Sunday, October 28, 2007

3 Days / 4 Parties

Since Thursday, we have had 4 parties.. Here are some pictures of how much fun we have been having.

* Thursday - our cute neighbor Tiffany Kempton had a little shin-dig for all the kids to come dressed up & have a little fun. Ellie & Noah loved it. (So did my mom & I)
Even though Noah watched Ellie put on her costume, he really believed that Ellie was THE REAL DEAL!! I couldn't help but laugh ever time Noah looked at Ellie & would say "Oh, HI Dora!"!! Noah asked me "Is Ellie going to be on t.v. now?"... and Ellie asked me later "When I go in the t.v. are you going to come and will you tell my daddy?" She believes she turns into Dora as soon as she is in the costume, too! I love it.

Dora & Diego on a rescue mission....
Cutest little {fairy} pumpkin. (Gracie Glover)
Julie Skelton and Tiffany Kempton (the hostess).
Fireman & Batman. (the cute kid Zack on the left just came from preschool & was so sad he wasn't in his costume) Little Ladybug. (Amberlee Bloomfield)
Batman and his cute mom (Jheri Glover).
L-R: Amanda Raine, Marci Coleman, Jamie Bloomfield, and my mom VIC.
Cutest little bumblebee. (Reese Kempton)
* Friday - our friend Tiffy Applegate had a huge Halloween party. My whole family (minus Brad) was invited... but only Alisse, Scott, Lance & me represented. It was fun. We didn't know too many people there, but I still had to take some snaps of creative costumes. How do people think some of these up?
GREAT PARTY TIFFY!! (I am still ticked I never got any pictures of your costume... send me one.)
Billy Rae & Hannah Montana.. (Ellie says "Hannah MonnAtannah!!)
Lances MULLET that he SUPER GLUED in his hair!
(and the result)
Samantha Baker Davis Jr. & Jake Ryan! "This is the guy".. (Alisse & Scott)
I didn't get any pictures of Katie or the front of Layne.. but they were sperm & egg!
Old Lady that lost her dog! (Pam Grover)
The woopie cushion. (Randy Grover)Dog the Bounty Hunter & (below) his wife Beth!! (Ryan & Debra Grover)
(she is so skinny so she stuffed her pants, too)
Just some cute fans!!
Scariest couple winners! (Brad & Jenny)
Flapper girl & pimp? (Jesse & Lacee)
Hugh Heffner? and one of his Playboy bunnies. (I didn't know them)
WOW!! The Hooters Worker! This guy really made me laugh. I asked if I could take his picture & he completely posed for me! NO, he wasn't looking at someone... just staring into space!!
This hottie came late, but she was a SHE'S GOT IT ALL model!! (Missy Glover)
* Saturday - After substituting at the gym (again), my mom, some sisters & I decided to go to the NEW mall. It is right by Auburn's house, so she has been telling us about what stores were going in, when it was going to open, and all that jazz... So that afternoon, we went & scoped it out. I have gotta say, I am not too impressed. I'll go again, but it was really hot, really crowded, the cafeteria was not planned out well (not to mention the food choices weren't too good), I really wasn't very excited about many stores... PLUS, I didn't have a dime to spend... so that probably didn't help. The best part was seeing so many people we knew.
Ellie was prairie doggin' it. (I couldn't help but say that.. I had to take her picture with the prairie dog!!)
The food court. (I think Shalae was making a pose.. oh wait, I know she was) Noah treating Elles like she is the PriNceSs.. which she is!!
This guy was nasty. I had to alert security to keep an eye on him. I think he was watching kids and he was there alone. SICKO!!
That night our {AWESOME} neighborhood had their HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL. Ellie helped me make some yummy cupcakes for the CAKE WALK.
Shalae volunteered to watch Auburn's kids, so we had lots of fun all together...

Noah loved the dunk tank & hit the target.. just not hard enough.
Cutest DORTHY ever! (Roxy)
Annie & Miss Hannigan. (Addi & Haleigh Hansen) Ellie wanted to be Annie this year , so she loved seeing her good friends be the part!
Don't forget about Daddy Warbucks!! (Tate Hansen, who was signing "DADDY"! He is so cute.)
Crystal, Steve, & Yoda!
Annikan (sp?) (Jackson Cummard)
Elle loved the face painting booth & the cake walk. (she picked her own cupcake)
Yummy hot dogs. Riggs learned some posing tricks from his aunt Shalae!!
Also that night Lance & I were invited to another Halloween party at Jill & Noah Tyler's. We went last year and had so much fun & we were glad to be invited again. ONLY problem, Lance was finally invited to go to an ASU game with his brothers. He decided he was going to go, since he hadn't been asked yet & since it was supposed to be a good game (which it was). SO, since I already told Jill I was coming & I knew she didn't do too many couple games, plus Jill told me there would be a few other girls coming without their husbands.. I tagged along with Crystal & Steve. I am glad I went.. except I am really annoyed that my husband is now TICKED off that I went to a party. (I don't see what he did different than me. Sorry to vent, but 1)we were told about the party before the game, 2)he decided to not go to the party..NOT ME, 3)he went to a game with his brothers and his friends.. I went to a (LDS) party with his brother & wife & my friends. Lance & I never fight, so this really bugs me.)
ANY WHO.. once again, I am shocked at how people can be so creative about costumes...
Dog the Bounty Hunter & his wife Beth. (Jill & Noah)
Even the decor was so cute. Sorry, couldn't resist...
Dog hosting the party. They planned the funnest games!
WOW. (Jills brother)
Zack & Kelli from Saved By The Bell!! LOVE IT! (Steve & Crystal)
Star Wars (Donnie & Brett).. and the costume winners on the left, the tennis sisters .. Williams?. (the 2 dressed up were Sarah Tindall & her husband. I just about died when Lacee Hogle finally told me who they were. I didn't know that was make up.. WOW, they deserved to win!!) The big bad wolf & little red riding hood (Boyd & his wife), and The SMURFS!! (Mele & Cameron)
Nicole Richie (trying to avoid the cameras) & the babies daddy!! (Kate & Jay)
The (boring) painter man on PBS & his paint brush. (Kyle & Melissa).. So creative.
Biker Dude & his biker chick. (Amber & Robert)
Dwight & Angela (I don't know who they were, but they were funny. I asked her why she didn't bring a cat and she said "OH, Sprinkles died!"!!)
3 smokin hot ladies...