Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lake Powell July 2012

Back in December 2010, my parents Christmas gift to all of our family was a trip to Lake Powell. We hadn't been in so many years & most of our kids had never gone.
We had so much fun. Here are some of my favorite pics:

The tubes- always a good time.
our EL CAPATAIN, Russ!

Torturing Lucy- so sad.

Sunday- our day of TOURING the LAKE!

Ellie getting her cuddles with Brad since her dad had to stay home for work.
DANGLING ROPE! Love the ice cream.
Sorry Shalae...
Shae busted out her old REEF's, more than 10 years old.
Rainbow Bridge.



The tube was going so slow that it tipped over- on the kids. All we could hear was screaming.
Russ jumped in as fast as he could to get Sophie & Roxy. They were so scared.
Luckily, Roxy also had her brothers there to save the day!

Ellie trying to learn to surf with Russ... didn't last too long.
MATCHING sisters!
Brad surfing..

Bryan surfing..


Roxy & Ellie lovin life!


Russ & Sophie..

Out on the lake:

There was a couple nights that it stormed- this was one of those nights:
{all snuggled inside}

Tube with Poppy..

Lucy experiencing the tubes:

The QUEEN of tubing {ELLIE}, and me:

Oh Luce..

The 3 guys that got stuck on the lake with a broken motor (?). It took them 3 long hours just to get back at like 10 mph I think.


Scott in the air chair- hilarious!
Ellie & Noah cracking up at each other. (and a hungry bum)
Me & the GOOSE!
At the doc..
The lake looked so nice. It was so nice.
Hungry once again.
Alisse, Noah, me & Ellie. CLASSIC!
High Five!!
We had a blast at Lake Powell. It was so nice to go spend time together & play on the lake!
Thanks MOM & DAD.