Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Gibbons Anni

It was Auburn & Bryan's anniversary & her boys had been making PLANS!
They were so thoughtful.
We had the kids come over to my moms so we could help them out with their plans.

The small kids played out back, while the older boys planned the party inside.

(Roxy copied anything that her "Elle Belle" did.)
So what had the boys been working on? ....
The boys brought over her scrapbook wedding album & propped it open on a chair. It was the first thing to see when you walked in!
They had their wedding video ready to play...
They made a sweet banner.
(and if ya know me- you know I am so into banners right now)
They had their I-POD ready to play as they walked in the door!
(Riggs knew that she loves this song) The kids waited by the window.We turned off the lights & hid..
When they got home from their date- they were so surprised!
(My camera was too slow!)
This was the part of the plan where they were supposed to be dancing. Atleast Roxy still is!
The boys wanted to make thier parents homemade ice cream.... so they brought over {the small amount left} frozen yogurt from their freezer, & a little bit of m&m's.
Mix them together & you have HOMEMADE ICE CREAM !! {according to them}

Auburn & Bryan made sure to tell each kid THANKS & give them the loves that they deserved.
The night was so cute & thoughtful.
Can you believe that this was completely planned by 2 young boys!?
(Note to self: I really need a son!)

I convinced Auburn to let Rox spend the night!
She picked out Ellie's tutu for bed. (What little girl doesn't always want to be dressed like a beautiful princess?)

That night, I was in my dads office & had Roxy with me.

She said: "Suzy, I scared."

I asked her why & this was her reply:

"I scared because the spider, I scared because the cat, & I scared because the wolf."

?? "The wolf", I thought.... ????

I knew that she was talking about my moms Halloween decorations, but she didn't have a wolf.

.......... ......... ............ ........

The next morning after we answered the door, Roxy passed all of the decrations & was saying:

"There's the spider",

"There's the cat, there's that pumpkin, and there's the wolf."


She thinks that "Drake" is a wolf... a ware-wolf that is!

I would've never known what she was talking about & after she explained, I had to write it down somewhere!

Our Weekend Update


Since the kids had "fall break for preschool" we took a lil field trip of our own to Superstition Farms.

It was really obvious that we were "city folks".
These 2 were so excited to see farm animals.

We fed them,
pet them,
and even watched them go to the bathroom.
I know... so exciting!!

BUT, the weather was good, & the kids were thrilled to get out of the house.
We met up with Crystal & kids for a quick bite.

{quick due to nasty farm flies & busy kiddos}

After lunch, we went on a HAY RIDE around the farm.
(We did this all 2 years ago... but I'm not sure the kids remembered that.)

After the ride, Ellie & Noah loved talking to all the cows.

If the kids would see a cow that had its heads stuck out to eat, they would run up & the cows would back up and just stare at them.

Were they afraid of the kids or the balloon?

THEN we found some friendly cows that let the kids pet them.....

and even feed them.
Noah and Ellie kept asking the cows things like:

"Hey, are you the grandpa cow?"

And then Noah thought it would be COW TALK to say to them:

"Hey COWaBUNGa!"

On our way to the car we said hello (and goodbye) to these cute calfs.

This one was barely a day old.
Ah, it was fun, but after smelling THAT SMELL, and having dust & hay all over you.. it was time to scadaddle.
Look kids he just said........
Yes, that cow was licking the metal fence- over & over & trying to eat it.
Time for anti bacterial x 10!

Crystal told us about something fun for kids in downtown Mesa that was later on that night.
Since it was free - Lance & I decided to take Ellie.
The kids got to wear costumes & get a very early start at trick-or-treating. Since Ellie's costume is not finshed, she picked something out from her dress up trunk. She felt like a true PRINCESS.
Since daddy was with us... Ellie was spoiled.
She wanted her face painted with a rainbow... so he let her.

We walked up & down Main Street.

We ran in to this PIG....

