Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween Night 2009

This Halloween
was filled with lots of
(Aint my double sided banner just so fun?!)
Ellie had been wanting to be TinkerBell for a few months & luckily Quincy was already Tink, so we were able to borrow the cute costume from Kanoe & wings from Syd!
We did have to make her some TINK shoes! ha ha.. (lime green ink pad, pair of socks, 2 large pom poms, & flip flops to go inside...)
Ellie looked so cute!
Each Halloween we go to Grandma Cheryl's & then we eat at the Clouse's carnival.
ALL DONATIONS go to a family in need. Their carnival is not only so sweet, but they have tons of games & all the decor is SO CUTE!
Below are some of the Cummards all decked out!

Next, we head over to trick or treat .....
Trick or treating is always fun when you have a fun neighborhood!
Check out some of my
favorite costumes!!!
(The Udalls- their golf cart was even decked & it played the Flinstones music)
(The Hansens)

(Doug Udall)
("Sister Jarvis".. Ellie's primary teacher)
(Elliot- Amanda's son)
(Blake Chiles & nieces!)
(Aaron Yamamoto)

(Shellene Garner dressed up as her mom-who BTW is sitting next to her)
(The Sparks Girls)

These 2 crazy kids....
And these 2 crazy parents...
After all the trick or treating/passing out candy we went to the Gibbons and found their cat pretty ticked that she was dressed up.
This pic might be hard to see, but she was SITTING like a human & then laying down hiding - it reminded us of Majerle Dog on Halloween!
And here are all of the Sherwood cousins....
well at least for the next couple weeks- then we kind of get to ADD 3 MORE ADORABLE GIRLS WHO WE LOVE!!!!!
(Shalae is getting married in a couple weeks! And we are super excited for them & for us... aka Russ & his 3 girls!)
The Gibbons!
We had a great Halloween! It was fun to borrow outfits & have a cheap Halloween this year- so thanks to all of you who helped us save some pennies!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween Festivities

We had a couple parties to celebrate Halloween!
(above is my boss MIKE with Marchel & Michelle from USA GYM)

Below are some pics of the party the Sparks threw.
It was laid back, tons of fun & I loved catching up with old friends!

Spider races..

Our costumes weren't quite ready... so we grabbed the free TOGA'S that Lance had.
(So attractive- we know)
Elle grabbed an old dance costume & she decided that she was "the dancing queen"!
This week at our neighborhood carnival, Lance was asked to be in the dunk tank.
Keep in mind that it was the night that it was in the 60's!!!!
He was such a sport! He stayed in the dunk tank for 1 HOUR & 45 MINUTES!
He said that he liked when people DUNKED him, because it was warmer in the water than out!
His toes hurt bad the next couple days! SAD!!!
When it came Ellie's turn, she didn't hit it with a ball. She was offeredd to just hit it with her hand, but she felt bad!
Ah, so cute!
Ellie carved pumpkins with Grandma Cheryl, & the Cummards. {tradition}

FRIDAY night, ( the night before Halloween)
USA GYM had their traditional BOO BASH!
(below: Rylie, Ashley, Krysta, & Sandye)

These 3 are some of my Preschool STARS! They are super cute & so awesome at gymnastics!

More of my preschool & parent-tot students!

So, this is Rexli. Her & Ellie love each other.
They were both supposed to be TinkerBell, but she kept changing her mind about costumes.
I was cracking up when she came to the party as
HANNAH MONTANA!!!! It was so adorable!
AND when the 1st party was over, Elle got to go home with her. She was loving it!
Mike with Jackie.. aka Thing #3!The BOY on the right dressed up as his sister & fooled ALL of us there!
More fun costumes from cute kids:

Some of the winners... Lil' Red Riding Hood & the wolf (bro & sis)

THIS costume was started in August! It was completely amazing. It had grooves cut out, an I-POD connected to play THE Star Wars music, and so much detail that blew my mind.
YES- it won 1st place for the older kids contest!
And Even Michael Jackson showed up!
R.I.P. M.J.!
The party ended at 11:30 p.m.... I did not even leave the gym til after midnight!
Good times.
The next day was Halloween & it was just as crazy "SLASH" AWESOME!