Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wish I Was There

11 years ago our family took an awesome trip to Florida. We went to Disney World, Blizzard Beach, & MGM. The day we went to MGM, was JUNE 1st. Which was National Gay & Lesbian Day. (Disney is apparently a proud part of!) Every where we looked there were guys kissing guys, girls kissing girls, short shorts, skinny legs, & most of them were wearing these nasty RED shirts that read:
Our family now calls each other every year on JUNE 1st to wish them A happy Gay & Les Day. We usually try not to wear red, just in case.. HA HA.
Christmas of 2005 our parents gave all of us a trip to FLORIDA!! It had been 10 years! This time we decided to all wear RED!

1st day we went to Disney World. Of course it was HUMID & flaming hot, but we all had such a blast. It has a lot of the same rides as Disney Land.

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse had just came out on the Disney Channel & Ellie & Noah loved every episode. We thought they would love meeting Mickey & Minnie... but they were a little nervous. Also, Ellie cared more about loving Roxy than meeting Mickey. Can you tell?

Aladdin's Magic carpet ride. Great ride for kids.
ROXY GIRL only like 6 weeks old! She was so sweet the whole trip.
Worn out at the end of the day. We reeked!
Of course Ellie went home with JUNK. (she wanted a princess souvenir) Here is our big RED group. Laugh now, but nobody got lost that day... I can NOT say the same for the other 2 days. Our husbands loved matching the other guys, too!! We were a week early for Gay & Les Day... too bad! HA. For those of you looking for an AWESOME place to vacation... THIS IS IT! Everyones favorite theme park was BLIZZARD BEACH. Our kids ask if we can go back there constantly! There is so much to do there for EVERY age. The first time we went I was in 8th grade & it was my favorite then. This last time was so much fun, again.
Theres lots of adult rides, family rides, a wave pool, & tons of kids areas.
The picture above is what slide they are known for. It is kinda like The Bonzai, but more steep. Look at how many stairs you have to climb to go down the slide! Where it looks like someone would fly off... that is fake, you just keep falling.
None of us can figure out why Arizona does not have an awesome water park like this. We need one so bad! As you can see, it is in the middle of a forest (just like all the Disney theme parks in Orlando).
It is decorated like a blizzard. CREATIVE!!
Auburn's boys (Riggs & Jax) posing for me.
Noah got busted. He was supposed to be sitting, but he kept getting stuck, so he decided to just walk down.
Ellie's "Poppie"/my dad still loves being playing like a kid, but he loved seeing his grandkids love every moment. (Maybe this should be an every other year trip!!)
Jaxen, Ellie, & Riggs! The lines on kids slides took like one minute to wait, IF THAT!
Noah & Ellie were quite confused!! They thought this was the kids area.

Jax loved it,
so did Riggs.
Noahs face cracks me up. He was just chillin', acting too cool to smile.
(I also have video, but I don't know how to put it on.)
Ellie loved going face first into the water!

The last day of theme parks... Universal Studios.
I know that Auburn's boys esp. loved this park. They met Spiderman, the X-Men charactors & there were tons of good rides. Some of our favorites were: the Spiderman ride (3-D), & the Hulk roller coaster.

There were a few Dr. Seuss book themed rides. This was "One Fish, Two Fish", I think.
It was so hot, so we loved any ride that got us wet. I did not have any pictures where we were soaked from the some of the other rides. (I can't remember many names, besides Jurrasic Park.)
Our last day in Florida we spent the day swimming & relaxing in the hotel pool. (Above is Noah sipping his Pina Colada.)

Lance loved his first summer break with Elle, & she loved every second with him!!

Thanks mom & dad.

We will never forget the memories, but incase we do, we should probably go more often!!! (WINK)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My "beebee" brother is graduating from MHS (Forever the BEST)!!
Congrats Brad.
Time flies. I remember the day Brad was born (& all the small fishing poles he received from my dads friends). We wanted to know if we had a new baby sister or brother. When he was born, my mom had 4 other moms to help out. He really was the cutest & sweetest baby. He had SO much dark hair & was always happy. My sisters & I loved playing with him, dressing him up as a girl (sorry Brad), fighting over who got to take him out in sacrament, & etc. (I wish I had some baby pictures to share, but you can blog hop to my sister Alisses's & see some.) Now he is graduating from high school, SO WEIRD!

