Sunday, September 27, 2009

My favorite Cousin Is a MOMMY!

( I am a little behind.. as usual)
My favorite CUZ -KRISTA GOODMAN NELSON became a cute mom!

We had a baby shower at my moms & she got HOOKED UP for sure! (because who doesn't LOVE Krista)
She barely had a baby bump- even the day she delivered! Krista is like one of our sisters, & I know there are lots of other families that feel the same way!
After work one night, I got a call that Krista was ready to deliver, so I hurried down to the hospital. I WAS IN THE ROOM to witness how AMAZING Krista did. I swear she didn't even break a sweat. She acted like it was no big deal. SHE ALWAYS AMAZES ME!
I felt so bad because I got so emotional when he came out- for so many reasons.
He was as sweet as could be as soon as he arrived..... AND ADORABLE!!!!!!
Look at this cute family:

I made sure to make a few visits that week, but I have been having withdrawls (sp?) form my BABY HANK!
I am so happy for your little family!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ellie's first day of KINDERGARTEN

Her sweet face says so much....
Ellie has grown up! She started kindergarten last month.
The first few days were hectic... but she loved every minute of it.
(I was juggling a one of the busiest weeks at the gym, a busy schedule & a niece & sometimes a nephew)

I couldn't find the box with my old "school days" scrapbook in it to find 1st day of school pics... BUT I did find Lance & I's kindergarten pictures!
So who does Elle look like?.............
Check out this stud with a buzz! (Around age 5... the age of Ellie now.)
This was me holding my brand new baby brother (Bradley) when I was around Ellie's age.
Here's those 2 attractive beings in 1st grade:
So who does she look like?
You decide! ha ha (Why do you think she always tells people "I have my dads body & my moms head!!"?
Side note: I asked Ellie if she wanted bangs & she told me that she might..... ha ha
SO here is our {not so} little girl on her big day!

My mom & sister Alisse came & watched her go to school. My sister is awesome at taking pictures & hooked me up with some. {slash I stole them from her blog...thanks}

She just kept posing away! Gotta love her.
She is going to the same school as all of the other Cummard kids right now. She loves it. I am pretty sure all of the 11 COUSINS love it.
(Right now it is close & convenient. We hope we can find a home close by so she can stay.)
This is only 3 of the 5 immediate cousins in kindergarten.

There was a superman siting on the first day of school!!!
Quick story:
Noah actually goes to the "Early Leaners" program at the same school but he didn't start school until 2 days later. Noah's mom (Shalae) had to drop off Noah to my mom (who was already at school to watch Elle).
Noah was so excited to wear his superman p.j.'s until.......
he looked like he was coming to school in his p.j.'s!!! (w/ his back pack & all)
He was so mad he would not even smile or look at any of us.
{My mom, Alisse & I could not stop laughing}
After taking some pictures of Ellie it was time to walk her to her classroom to start her 1st FULL DAY of school!

She was cool, adorable.... and ready!
(Note: I was not the only parent snapping away & saying "I love you, have a good day" 2o times!)

And that was it.
When she came home from her 1st day of school, I quizzed her & she told me about everything. I asked who she played with/sat with at lunch/made friends with. She told me names of her new friends that she made & all about it. She loved it!
I think it was the second week of school that they had "PURPLE DAY"! The class read "Harold & the Purple Crayon" & they even watched the movie. For some reason when Ellie was coloring the picture of "HAROLD", she decided that she would rather HAROLD be a little baby girl... maybe we should call her "HARRIOT & the Purple Crayon":
Do you see the hair that Elle added & made sure to cut around? I just thought this was so funny! SO ELLIE!!!
She really wants a baby sister (or 2, or twins: 1 boy/1 girl).

Ellie has been loving her teacher, her school, P.E. days, music day, computer day, library day, lunch, recess, new friends, chasing boys, going there with cousins... and everything else that comes with being a big kindergartener!

I love when I jog or bike by while she is out at recess. I spy a little!