Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Crazy Week in January

My sister, Alisse had a birthday... so that sounds like an excuse to go out to me! Right?!!
We ate (slash- I pigged out) at Cheesecake Factory.
Shalae & I decided to walk around for some extra romance.
(You know how couples walk one in front/back of the other & they are hugging & trying to walk together...NOT that comfortable, I must say! Especially being shorter & walking in the back!)
Speaking of being tall....
Shalae was saving us seats for JUNO with Alisse. In Alisse's words:
"We had to get Shae a booster seat, seeing as how her height is clearly an issue."

Look at where her head is compared to the rest of us!

JUNO... I recommend it. I never go to movies, yet Lance & I just saw this with Brad & Jenny... (and the first time, Lance & I were dying laughing... yet I cried through the whole thing. Everytime Jennifer Garner would come on the screen. ...I felt like I could just relate to her so much! I love her - period.) The 2nd time I saw JUNO, I didn't cry, just laughed! I love this movie!

As tradition, we also celebrated with the whole family after our Sunday Dinner. Riggs & Alisse opened their gifts!

(Sorry to brag a bit)

A little somethin', somethin' I was working on for Alisse. (Matches her house!) I wanted to keep it...

Ellie told us earlier in the week that she wanted to go see the "BIG JESUS at the temple". Welp, turns out all of the Cummards had the same kinda plans for FHE. (to see the REFLECTIONS OF CHRIST) We didn't get to see the movie, yet. BUT, I really admire all that had any part to do with it. It is amazing!

After the temple, Grandma Cheryl made her yummy "cookie monsters".

We all oinked out!

TUESDAY, bright & early... Ellie had her 1st day of preschool at Grandma Cheryl's school. I haven't heard much from Cheryl, yet. ELLIE loved it & loved that her cousins went to school with her!

I am so busted.

(For any of you that are mad I added this, I am embarrassed for myself, too!)
YEARS AGO, while the Riggs family was at the FUN ZONE on Newport, we made a little video.


Featuring: Aunt Alma, Fran & Maggie Garcia, my mom, cousins: Emily, Becky, Sheri, Amy, Krista, Erica, & me & all my sisters!!!

I have watched it about a million times, & I still die laughing every time I see it.

Here is a quick clip (like 20 seconds) of one of my favorite parts!!

My grandma & Aunt Alma have been wanting to make a NEW "updated" version with all of the little girls in the family. (All of our kids- who were dressed like 80's rock stars.)

Well, that finally happened.

Everyone met at my moms. Alma helped them learn some cute moves, etc.


Look how cute:
(Ellie & Roxy kept holding hands, "so they wouldn't be nervous".)

Funny .... they were dancing THEN!!!
Right before the "Practice taping", Alma got a call from her family telling her that her son GOLDEN had been in an accident & was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

So, off Alma went. (Golden is now at home, & doing a lot better)

Here is a short video clip of our kids!

Ellie didn't do another move the ENTIRE song. I think she was posing incase anyone took pictures! The girls were so cute. Some of the Riggs girls were missing & some just chickened out at the last second!

Finally- PIZZA!

Ellie loved babying Noah as he took a nap the next day.

Thursday, we got a call that Grandma Riggs was having a hard time breathing & that the Ambulance was on the way to her house. Turns out she had another heart attack. They are still doing tests & trying to figure out all the ways to help her. We love her so much.
On Thursday, at gymnastics, Ellie won a MEDAL for being the STRONGEST in her class. (surprising!) She keeps randomly putting it on & wearing it around.
All of the kids had a contest to see who could hold their "chin-up" over the bar the longest. There could only be one winner. ELLIE took home the PRIZE!
She worked really hard at the bars this week. SO HARD, that she has bruises on each hip bone. (she bruises easy)
She has really improved & I can't believe she can do the things she does!
FOOTBALL anyone?
Saturday, Ellie & I went to see Riggs & Jax at their football game!
(I think they'd be happier if I didn't come cheer them on, anymore! Sorry guys.)

AND, can't forget Ellie's friend, RENEE'S party. She had a


party. It was adorable. I love Renee & SO DOES ELLIE. Thanks for the invite.

This is Madison, I coach her. Ellie loves her, too.

Then there are these 2 crazy, fun girls (Gabbie & Cassandra- might look familiar form Extreme Home Makeover) They always chase Ellie around the gym & Ellie loves to tease them.

FUN PARTY- to bad Ellie was "SHY" the whole time! Whenever there are lots of people places, that Elle doesn't know, she is SO QUIET! Not like her, I know!

And last but not least....

What a GREAT, AMAZING PROPHET we lost today.

He has made such an impact on our church... & myself. I am grateful for all that I have learned from him. Our prayers are with his family. He will be greatly missed on the Earth.

Have a great week!

