Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Highlights From Our NB GIRLS Trip 2010


Everything we did was fun, but here are some of my favorite highlights I don't want to forget!

First off- OUR DRIVE OVER!!!!!!

We started prank/crank calling each others husbands & it just kept going. We'd all come up with semi-believable pranks, make up what to say & then take turns making the calls!

We had tears on pretty much all of the calls. SOME of our husbands would some what believe the call. IT WAS SO FUNNY! None of us could look at each other when calls were being made.

After each husband, we called BRAD (our brother) & then our dad- SAM! SAM loves pranks- but didn't like being on the other side. We were crying laughing because we ALL predicted him to a T!!!!! ha ha

One of our favorite calls was to one of the nicest people we know- our cousin KRISTA!!

She is a personal trainer & so we told her we were looking to be trained, loose some weight, etc.!

The funnest part is that it went on all weekend. Krista would say "This is totally Shalae" ... then the next second she'd pretty much be convinced that it wasn't. When we'd call her, we'd say things like: "Hey, IT'S ME" (as if we were suddenly BFF'S) "Which is healthier- a king size Snickers or a king size Butterfinger? ... Nevermind I'll just eat both!"

It wasn't until LATE the last night that we had Lance call her & pretend to be that girls husband & right away she yells "THIS is totally LANCE!!!" ha ha

We love Krista!!

I love my GRANDMA RIGGS! Who doesn't????

She is the cutest grandma ever!! When we pulled up the first night- IT WAS LATE- but she made sure to wait up for us & kept telling us that she didn't want to miss anything! (She even had her ear rings on with her p.j.'s still!) Every night she stayed up as late as she could... just about midnight... & when she couldn't stay awake any longer she'd say: "If anything FUNNY happens, come wake me up!" She was serious.

(Ellie & I get this from her. We never want to miss a party!)

I truely love her & hope to be just like her.
We were there for Mother's Day weekend. On Sunday, we were all busy cleaning up to head home. My cousin, {SHERI} & I were helping my grandma with something so small & she got all serious & said: "Thanks so much for everything you girls have done for me. You do so much!" I felt so guilty. I do not do enough for her, yet SHE does so much for me & so many others. After a minute I decided to try to tell her how thankful I am for her & that I wanted to be just like her because she is such an example. I got so choked up trying to say it & of course she told me "I need to try to be so much of a better example for you guys". Yeah right!

We always say that our Grandma Riggs has more than 9 lives.... but for some reason it feels like those are almost up. None of us can imagine our lives without her!

She was one of my favorite things on our trip.

We ate at a new place (for the girls trip). It was called MAMA D'S in Newport.

It was a small mam & pap shop with live music & very friendly staff. That night there was 2 other big groups/parties besides us. So THAT part waws crazy, but it was great food with great people!

AND OF COURSE- the tradition.... It was "GRANDMA'S B-DAY"!!!

The card was from the staff- It was really cute!

A trip with out SHOPPING- yeah right- NOT a GIRLS TRIP!!!!
We shopped til most of us dropped!
From Tai Pan, to the SWAP MEET!!! We had a blast!

Ahhh! There were 4 small babies on the trip & I only took a few pics this trip & 2 of them happen to be "THE MAN" of the trip- HANK!!!!!

I loved being with him & waking up to him each morning! I wish he was mine! I wish any of those babies were mine.
MY MOM! Another favorite... & my sisters.....
My mom is so fun & funny... & SWEET! So sweet that we almost didn't see a car next to us & started getting in their lane {that big-ol DODGE}. The car was honking & probably using bad language. BUT VICKI felt so bad. So unlike most people she made sure to pull up next to their window & MOUTH "I AM SO SORRY!" I am sure the man was shocked & shook his head- O.K.! That is what I need to remember when I do dumb things in my car!
She is such an example to so many- just like her mom!
The pic below- I had to take because when she saw it she gave a quick YELP! She was so disgusted by that so I made her go make a friend.
She was laughing so hard to tell us what happened to her in the "GRAMPS" {big Dodge truck} & then I was dying laughing when I heard it!
As she was waiting for Shalae & I outside the swap meet with Auburn & Alisse in the Dodge she realized that a man was starring at her pointing. The man was grinning & telling his son something. He started mouthing something to my mom & she thought he was saying "Are you looking at me?" Instead of shaking her head no & turning around, she rolled down her window to explain that she was not starring at him. The man then asks her "ARE YOU ON GLEE?" She was caught off gaurd at first but then asked again & he said it again. HA HA HA!!
Even though my mom was NOT wearing a sweat suit of any kind, she was driving a truck. He thought he was having a seeing a CELEBRITY- THE CHEERIOS/CHEER COACH on GLEE! My mom was laughing so hard but said "THAT is not a compliment & she would be driving this big Dodge!"
A stop at BALBOA ISLAND is always a good thing!
Check out this HUGE "Labradoodle" (??)!!
It was so cute it deserved it's pic taken!
Have you ever been FROZEN YOGURT HOPPING?
Now we can say WE HAVE!!! ha ha ha
1st House of Yogurt, straight to YogurtLand, straight to Tutti Frutti!
I am serious!

Later that night was when we hit up the 2nd Tutti Frutti on Balboa. ha ha
Add that up!

There were many more favorites but the best was the company that we had & the memories we made. {THANKS ALMA for letting us stay in the house}
It was so much fun & I am so glad that I was able to go with everyone!
Hopefully there are many more of these trips to keep the tradition alive!