Monday, February 11, 2013

Elsie our Elf 2012

We all love our cute Elf, ELSIE!
She is sweet & silly.
Here are some pics of her from December 2012.
(Above, she got her ears pierced.)
Pumpin' weights.
Partying with her peeps.
Sipping maple syrup.
ho ha ha..
One day she decorated with Ellie's undies.
Soaking in her marshmallow tub.
Reading a Christmas Classic.
At Lance's Christmas party, Lance won an i-pad. We had a talk with Ellie about not taking a bunch of pics of herself or with photo booth on it. 
But the next morning, we found out that Elsie loved doing those things..
Ellie & Noah had a sleep over & found these 2 love birds (with their love notes) when they woke up.
Elsie is a big fan of the i pad. She made an ELF YOURSELF video of her & Ellie dancing.
 Ellie was cracking up!!
Ellie loved finding her hiding in the apron with a cooking tool.
She would keep a good eye on Ellie.
Here she is hanging on her bedroom door.
We wished she stayed longer.
We love every day with Elsie Elf!