Friday, January 25, 2008

My favorite CUZ

HaPPy BiRtHdAy to the BEST COUSIN in the world.
Krista is such an example to me. She always has been.
She is so spiritual, so fun, so hilarious, so understanding, and SO CUTE!
She is an awesome personal trainer for anyone looking to tone up!
She is hard, but she cracks you while you work out.
She lets you know you can get through anything... whether it's one of her DIE hard work outs, or a hard struggle in life. AND she is always there to willingly help.
She is so girly, yet so sporty & athletic.
I hope Ellie turns out just like her!
Ever since I was little, we have been close. I am so glad.
She has the funnest friends. EVERYONE wants to be Krista's friend, & it is no wonder why. Krista & her friends still try to include me in fun things they do. I love it.
Krista married the man of her dreams one year ago, & she was one of the prettiest brides I have ever seen. She was glowing.
She is so close to her parents. I would say she is such a daddy's girl.. but at the same time... her & her mom ALMA are so close, too.
She is so perfectly rounded.
There are so many more AWESOME things that I could keep bragging about!
I am so glad to have a good friend & cousin!!
I love you KRISTA!
Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ellie's mouth surgery

Ellie had her first dentist appointment a few months ago.
It was "BAD NEWS BEARS" to say the least.
Let me back up a bit......
This past year, Ellie kept complaining about her mouth. She would wake up crying in the middle of the night & keep crying for a couple hours. OR in the day she would start crying about it, holding her mouth, etc. When we would tell other parents about this happening, all these people would tell us that she was probably getting her toddler/back molars. So, of course since she is our first (and only) child, we believed it. We bought Motrin, baby oregel, and teething medicine. STILL it was so sad. It was very obvious that Ellie really was in so much pain. After we got this insurance, I finally took her to one of the "Tooth Doctor For Kids".
At the appointment, I couldn't go back in the room with her, which made me a bit nervous. When they brought Ellie back to me, she was happy & laughing. The lady that came with her QUICKLY told me that I needed to make an appointment & that she had to have --- done, & --- done. I honestly didn't even understand what was going to be done. I know she said the word CAVITY & ROOT CANAL, but that is all I heard. Once I looked way back in her mouth, I saw 2 UH-OH'S!!! Both her back teeth were so nasty, AND SAD! One side looked like it had a whole in the middle of the tooth, & the other tooth was started to disappear on the side. I don't do well with blood, or gross things like this. (I will say she eats lots of junk-- blame Lance-- but she brushes almost every morning & night. My mother in-law always tells us that "soft teeth" run in the family.)
SO, after having an appointment & then having to reschedule, the day was finally here to get rid of all that PAIN!!
{which brings us to this past Tuesday Night}
All bathed, ready to start her fast, and ready to get her Father's Blessing.
Ellie wasn't sure if she wanted to get a father's blessing. She thought it would be scary or something. BUT, after Lance gave the blessing, she was glad he gave it to her. (and I felt so much better)

BeAd HeaD aNyOnE???
(The person that called me the day before, told me to just bring her in either her jammies or comfy clothes.)
We had to be there at 8 am. About 40 minutes later they had Ellie drink a cup of ?juice? (for .... uhh, I don't really know)
This was the part that made me so scared.
The thought of Ellie being put out...AHHHH!!!
Any parent can understand what I mean.

Before I left the room, I kept telling her over & over that I loved her & that I would be right outside waiting for her. She started to just look at me and smile, with kind of a blank stare. The assistant assured me that she was starting to go to sleep.

While I was waiting, they called me back to talk to me a few times. They told me:

"Ellie has 6 Cavities.

Here is what we are going to do, if we have enough time:





(They ended up having time for all of it that day.)

When all of the other kids came back from their rooms, they were fine. Some kids might have been holding gauze on a tooth or something, but they weren't crying or anything. They had a new sticker & a "goodie" bag from the dentist... you get it. NO TEARS.

After an hour or so, I heard a really sad cry, & the doors opened. I knew it was Ellie before I saw her. She had tears running down her cheeks & a mouth full of bloody gauze.

The smell , the blood, her crying.. I started to get a little light headed, & nauseous. The assistant kept saying stuff for me to do & not to do. I kept telling her that I felt sick, I needed to get some fresh air. She wasn't thinking I was serious, so finally I asked her to write down whatever she just told me.

As soon as we walked out of that dentist office, I started crying with Ellie. I told her , or she had to stop crying, or else I wouldn't be able to. I asked her what was making her cry. I asked "Does it hurt, were you scared when you woke up, or do you not want all that gauze in your mouth?".

She shook her head yes to everything. I told her I would take her to the store right then to get some medicine to help her feel better. I let her know I would be with her all day, & lay down and cuddle with her.. whatever she wanted.

Once she spit out the nasty gauze, she calmed down.

When we got buckled in the car, Ellie asked me

"Mom, can we play 2 of my songs? "A Girl Can't Help It" {"Clumsy"} & "Big Girl's Don't Cry"???"!!!!!

(I am pretty sure she wanted to play "Big Girls Don't Cry" for her wimpy mama) Since my I-POD is broken, I couldn't play that, but Syd made me a c.d. with Clumsy. So THANK-YOU FERGIE (and Syd) for saving the day!!!

Lance brought her a new PINK baby & Ellie was such a good mommy for her. She even fed her a bottle while she watched a movie.

(She hated leaving the gauze in her mouth, so she kept having a little crusty blood around her mouth.)

AND fell asleep while feeding her baby, too. (I couldn't resist.)

