Saturday, January 15, 2011


My sisters stake (Kimball East Stake-next to ours) put together a mini triathlon on October 23, 2010.

* 1st was the swim. (1/4 mile)

To so many people this would be NO BIG DEAL- but I was so scared. I have never really learned the correct way to swim, so I was so nervous. My sister in laws helped me out & then my cousin Krista & I practiced together a few times. Krista & I were stressed about it .. but we just had to laugh about it. We even wore our attractive swim caps with goggles- SO CUTE! ha

The pool was small & people were so close to each other in the pool. At the beginning I started with Krista & my brother in law Scott & I let people pass me... BUT I will say I actually passed a couple people, too! I was so glad when the swim was over.

* Next was the bike ride. (Was planned to be 8 miles, but they had to cut it to 4 miles that morning)

Krista & I took bike rides with her mom, my Aunt Alma & Shalae.
{Side note to remember- On one of our "training days", I flipped over the handle bars of the bike trying to save my ear phones from getting caught in the tires- which didn't happen anyway. Good times!}
The bike seems so easy .. but after swimming, my legs felt like JELLO & when Shalae & I hopped on our bikes our gears were messed up & it took about 1/2 the time figuring out how to fix them.
It was so fun biking with Shalae. We almost spit on someone & kicked them while doing a straddle... and ummm... hate to admit this- but I don't think we passed anyone on our bikes. WAA WAA
Then the RUN! (2 miles)
Did I already say JELLO... cause that feeling stayed for awhile.
After hopping off of the bikes- Shalae realized her I-POD was in her car & took a detour to grab it. I was left high & dry- actually NOT dry. (Still wet from the swim) I started the run by myself until I met up with Scott & ran with him for a bit.
Crossing the FINISH LINE is always the best feeling!

My sister in-law SYD, who got me to even TRI to attempt this & kept encouraging me along for weeks! (Thanks):
Shalae, Russ & Tayler. (All 4 of us were the 526 team):

Scotty- & his ATHLETIC SUPPORTERS- Alisse & Lucy!:
And even MY OWN ATHLETIC SUPPORTERS- Lance & Ellie!:
These crazy ladies danced their way through the finish line! (OF COURSE!)
My Aunt Alma & her friend Kelli!:

Scott, Alma, Krista, Shalae, Russ, Tayler, me, & Syd!
This was actually one of the funnest "races/events" I have ever done. It was low key & I loved all the cheering along the race! I need to do more {free} TRI's!