Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcoming Home Elder Sherwood

The 2008 airport picture has been the first picture on my camera for 2 years now!
So different!
We all had stomach aches as we waited for Brad.
As you can see my parents were the most anxious! They stood as far as they could & watched the walk way.
We welcomed everyone "home" that came from that gate!
It was a great day for all of us!!!

Our parents:
The welcoming team!
(Russ- why are you hiding?)
Ahhh, the siblings! ha ha
Brad w/ our fam:
Brad w/ the nieces & nephews- {minus the Price girls}
The sign Alisse made:

Brad had been telling us what he was craving & what his FIRST meal would be when he came home for a couple months at least... the food changed almost every letter.
We could all tell he was overwhelmed!
After lunch- he wanted to give us a couple things.
MOM- towell.. flag of Brazil. He gave all of the girls MONEY from Brazil.
The kids- one of his favorite drinks..
All the guys got JERSEYS- he said "if you wear a jersey in Brazil, that pretty much means YOU'RE THE MAN"
And as you can see, Lance is THE MAN!
It was such a fun day & has been so nice to have him home.
His "homecoming talk" at church was amazing. He was an amazing missionary! We are so glad that he was able to serve in Brazil for 2 years. It has not only blessed him, & the people he served in Brazil, but all of us in our family.

Our Easter 2010

Love the crowd that shows up for the Traditional Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!
And we love the friends that we get to see!

OH, and we really LOVE when we run in to THIS!
Cummard Easter tradition, PAINTING EGGS:

Easter morning:


Shopping at Grandma Cheryl's Store:
{best prize of all- hug, kiss & an I love you}

Sherwood's... well with the Riggs side:
At the farm- feeding the horses!
Ellie was so nervous- BUT SHE FINALLY DID IT!
Can't help but post pictures of my cousin Krista's cute baby HANK! He is such a happy little boy! He's so cute!

My camera was being crazy... obviously.

Enjoying Our AZ Weather

" TEAM SHERWOOD" ran the Pat Tillman 4.2 mile Race on April 17 -
(Vanessa took prego sisters spot {Alisse}, me, Shalae, Brad, Auburn)
It was my first time running this one & it was fun... next time I'll be aware theres about 3 hills!
So fun to do it together.
After that race was over, Lance brought Ellie & we ran the .42 mile race with her.
That race was so fun & SO ADORABLE.
Now Ellie is "so in to running"... so fun!
We didn't want to find a place with a pool... BUT
I guess we'll just have to enjoy the pool anyway! *wink
(since this time, we've had Noah leave his own shorts at our house)
Sherwood trip to the Phx. Zoo:
(missing from pic: Sophie- who slept in a stroller all day because she was so sick that day)
Cummard FHE trip to Fountain Hills:

More swimming!
Ellie's field day at school:
She was doing cartwheels & splits even if the ball came to her... cousin Molly on the other hand- little athlete!

Jackson (cousin) & Elle are in the same class.
Night swimming with cousins!
None of the parents believed them when they said they were going to get in!
Back to the Phx. Zoo with all of her grade!
Ellie & Melanie- PALS!
Lance was excited to come until he got sick at the end.
The Cousins & Moms:
Our group that stayed together-
Ahh, our fam... ha ha
Sunny weather = baseball games of the boy cousins!