She was so peaceful & I didn't want to move her. I looked at her when she was starting to wake up & realized her mouth had started to really bleed. It was all down her chin & a puddle on her sleeve. (I didn't even think about not having her lay on the side. --WoRsT Mom EVER award--)

After a long rest, Ellie seemed fine.
Since my dad was out of town, & Auburn had a really early doctors appt., Roxy got to spend the night with my mom & ELLIE. (Roxy always make Ellie happy)

The room was PITCH BLACK when I took these. I couldn't even see if the girls were in the picture for sure. Ellie asked me "Mom, can we make silly faces?" So I told her she could. (Don't look back in her mouth, you might gag like me!)
Then, Ellie said "ONE MORE for silly faces!!"


I was dying when I reviewed the picture!!!

The next day, we watched Noah. Ellie acted like nothing ever happened. She was even in the mood to go to DANCE & GYMNASTICS! (Never mind she had crusty blood around her mouth every once in a while.)

Side note: After gymnastics on Thursday night, we met my family at


(tear, tear) We had just eaten it the night before, but then heard it would be closing for good that coming Saturday. (more tears) We got there at 7:30 & there was a 2 HOUR wait! We were so hungry, so we headed to El Charro. Ellie fell of her booster or something & the nice girl behind her wanted to make sure she was o.k.! (which she was) Ellie asked her if she wanted to see her mouth. As soon as I heard her, I was dying & saying "NO, ELLIE!!".... Too late. She opened her mouth... SICK.

{Sorry in advance if she tries to show anyone else!}

I don't too well with that kind of stuff.... OBVIOUSLY!!

This was such a minor surgery, compared to what so many people are going through. It was scary for me to have her put out for such a small amount of time.

My heart goes out to all those who have kids, friends, parents, spouses, siblings, or whoever else that is going through pain.

I am so glad that this surgery is over.... AND I'm especially glad that her pain is gone now.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"GUESS" who is getting OLD????

Any GUESSes?
Here is a clue:

that's who!
My younger sister { Alisse } ROCKS.
If you know her, you know what I'm talkin about.

Here are a few random & great things about her.

Alisse is really smart she got a scholarship to ASU, but really wanted to go to BYU. SO.. of course she left & became a COUGAR.
What made her come home after ONE YEAR? I am pretty sure it was when she was on the phone listening to ELLIE being delivered & her not being home to meet her... but, there is probably more to that!

Alisse really likes music.

Especially BANDS.

(& some music that I have no interest in, but she really digs it, so that's cool)

Alisse was a "princess for the day". (and still is every day, I mean)

Our family went to the Renaissance Festival & Alisse got picked out of the crowd to be


She wore that tiara (or whatever you call it) with PRIDE ALL day. She even had it as part of her decor in our bedroom forever. What a good older sister I was to get in the picture with the PRINCESS ..... to be her PRINCE, I guess.. HA HA!!

Alisse & I were always
{insert the voice of ANDY ANDERSON here}

We always had fun when we traveled.

Alisse, remember I am being nice. I used this picture... BUT I gotta give a shout out to


And we are in love!!!

Like I said... we are in love!!!

Love the PROM POSE in Hawaii!!!! How romantic.


Speaking of IN LOVE... Alisse found her true love & I am so glad she married him. I love Scott.
She's always had a bit of a crush on him!
Alisse is such a good AUNT!!
She loves all of her nieces & nephews so much.
She SPOILS all of them tons.
Here are some pictures of a couple years back when Alisse gave Ellie tickets to
"Disney Princesses On Ice".

Alisse & Scott babysit all of the kids a WHOLE LOT & even let them have sleep overs with them! Ellie loves it every time. (HINT... hint... HINT)

Alisse is such a great sister. She is always there to talk to or laugh with.. whatever!
I appreciate the example she is to me & my family.
Alisse was a beautiful bride.
(I loved her wedding & reception)

Alisse is a great daughter! She does so much to make my parents happy.

She loves her church calling! And I bet that all of her kids love her just as much.
Alisse is obsessed with LOST, The Office, & America's Next Top Model... just to name a few.
Alisse still likes her sisters to do her hair!

Alisse has some of the cutest decor in her house! It is so cheerful. I love it.
(Who is your decorator, Alisse? *wink!)

What a hard worker.
I know she does a lot for the place she works for.
(NO, she doesn't work at a carnival)

Speaking of CHEERFUL ....

Alisse knows how to make anyone laugh & she can always liven up any party.
She is HILARIOUS!!!!!
Smart.. I already mentioned, but she's also a great teacher!

Ellie loves to ask her:
"Leasy, tell me what you learned at school today/this week."
I am grateful for the time she has spent with Ellie, cause Ellie loves to SIGN!!

One of Alisse's most favorite movies ( I think her #1).....
If you don't know this....
What a cute Sam & Jake!!

She is always ready & willing to help out She's Got It All.



She is hot!

Happy birthday Alisse.

There are so many more great things that I love about you.

I am so thankful to have you as a sister. You are always making me & other people laugh. You are such a good example.

I hope you have a great BIRTHDAY WEEKEND.

Go party like a rock star.