This is my parents with 50 CENT.... I mean Brad. He has always been in to dressing up... :SUPERMAN!, Peter Pan, The Mask, The Riddler, Batman, I could go on & on... as for the chain ?? Ask his friend Derek. Brad is my parents favorite SON & I know they are so proud of him & the good choices he makes.

Also, Brad is the last child (#5) to graduate from good ol' Mesa, along with Both our parents, & my dads parents. PLUS, we have all married people from Mesa (so did Lances family). So Brad has no choice... He can't break the mold. HA!

Brad doesn't even know that I took this picture! This is a classic!! Brad & (his BFF) Derek Poulsen watching SMALLVILLE. Brad is obsessed with everything to do with Superman! He has every season of Smallville on DVD, Superman calenders, pictures, you name it. This obsession started quite young! Every Sunday night when he was little he would go & change into his Superman outfit before watching The Adventures of Louis & Clark. He rents the oldest Superman movies & still has a Superman outfit to fit. I know for a fact that he will never grow out of this obsession. He is SUPERMAN. (He also has always LOVED all types of music. That is another thing about him that will never change.)

One of my favorite memories of Brad: If you know our family, you know how OBSESSED with 16 Candles we are. One summer at Lake Powell, Brad was trying to put my sisters & I to sleep. Brad decided to quote every word, & sound in the back ground from the movie. He had it down!! At first we laughed, but eventually his plan worked & he really did put us to sleep! "Jenny, Mike, Sara, Sam, everybody up!" "Real Smooth Cliff." "Whaz a happinin hot stuff?" "You don't spell it son, you eat it!" "Is that a Threat, ... No it's a fact Jake." "American Style Girlfriend"

Brad & Drew Romney had a graduation party on Monday night over at my parents. It was a lot of fun. Brad & Drew have been friends since they were BORN! (ONE month apart) I know our moms loved it...(esp. since they both had 3-4 girls & then had their last & it was finally boys!) I couldn't find the picture when we put on a small play. It was so funny. Brad was Alfalfa, & Drew was Darla. So funny! You would die. ..That was probably the last time they let us dress them up! They love having sisters!

This is some of Brad's friends/their "GROUP".

Things change so much after high school. We think we'll never loose contact with... & we do, people change, life just gets CRAZY! So GOOD LUCK to all those graduating.
NOW you'll start to feel OLD when you say "....in High school...", or "I went to high school with them", ETC. Dream BIG, & work hard!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Where did this week go?

Monday: While I was watching The Bachelor, Ellie went & hid from me. When I asked, "Ellie, where are you?", her head popped out of her kitchen (where the sink is). For some reason I thought it was so funny. I could not stop laughing. I had TEARS! So now she always hides in there to make me laugh.

Tuesday: Elle & Noah started swimming lessons with Courtney Goodman! (Thank goodness!) She is such a good teacher! Ellie & Noah swam all over last year & until this week they would just stay on the step! ... NOW there is no stopping them!

Wednesday: Swim lessons at 9:00, straight to a design call for 5 HOURS!! (Not including the drive to & from Cave Creek) As you can see there was a lot of work to do!! I had to hurry home, grab Ellie from Shalaes house, change & go straight to coaching gymnastics. From there we headed to help Parker & Kanoe get moved in to their new house! We were so worn out & did not get home until 10:30 that night! When we got in the car to finally go home, Ellie asked me, "mom, now can I go to sleep?". That never happens!!

Thursday: Things started to catch up to Ellie as you can tell! I was talking on the phone while Ellie was twirling upside down, round & round on my glider. All the sudden her feet went limp. ... YES, she fell asleep UPSIDE DOWN!! My mom told me that it reminds her of me when I was little, cause my dads grandma (my nana) would say I never stopped doing "DIDO'S" (sp?) everywhere!

