Sunday, January 27, 2013

Random & Favorites of Dec. 2012

Our favorites from December:

 Ellie is part of the girls gymnastics team where I work, USA Youth Fitness Center.
This year for their holiday party they did something different. Something special. I had been asked to make some sample cards & kits. The night of the party girls made cards for kids in the hospital. The girls were creative & loved that they were going to make someone happy with their card.

 Traditional "Gingerbread House's" night at Davy & Syd's house.
It's a great night that all the kids look forward to so much.

I watch(ed) Lucy every Thursday. I love it so much. 
One Thursday in December she was asking about what the guy outside WalMart was doing with a bell. After I explained we decided she should help the salvation army. 
She was so cute & so excited.

 This year at Lance's holiday party he was so excited to win his first Apple iPad.
.. Just what we need- more technology..
But really, he was very excited to win it!

 Ellie & Roxy danced in their dance recital together.
They were in an Acro Jazz class.
They did awesome & looked so cute. 

 Our parents came & watched along with Shalae & Sophie.
Ellie also performed with her "Broadway Kids" class.

 Last year for Christmas Auburn gave my mom a Nativity costume set.
We set a date to do the nativity & a hay ride.
Although or family doesn't have much singing talent, we sang & the kids put on the nativity.
After that we all went on a singing sleigh ride. 

 When we came back, we all had donuts & hot chocolate. 
It was such a fun night.

We are lucky to celebrate with Grandma Riggs in December. We have our Riggs family party & also celebrate her birthday in one night. We are so grateful to have her as our grandma. She is the sweetest & funnest grandma.

At work, we had our "DROP & SHOP" for Kids Day Out.
I created this event last year or the year before. The parents love that they can go run their last few errons without their kids. But even more, the kids love that they get dropped of to play at the gym & then they get to pick out a gift for their mom & dad. Then they get to wrap their gifts & make tags.
 I love watching the kids get so excited about picking out their special gifts.

That same night we had our traditional Progressive dinner with the Cummard family.
 Seeing each others houses decorated for Christmas & sharing food & memories is one of my favorite traditions each year. 
We all live so close (besides Lee & Sarah) that we can ride on a hay ride to all of our houses.
 Oh Elle! She loves her cousin time so much.. & making crazy faces!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

 Thanksgiving Eve we had our traditional meal with Cummards.
Fancy Lobster dinner.
Thanksgiving morning we had our neighborhood Turkey Trot that Lance was in charge of again.
Yummy meal with the Sherwood family!
 After lunch, we rode our bikes to Freestone Park to play flag football.

The next morning, BLACK FRIDAY, we had Kids Day Out at the gym.
It was a big fun crowd...
I might have had some favorites in this group though..

Random & Favorites from Nov. 2012

Here are some of my favorite photos & memories.

 We've slowly been working on our yard.. and YAY, we finally have GRASS!!

November 2012- Election Day.
Ellie wore the right colors. 
It was a close race. I was proud that I did use my right to vote.

Shun the Sun!
So many of us on the Sherwood family participated this year.
Lance participated in his first race! 

 Lance *5K
Suzanne, Auburn, Russ, Scott *10K
Ellie, Noah *Kids Fun Run
Family time is the best time!
I always love when I make time to go visit Ellie at lunch.
She's not too embarrassed by me YET!


It's always a good time when...
We know where we get our hoarding from!
We love G-ma Riggs. She is the best grandma.

We got to take Sloane with us to church one Sunday.
We loved every minute of it.
 During school break, the cousins love to spend as much time together as possible.
This day they found a tent & set it up in our garage. They read books & had so much fun in it. We could hear them laughing outside of it. It was a tight squeeze in there.
 Lunch with the sisters. 
The angle of this picture makes us look more alike then I've ever realized. ha

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Halloween Week 2012

 Ellie LOVES Halloween.
Really, our whole family does.
She plans her costumes for months in advance, usually!...

Pumpkin carving at Cheryl's has been one of her fun traditions for years! 

Elle was excited to be a part of "Spook Alley" again this year.
The kids help prepare things for the Spook Alley all month of October, like painting their rooms.
The week of Halloween finally came & these girls were sure SPOOKY!! 

Here are some of my favorite pics from the neighborhood carnival:

 Ellie looked so cute as a Peacock this year.
She came up with this idea.
I loved how it turned out. 
We bought the mask & wings. We bought a blue cardigan.
We did have to change out some colors on her tutu that I made last year, as a "cute witch".