Saturday, August 14, 2010

QT to NB

The first couple days of July we were able to go and stay at our aunt ALMA & uncle Gary's house on Newport Beach.
We were asked to go just the week before because somebody had their plans fall through or something..... SAD for them- AWESOME for US!!!
When I heard NEWPORT for a couple days with my mom, KRISTA & HANK, & EVEN be able to bring ELLIE- I started getting subs for my gymnastics classes right away!
Elle that picture is not about YOU....
The couple behind her was either on their honeymoon or maybe had a secret relationship or something! ha ha.. Elle kept staring at them cuddling & kissing, etc.!
Ellie is obsessed with my I-POD. (sometimes she gets into trouble with it)
Ellie and I made sure to go to the beach for 2 of the days. I could never get enough of that!
So early Monday morning we drove over. My mom, Aunt Alma, Beth & her 3 girls, and Ellie & I.
Ellie & Reagan were so excited to be together.
I even got to drive Beths Tahoe for awhile in California while she helped her youngest baby in the back seat. The ride was great. I made sure to let Lance know that I passed the test of driving a tahoe in Cali... ha ha- SOMEDAY I hope to have my own. The kids were great & it was fun to just sit & catch up with my mom, Alma & Beth. PLUS- all the girls were so good. It was a really fast drive.
OF COURSE we had to take a trip to a couple favorite spots- EL TORITTO GRILL!
Don't doubt that we went to so many FROZEN YOGURT shops as soon as Krista arrived! Which is two THUMBS UP from me! Krista had/has been living without it in CHICAGO for too long & she is obsessed with FRO YO more than anyone else I know!
It was a little chilly outside...not that I am complaining- so it was so nice to go for jogs, bike rides, or just hang out with the doors/windows opened! This morning we had just got back from Charlie's Chilli at the pier where we ate outside. We had our cousin Stephanie come meet us with her daughter Charlie who just had surgery on her leg.
Nice & sweaty after our jog to breakfast.
Ellie loved hanging out with Charlie because she is was so sweet. She showed Elle how to play on her phone (?) & entertained her.
On Wednesday morning Reagan came down to the sand with us. GOOD THING cause Ellie was getting really bored.
They danced around, blew bubbles, layed out, splahed in the water, etc.! They had such a good time.
On the last night we hit up TUTTI FRUTTI again.. YUM!
Krista & I had a good time staying up late on my last night there - cause we never want to miss a party! ha ha.. We are both that way.
Thursday morning came WAY TO FAST! WAA WAA...
We were sad to go. I tried to pack this handsome, happy STUD in my bag but......
there was no way his mom was letting him leave her. DANG!
HANK I MISS YOU! (and you too Kris)
These girls were sad to have to leave each other too. Bre & Reagan had been at DisneyLand with their mom & cousins on the other side the night before. They were so excited to show Ellie what they had bought with their own money!
(SINCE then.. Elle started a bank of her own for DISNEYLAND & so have we- CAN NOT WAIT!)
We flew home that afternoon.
As soon as we walked out of the airplane in AZ.... {can I getta "WAA WAA"} - THE HEAT! OH the heat! It was hot... which I normally am used to & usually love. But coming from the nice breeze it was hard to come home.
It was such a perfect trip for being so last minute & so quick. My aunt Alma is so sweet for letting us come over. It was so fun to be there & spend time together!
THANKS AGAIN GOODMAN'S- we are always in for a PARTY esp. when someones plans fall through last minute mid summer!!! HA HA