Could this have been the same PIG STATUE that potty trained Elle before she was 2? Seriously, I think it was. Look at these celebrities we ran into? (Cousin Calee with some of her girl cousins!)
We did finally meet up with Crystal. (who told all of us about it)

... SATURDAY ...
Ellie and I decided to finally take back some stuff to Chandler Mall.
Luckily, we were joined by Roxy, Alisse, Shalae, & my mom.
After that I had so much to do.
Instead of getting things done, I went outside, got comfy on the hammock, and read my new cook book -
"Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Sinfield.
Auburn joined me as we just watched our girls play. It was so nice outside. Soon it even turned to jacket weather! CRAZY!
When Lance took Ellie over to Cummards that night, Roxy was so sad/mad that her Elle Belle left. She entertained herself for awhile... but soon she ran up to my dad (who had to relax for once in his life due to surgery). My dad said she ran up to him, put her head on his shoulder & never moved. She just needed to crash. It was so cute.

Auburn took us in her new ride to dinner. And we made sure to play it's theme song: We enjoyed lots of freeness at Paradise Bakery & then Ocean Blue.

(P.S.- OB has a new yummy flavor- BANANA.)

When I got home, these 2 partiers were already asleep & I couldn't resist taking a picture of how close Ellie had to be to her prince charming!

Sometimes it is the most simple things that make me stop & realize how lucky I am.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

She's Got It All Fall Boutique & Benefit Raffle

About a month or so ago, I gave a lesson to my (11 & 12 year old) Sunday School class & shared the story of NieNie. I believe that even though Stephanie may not be awake right now, she is serving a mission. She has changed so many peoples lives for the better & has made such an impact on so many peoples lives. I admire her so much, along with so many of you.

As I was preparing my leeson, this great quote kept coming to mind:
"Live in such a way that people who know you but don't know Christ will want to know Christ because they know you."
So I decided to print it for the class & make bookmarks. I brought stamps & other craft stuff for them to make their own design on the back.

Soon after that, Shalae & I decided that we wanted to do something more to help out the Nielson family. AND that is where we started adding the benefit raffle to our prep!

(To read more about NieNie you can click the side bars.. or keep posted by these great writers: Courtney, or Lizzy.)

So... we prepped for the raffle and our PROJECT IDEAS.
Friday snuck up on us.
Here's a few pics from the party... (a few spiders left - our price $13)
Our front table. (Ideas & e-mail sign up sheet)

Some baby products that we usually have in stock for local customers...
e-mail us if you need a quick gift!
BLING BLING by Amelia - that was ON SALE!
The Bead Diva had lots of adorable necklaces! Check out these darling CUPCAKES that were made by her sister & niece(Courtney & Paige). EXCLUSIVE! Hopefully we can add them to the site soon!
These adorable shirts were a hit.
Here is some of our FALL DECOR!

We only have a few things left, please contact us at if you would like anything left!
* Haunted House Silhoutte $34 (1)
* Black metal word: Boo! $4
* Halloween Bricks clearance for $5
* Spooky Black Cat $19

* Pumpkin Luminaries $25 set
* Metal word: Give Thanks (sale) $9
* 3 Large Candy Corn $9
And heres a few of the raffle items:
This was the center of our raffle table..
There were lots of people that donated.
(Winners will be contacted soon!)

You can still donate by clicking here: After the party, we decided to go grab some frozen custard!
Even though Ellie was in her jammies, we decided to take her with us anyway. (cause we felt bad- she just wanted to party)
When Elle asked us where we were going,
I told her:

"to Nielsen's".

Ellie asked:

"to see the Nielsen family?"

It was so cute... because she prays for them, even though she doesn't have a clue who they are. She thought she could actually meet them if she went, too!

When we got home, I still had to pack up some decorations for the next morning. (The owner at the gym put me incharge of decorating for the Fall Mini Meet just 5 days before.) Saturday was a long day. I was at the gym from about 8:30 - 5:00..... Good things conference was today! I stayed in bed for the whole 1st session- which was great- & stayed there to watch almost a whole movie after that!