Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Printable

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
{For those of you that decorate for this "holiday" for 2 seconds, like me.}
Free printable to share!
LUCKY you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making the Ruffle Scarfs..

If you know how to make a straight stitch- YOU can make THIS!
 Since the ruffle fabric was so new, some of the employees at the store weren't aware how careful they needed to be when cutting the fabric. NOW we know! :)
 You need 1/4 a yard for each scarf.
Fold & pin all the ruffles in, so they don't get stuck in the stitch.
 (Including the ends)
 Leave one end unstitched.
You're ready to sew- inside out.
 Pull the scarf through the unstitched side.

 Now you can sew or hand stitch the opened end.
Be sure to tuck the ruffles in.
Here's a bad picture, but it's all I can find on my computer of the finished project.
Waa La.
Now you have a ruffled {homemade} scarf.
 Easy peasy. 

Cummard's Favorite Things of 2011

 The Cummard girls had our 3rd "FAVORITE THINGS" night. It was lots of fun.

My 3 hints for my gift: -Being warm, -Homemade gifts, &  -ruffles...
 We ate at Pita Jungle (my pick) and then we came back and opened presents.

Here's what we opened:
*Kanoe: Mixer cup, for protein drinks & etc., along with a Ranch packet.

*Crystal: OPI nail polish, Nail filer, & nail clippers for our keychains. 

*Summer: Pepper, salt & pepper shakers, and a lid/cover for warming up food.

*I made ruffle scarfs, & ch. chip cookies.

*Sarah: Homemade hot fudge & a light color of nail polish.

*Syd: Pajama pants.

*Cheryl: Lots of cook books, cooking accessories, & "words".

 Another fun "favorite things". 
So lucky to have the family I have.
(Yes, Sarah has been in Japan awhile. ;))

Thursday, February 16, 2012


 In January, Auburn, Shalae & I took the kids to Skateland.
It was so much fun.
 Some of the kids had a hard time figuring out how to skate:

 The kids were so cute as they tried to help each other out.

 Auburn was loving partner skating .... 
 or was it just embarrassing her kids... 


 All the kiddos (minus Sophie):

The 3 of us representing!
Shalae "gracious ice skater"
Me "party rocker"
Auburn "too cool, backwards skater"!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christmas Afternoon with the Sherwood's

The crazy & exciting scene...
 This Christmas we tried  a couple new things.
My parents wanted to give every couple the same amount of money. Each couple had to buy stuff with that amount and not tell the other couples what they got.
It was lots of fun to see what each couple bought.
Each adult picked out a present and guessed who bought it.
Everyone knew that we were in desperate need for a computer- ours was easy.
(I was so thankful for the money. I needed a computer so bad. I had been saving money for it, but I was still far from it.)   
 ALL of the $ from my parents + our money we were saving = YAY, our new APPLE!! 
Most of the other couples were a little harder to guess.
The box below, all of us guessed that one of the guys bought it all. It had ropes, gloves, flashlights, etc. Finally, we figured out it was Shalae's... (and Russ)
It was actually for year supply.
"Miss Outdoorsy"

These gifts were also predictable, since the rest of us all have bikes. We knew it had to be for the new lovebirds.
(The last 2 family bike rides, they've borrowed bikes.)
I think they won the "funnest presents"!
Our family also did a gift exchange this year. 
It could be white elephant, good, bad, etc...
Here's some of my favorite high lights:

Lucy opened a Zhu Zhu pet - which she HATES!
As you can see, she didn't want it!

Sophie opened "sexy underwear".
Luckily she was laughing! ha ha
Poor Danielle, she opened some old jeans with a TUNA packet in a pocket.
It's a family joke that originally came from CLARISA JENKINS (a prank caller on the radio).
Alisse scored!! She opened my homemade chair cover & crown.

Roxy (who is scared to death of the cow from Chick Fil A) opened a calendar of THE COW. 
Hey- at least it had coupons!

Sophie, luckily got a second chance to open...
Mom opened a birth control pack...
Lance got a shake weight- like he always wanted...
Russ was loving his new pink robe.

Group gift from our parents- to the grandkids. (Scooter type cars)

My mom had these silky jammies made for the younger grand-daughters.
My sisters & I had these when we were younger. We loved them! 
(My mom found the lady who made them for us when we were younger and had her make them again.)
So cute.

Here's Lucy, loving her pillow pet!
Also, Shalae made us her yummy peppermint cookies & boot socks! They are so cute!!

We had a great Christmas!
So thankful for the family that we have & all we are blessed with.