Monday, August 13, 2012

July 12 Randoms

 Ellie went up to the cabin to celebrate the 4th of July with her Grandma Cheryl & cousins.
 Even though she was headed to the cabin- she stayed "Fancy"!
 Love you, Elle.
 Ellie had lots of time to spend with her cousins in the summer.
I think that is the best part of summer.
Here is Ellie & Noah dressing up & being goof balls.

 2012 was time for the SUMMER OLYMPICS! 
Mike's son (my boss) was headed to London. It was very exciting watching Alex (Alex Naddour) at the trials & working out in the gym.
Speaking of the gym, USA Youth Fitness Center, summer is a busy time as you can tell. These kids were all here at the same time. 

 Above: Coach Justin & Coach Chelsie.
Below: Ellie with Alex Naddour and her team mate, Sydney.

 Like I said, LOTS of cousin time...
 and gym time!
 Family date nights? Yes, when there is only 3 of you.

 My Love, LUCY, turned T W O! 

We enjoyed POOL HOPPING. In Arizona, you gotta keep cool during the summer. This was fun for the kids to try out different pools.
 I am still enjoying my Beehives class.
Here was one of our mutuals for the end of July. "Back to school shopping.. MODEST SHOPPING".