Sunday, March 30, 2008

The beginning of our SPRING!

Grandma Vicki had the girls over for a sleep over. In the morning we went to
(every Thursdays at 9:30 - 10:30 am- $5.oo)
Then we took a little time to play at the pool before dance & gymnastics that night.
Ellie, my mom, and I went and watched Riggs play his first baseball game this year!
(I love baseball, all though our lives kinda revolve around basketball season!)

Don't be fooled by this guys size!

His first time at bat....

he hit the ball so hard- line drive!

He even got 2 bases!


Our Saturdays are going to be crazy & filled with other plans for over a month, so we went to this Saturdays game.. (sorry Jax for missing yours- I was coaching!)

Since it was OPENING DAY at the field, they had tons of fun stuff for the kids!

They were blasting music.... Every time Roxy & Ellie walked by, they could NOT resist but to do a little dance!

After the game, we went to Grandma Cheryl's....
where Lance & his brother, Davy set up a huge SLIP & SLIDE for the kids!
Last year Ellie would never do it.
I was shocked that she did it over & over. She actually did it the whole time (even more than any of the kids there)... she was even mad when it had to be put away!


Hudson LOVES his Uncle LA LA....
Lance accidentally scared him & he was TERRIFIED!
{Why Uncle La La.. of all people?}

This Sunday night, we celebrated Lee's birthday with the Mabry family.
Lots of busy kids...
wanting to do as many things as possible!

This was part of Lee's b-day present. (the pop & the mento's & a rocket)
Molly entertaining Hudson!
He loved playing "catch" with her. It was so cute how happy he was that Molly was playing with him!
After the Cummards....
we went to SURPRISE:
Our wonderful GRANDMA RIGGS! She is at a rehabilitation place to recover from all of the things that she has had going on!

We want the best for her & hope that she recovers soon!!!

Arizona's HOT spring has begun!!
Remember sunscreen & find some water!!
OH- If you are looking for something FUN to do with your kids
this coming Saturday-
come to
There will be lots of activities going on! Come out with your family between 11 am - 3 pm!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Easter weekend 2008

Speaking of banners....
I made this one for Alisse for her b-day this year.
(Why not pastel colors? Because her house matches this perfectly!)
Alisse- sorry you have to take it down now!!

On Friday, we tagged along with our pastie white bodies to Power Ranch Pool with Auburn & her friend Cassidy. The pool was heated & Ellie loved it.
Noah--- not so much...

Instead of getting in the water, Noah & Roxy (once again) fought over being


My vote--- Rox.

She proved she deserved it more. And she was happy the whole time!

{Love ya Doodles... you get it from the Sherwood side!}

That night, the ladies went out on the town... {or CHANDLER, at least} .... for some good shopping & some yummy food for Auburn's birthday.

Saturday morning, I had to coach.

BUT.... SUPER DAD took Ellie to the park for the neighborhood EASTER EGG HUNT. Looks like it was a great turn out & I heard it was tons of fun!
(THANKS to Jheri Glover & all those who helped!)

Obviously, Lance was really far away for this shot.
When I zoomed in I was cracking up at Elle's face! She was flying down that hill & her face said it all!!! She meant business.

Ellie loves her friend/cousin: CARTER!

On Saturday night, we had family pictures & then headed to a dinner that our great BISHOP put on to honor these 2 {YOUNG} men:

DREW & BRAD- aka: Darla & Alfalfa- still seem so young.
At least until this weekend when we heard their testimonies, etc.
At the end of the dinner, Brad & Drew each got to pick a tie off of one their leaders necks, and now get to take it with them on their missions.
(A tradition)


Proud sisters- minus Auburn!
(You missed out Auburn!)

More proud sisters.

The Romney's also came straight from family pictures.
{The color black = a hit!}

(Sorry about the blur.)

These moms are already loosing it!

2 YEARS with out their sons.... somehow they'll make it.

Ellie & Noah loved being babysat by Rachel! Thanks Rachel.


The EASTER BUNNY did find where we were this year!!

After Ellie looked through her basket, she started looking around for HIDDEN presents.

(Sorry Ellie... I guess the Easter bunny doesn't HIDE everything.)

Brad & Drew gave WONDERFUL, AMAZING talks in church.

There were so many people telling me they had no idea Brad talked like that. I think we were all blown away. With 4 sisters, Brad doesn't talk much around us, and when he does, he isn't serious.

Lance took Ellie over to his parents for some of their Easter traditions while I helped my mom & family get ready for Brad's open house.

I am not sure what this is about, but Lance said she was throwing some kind of fit because she didn't bring HER Easter basket. HA HA...

Easter egg hunt with the cousins....

Then, Cheryl did "Grandma's store".
Ellie picked out some very interesting things.
A couple of my faves:
* Grow a SISTER! Finally! Elle has a sister who is made of sponge or somethin'!
* A plastic heart necklace with ANNIE in the heart! She loves it.

Sunday night, we had Brad's OPEN HOUSE.

Everything was cute & yummy.Some of Brad's friends:

Even though we had did take some Easter pics, I feel like we skipped over Easter this year.

We'll miss Brad for 2 years!