation went:
Walmart Employee: 'Hello 'dis Walmarts, how can I help you?'
Customer: ' I would like to order a cake, because my sister is going out of town this week.'
Walmart Employee: 'What you want on the cake?'
{My sister knows how the details are so important}
Customer: 'Best Wishes Suzanne' and underneath that 'We will miss you'.


I have recieved this e-mail about 3 times now, and it makes me chuckle every time. My sisters had nothing to do with it, except send me the e-mail.

AND since my sisters are rubbing off on me, I also like Wal-Mart a lot.
WAL-MART DOES have the best prices, and they'll always price match!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Your Valentines Babysitter??

Remember how you love when your spouse plans a date?
Remember how crazy it is to go out on VALENTINES Day?
Remember how all the babysitters are taken?
Plan early &
surprise ALL your Valentines
this year!
(your kids & spouse)

Make plans for February 16th instead of the 14th.
Go to the movies (right across the street-AMC on Stapley/Baseline),
Go to a quiet dinner (so many options near by),
or just go get some stuff done with NO KIDS!
Drop your kids off at USA Youth Fitness Center from 6:00pm - 9:30pm.
There wil be lots of coaches there to watch & entertain kids.
I will be there, incase any of you are nervous about not knowing anyone in charge.
Here is all the fun stuff they get to do at KID'S NIGHT OUT:
*Have Open gym - (run, jump, play in the pit, tumble, whatever.)
* We will be doing a craft
* Cookie Decorating
* Watching an appropriate movie
* Playing fun games
* Eating Pizza
* And having tons of FUN!!!
Your kids will have a blast!
Cost: $15 for 1 child (pre sign-up)
$25 for two children (pre sign-up)
The gym usually e-mails out a reminder and I THINK there is a coupon for a little bit more off. If any of you are interested, just e-mail me. (
USA Gym: 480-926-1480
OR if your kids are interested in trying out a class let me know!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Happy Marti Gras!!!

(our parents brought us these great masks back one year)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sherwoods Version of SUPER BOWL SUNDAY

Since our ward didn't get out until 4:30 & the SUPER BOWL started at 4:00, guess who left (SLASH - ditched) our Primary class (11-12 year olds) a little early????
NOT ME, but I won't mention any names.

Our class kept asking where this person went.
During singing time, one of the cute 11 year old boys said: "{won't say any names}_ _ _ _ _ has been watching the Super Bowl for like 15 - 3o minutes, now."
LUCKLIY Shalae came over before we got out to start putting all the food out!
{SO HEALTHY, I know!}
OH WAIT- we're talking about the SHERWOOD FAMILY!
.... Now that's more like it ....

Super Bowl Sunday was just an excuse to eat FATTY FATTY for dinner.


Everything was so good.

Usually we go over to Lance's mom & dads house at 1/2 time for "Souper Bowl Sunday", but this time, Ellie was too busy playing with Noah. She actually didn't want to go. (That's a first...At least Lance said Ellie said that.)

I watched about a total of 5 minutes of the game. I felt so bad for the Patriots. I wanted them to keep their PERFECT RECORD. Plus, it is sad for any team that has to loose a big game like that... ESP. when they almost won it. My mom, Vicki, wanted the Patriots to win too, since their logo (or whatever) is a Fleur de Lie (sp?)!

Everytime my dad or who ever else yells at the t.v... My mom, sisters, & I love to yell back: "BOGO" !




Do they think someone will yell back?

A Girl Can't Help It

I had to do a quick post of my niece, Roxy.
She LOVES shoes!
I mean, she really loves shoes.
(I have another niece, Calee, that was just like this when she was younger & it cracked me up. Actually, I don't think she has ever grown out of it!)

Auburn bought this girl so many shoes before she was even born, and I loved every pair.
I think that Auburn is partly to blame.
Now Roxy has a SHOE ADDICTION!
She loves to looks pretty. And shoes {ESP. HIGH HEALS} are such an important accessory. It doesn't usually matter what size they are, she has to try them on & walk around in them.
I kept asking her to leave Ellie's shoes alone, but she couldn't help herself.

ALSO... speaking of Roxy... Every time she comes to play, she heads straight for all the baby dolls and puts some in the stroller. Even if there are more than 2, 3, or 4 babies ... Roxy gets so excited & says: