Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Little Dirt Never Hurt???

Our Memorial Day Weekend camping trip started after I coached my Saturday morning class. Off we went to Cheryl's cabin in Strawberry.

On the way, Lance got pulled over for speeding.
(actually going the normal speeding limit- but there was a speed limit change)

Lance & I were starting to wonder what was taking the officer so long... when the officer came over to tell Lance to "step out of the car". Once again, it was taking forever. The officer was explaining to Lance that there was probably a ticket that got sent to our old address, & since they do NOT forward tickets .. of course Lance never showed up to court or never paid the ticket. (so NOT fair- huh?!) YES, he had changed our address with the MVD, etc.

So the short story: the officer told Lance that they were impounding his car for 30 DAYS & that they were taking his license & that someone needed to come pick us up - ON THE BEE-LINE! So Lances dad was on his way to pick us up.

While we were unpacking the whole car on the bee-line, another cop pulled up. He heard me talking to Ellie & then he convinced the 1st cop to give us some type of break... so... the 1st cop explained he never saw our "baby". {YEAH RIGHT- he totally saw her!} They took Lance's license, gave him 1-2 tickets & made me drive the car.

SO- that is how our weekend started!
The cabin was so much fun!

The kids kept themselves busy (as usual) morning to night.

After baths & showers- GRANDMA CHERYL busted out some play dough for all the kids. They all loved it!
AND after the kids were in bed.... it was back to GAME, after GAME, after GAME!

(and of course more junk food! ha ha)

EARLY MONDAY MORNING- Cheryl & I headed to our Stake's GIRLS CAMP!
I was one of the YCL LEADERS.

Yes, we set up our own tents! These girls helped set up most of the YCL tents!

Our YCL's that set up in Tin-Buck-Two!

My HOME ward {the best ward EVER!!}:


Our STAKE luckily set up right next to HP Ward!

We had the best cook- AMANDA RAINE!!

And not to mention ... we had awesome stake staff... most of them came from HP!
The cooking was one of my favorite things!

Humanitarian projects, writing missionaries, writing thank you cards, or writing your testimony in a Book Of Mormon.

Our Junior Staffers were incharge of all of this & they did a great job!

Everytime you did a service act in the Service Tent or around camp- you earned a STAR..

(the theme was "Dancing With The Stars")

Then you could trade-in your star for something at the SNACK SHACK! It was really cute & all the campers LOVED it!

Each day everyone had D.E.A.R TIME.

{Drop Everything And Read!}

While I was walking around checking on my YCL's, I walked by the
sweetest thing ever.
(another favorite thing)
As soon as I passed, I had tears in my eyes.
Laura (Jones) Fletcher (?) was spending so much time with her sweet sister, Annie. She wasn't only reading the scriptures to her, but I could hear her making sure that her sister understood what they were reading.
I was so mad at myself for not taking a picture, so I turned around & asked Laura if it would be o.k.!
This made my day... actually so far it has made my week.

Could that be any sweeter?

Y - Y - YCL's!

The stake cheer was so cute, thanks to Diane Hale.

(Tell me, tell me who you are... We are Stars, we are stars shining bright. No darkness can take away our light. We have a message for people near & far. Come join us- we're dancing with the stars!)



Each ward made up skits with their YCL's. They were all very funny.
HP imitated the TYRA BANKS TOP MODEL SHOW- but made it all about modesty! There could not have been a more perfect TYRA- YCL Elisse! Every girl in the skit was so cute & funny!

My mother-in-laws ward (Southern Estates) skit was a dating show. Really funny!

It was really cold at nights.

Did I mention yet how my air mattress had a HOLE in it & so of course it never stayed pumped?? YEAH- that was LOTS of FUN! We camped in such a ROCKY area, too!
The 1st night was 20 somethin degrees... FUN! I knew I was not alone on just waiting for the sun to rise!
Some attractive YCLS's!

Some more cute YCL's with Annie.....

More cute & funny YCL's.......

So ... Why were all the campers going so CRAZY?????

For one of the same reasons that my friends & I used to get crazy.........

The great singing group:


(since I can't remember one of the mans name... I can't mention them all)
FOG is amazing! They were really good when I was a teen & they have added so many more songs & are still doing an amazing job!

That was another one of my favorite parts. One of the last songs was always one of my favorites. The words just hit me!

"Walk tall, You're a daughter, a child of God. Be strong & remember who you are... Try to understand, you are part of his great plan. He's closer than you know, reach up... He'll take your hand."

YCL - Elisse & "my COMP" (missionary companion) Brooke Brown, who I love so much! Brooke & I were together pretty much 24/7. I am so glad I was able to serve with her & Mignon. They were so much fun. There was never a boring moment!

I love these 2 campers (and many more)..

Mallory & Emily

Before HP had their Tuesday night devotional, FOG came around to do 2 quick songs for the Young Women. A few girls acted like FOG was celebrities! (which they are!) It was really cute. {AND BTW- OUr Stake President-

Pres. Smith- is the best!}

Another one of my favorite things was the Tuesday devotional at HP.

Brother Hamblin gave a nice {quick} talk about how the POWER OF ONE can make the light brighter. He lit the camp fire.

Each leader took a turn saying "The power of one ___ can ____. " It was so strong & I loved it.

I quickly said something about "the POWER of ONE COMPLIMENT....." others said: smile, serive acts, etc. It was so good.

(these are some of the girls from me & Lances Sunday school class from last year. They amaze me. I totally look up to them & so many of the other Young Women in HP Ward.

More service tent-

hmm, who could my mom be writing... a misionary?... ha ha

(another favorite thing- having my own mom & mother-in law there)

It was so funny to hear about what girls were writing Brad!

Here is our awesome {mom} YCL leader- MIGNON giving a devotional to our great YCL's.

WhoO HoO!
One of the high adventure options was
THE ZIP LINE! It was 550 feet.
Brooke & I decided to go backwards. It was so much fun!
We were so lucky & grateful for all the men that came up to help!

(me on the zip line... trying to straddle to show Ellie..ha ha)

Another one of my favorite things at camp was THE FAITH WALK.
Sister Shepherd is amazing. She was over girls camp. I know how long she had been planning everything, & this turned out just how she hoped. So many young women loved it & it hit them hard.
At first, a YCL led them to the "IRON ROD", because they were blind-folded. The YCL kept reminding them to never let go of the Iron Rod, no matter what.
Sister Shepherd held the music for the 3 YCL's that played soft church music to set the tone.
As soon as the girls got to the Iron Rod they had the blind folds taken off.

First they past 2 YCL's that were dressed in WHITE & they were reminding them to stay strong, etc.

Then there were these 2 crazy (wink) YCL's that were dressed in BLACK! They were offering a DrInK & telling them to come party for just a minute.

Next they had to pass by the YCL Elisse that had a cell phone & she was telling everyone that she found reception & to come over and look at her lap top & to take a break because the hike was really long. {there was no cell phone reception anywhere we were at all.}
One girl was so confused so she just stopped & almost started crying. I was watching her & it was totally REAL LIFE! .. You know how some things seem so innocent.. even though we have been warned.. but we have to remember to hold on to the rod. .. Finally another girl walked up behind her & told her to keep going. The 1st girl was asking her "are you sure?"... and the 2nd girl reminded her to never let go of the rod. I wanted to cry for that girl who was so confused, but I was so glad that her friend reminded her of what was right & to keep going.
After that temptation & some fog... they passed 3 more groups of YCL's:
1) 2 girls (in white) that were writing in their journals & reading the scriptures,
2) a (blacke dreesed) girl that was congratulating them & telling them that they could finally get some water & have a cookie,
(GO BROWNIE! Wait-a stay on the rod!)

3) They passed the last (white dressed) girl who was praying. The end of the hike was at the very top of the hill.

There to greet them was their bishop. It was decorated all white & the girls even got to take a present off of a tree.

(FYI: If any of the girls let go off the iron rod, their YW leader was there to help get them back to choosing the right- aka: repent)


On my way back from the faith walk- I found out that some of the campers saw a rattle snake by the YCL tents! Then some of the YCL's decided to throw rocks at it.. {hmm... bad idea}! One of the men came to look for it with a shovel, but could never find it!!!

2 AweSoMe ladies:

Aunt Jan & my mother-in-law Cheryl.

Some of the YW participated in a song & some chose to be in a dance. Everyone did so good.
(Oh yeah, that night, I opened a J-Jon on an older lady- OOPS! I guess she forgot to lock her door! )
The last night of camp, we had a little drama & those involved made it right the next morning. (camp was Monday - Thursday) Thursday morning we took down all of the tents, cleaned up camp & loaded up to head back home! {YAHOO!}
You know how things happen in 3's... :
1- Brother Jarvis got a flat tire on their car at camp,
2- then Brother Flaherty was pulling the shower trailer & the brakes locked up & were smoking.....
3- and then the car we were following (Sister Shepherd (camp director) and her sick daughter was driving Amanda Raines van and it got a flat. We both pulled off to the side of the road & didn't really know what to do.
Next thing we know, a truck pulls over to help us- NOT even knowing who we were... It was Brother Hogle, who had most of his fingers wrapped up from helping with the zip line. We were so glad he stopped!
He didn't have all the parts to change the tire, so next thing we know, Brother & Sister Hamblin pulled over to help us... and then after a few minutes, Brother Flaherty came to help, too.

We had to take most of the stuff out of the car to find the spare tire... and we found some snacks & drinks! So as the good guys changed the tire...

The GIRLS sat in the shade & ate snacks.. ha ha!!

We are so thankful for men! AND glad that we are not men.
So although my trip started & ended with unloading a car on the side of the highway.... it was a great trip.

One trip that I will never forget.

I am so glad that I got to be a part of Girls Camp.

I love this stake & my ward!

I also loved getting to know so many of the YCL's. They are so much fun!

Thank you to all those who willingly served! Camp was awesome due to all the help!

(OH-and thanks Lance & Syd for watching Ellie!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I LOVE This 27 Year Old!

I am so lucky to have Lance as my husband!

He is so sweet, so attractive, and the perfect man for me. Even though we are opposites in so many ways.. I believe that is why we have such a great relationship!

I love everything about him.... here are just a few things:

Lance loves the beach.

We have been taking vacations to NEWPORT BEACH {together} since 1999. We have so many memories from there!

Lance is a BIG KID!

He loves cartoons, & loves to play with kids. He is so good with every age.
(Always making sure he puts his PRINCESS ELLIE first!)

Lance loves "junk"!

Gas stations, junk food, you name it!

Lances 3 favorite restaurants:

1- Mattas on Main

2- Sautee

3- FireHouse

SO SAD- all of these have gone out of business over the last few years.

Speaking of EaTiNg.... if you know Lance- you know he is all about eating lots of dessert. {sometimes first}

YET he still has a great BOD! Must be nice!
Lance loves surprising me & spoiling me. He comes up with great gift ideas. I always feel bad when he gives me gifts- compared to what I give him. He is overly NICE!

Lance is a huge sports fan.

BYU basketball,
Go Suns,
Go Florida Gators,
Go Garnett,
and of course- ASU football!

Lance is attractive no matter what!!!

(HA HA- this is a pic my dad made him for Christmas! SICK!)

I do not know too many husbands that are CRAFTY! But watch out!

Lance helps out so much with She's Got It All. He even helps me make invitations, or cards. (below he is helping with our Christmas cards)

Lance is the BEST dad.

It is obvious in so many ways. He does anything to see "his girls" smile. He calls Ellie "Princess" & calls me "his queen".

He is a great son, brother, and an awesome uncle too!

He loves all of our nieces & nephews.

They usually call him "UNCLE LA-LA". Ellie even asked me: "Mom, why don't I have an Uncle LA-LA?" It was so funny!

SPOILS them all that he can.

Lance is an amazing friend. (my best friend)
These 2 are so funny & they even share the same birthday - so happy birthday Brad! People ask them if they are brothers... sometimes they act like it.
What a good sport. Billy Rae was never that good lookin'!
His favorite week day meals are usually Mac n' cheese, or bean burros, breakfast for dinner, you get it... so when I spend lots of time on a good dinner .. ??...
He's a great cook!

Lance still takes me on dates. Usually dinner & a movie. I love it. I still feel like we are dating in high school. HOW the HECK are we this OLD?
Lance is everything that I ever wanted AND SO MUCH MORE.

He is the most caring, genuine, smart, funny, crazy, spiritual, sweet, selfless, sharing, attractive, loving man.

I am so thankful for him & his example. I can not say enough about him. He amazes me every day. His willingness to serve anyone/everyone kills me.

Like I said- I feel way to lucky.

Thanks for being YOU Lance!!

You are the best.

Have a super great BIRTHDAY!
I love you so much.