Friday & Saturday: More swimming! Plus, running around to get things done, ETC!!

Saturday: Some of my family celebrated Lances B-DAY at Matta's (his favorite)! Then to a cousins reception & after Lance & I went & saw Spiderman 3... Kinda/VERY cheesy movie!!

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day! Here is a one of my favorite pictures of my favorite child!!! I love being a mom! It is the most rewarding thing, & I don't think I could even start to say how much I love Ellie & all the things she does to brighten everyone every day!

I did not have a good picture of me & my mom, but I did want to say that I love her so much & totally appreciate everything she has always done for me! She is a friend to anyone & everyone. Also, I am so glad that I have such a good mother-in-law, & Lance has grown up with such a good mom. I look up to both of them & I try to follow in both of their footsteps! (I feel like I just gave my Mother's Day Testimony! I guess the lessons at church got to me today!)

Enjoy your MOTHER'S DAY!!

Lance is 26!!

Lance turned 26 today... man he is old!!
His birthday lands on Mother's Day every once in a while (such as this year) yet he is such a good sport!
I love Lance so much, & I could go on & on with reasons why... but I just wanted to share just some of the special things about him!
Lance is a such a good brother & son!
He loves his parents , & his brothers... he would do anything for any of them at any time. (pictures above & below were taken by Sloan Photographers back in 2005!)

Lance is the BEST husband. He is such a hard worker & I really appreciate all he does for me. Lance loves surprising me with things, & is USUALLY a good listener. We laugh, talk & vent about everything to each other. He teaches me so much.. from copying off him in high school - learning from him during sunday school - scriptures... EVERYTHING.

We became best friends in the summer before 11th grade & all the sudden started dating. (After I tried to have all my neighborhood friends date him! HA) I'm so glad that we were friends before ever dating!! (He'd probably tell you some lame made up story that I was obsessed with him or something...whatever!)

Also I think my husband is the most attractive guy in the world. HONESTLY! I don't care what anyone else says, I really think that!

Lance loves kids, but LOVES ELLIE more than I could've ever imagined!! He is totally, hands down, THE BEST DAD!! I get sick of all the "JUNK/gas station stops", but he always wants to give Ellie a prize since she is his PRINCESS! (Ellie competes with me for his attention ... I am serious!)

The picture above was nothing out of the ordinary. She was 2 weeks old & Lance was having a conversation with her. She would just giggle, smile, kick, ETC, as soon as she could see or hear her daddy! This started the day Elle was born.. Lance would just talk to her in the hospital & she would smile.

( Ellie just loving her daddy's kisses. )

Lance's favorite vacation spot: NEWPORT BEACH! This picture is not attractive, but hey... (I am pretty positive my sister's & mom are singing a classic song in their heads!!)

I love all of the memories that I have made with Lance! He is awesome at everything. I am so lucky to have him as my husband & Ellie is so lucky to have him as her dad!

HAPPY B-DAY LANCE! I love you!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mother's Day Give Away

HEY!! I know some of you are probably getting bugged about me
talking/posting about
She's Got It All... BUT, I just wanted to give a quick reminder:
Today (5-9-07) is the last day to enter our Mother's Day drawing! The winner will recieve a $25.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE!!! Awesome!
We have not had alot of people enter, so your chances are pretty good! Just do it!
I think it can be about your mom, or about you being a mom..???
GO look at the website to find out more!!!
YOU could be the lucky winner!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Amelia's Shower

This is just a quick follow up! I promised I would show pictures of Amelia Romney's shower...
(She's Got It All accessories).
Amelia did not want her picture taken, since she just had her wisdom teeth removed! She still felt puffy, but she looked so cute. I can not believe Amelia (MIMI) is going to get married.
I feel so old!

My mom has the perfect house for showers & parties.

Sorry, I did not take a picture of the whole table. People were trying to get food & I was trying to take a couple pictures really fast!

I love the way my mom & her friends decorate for showers! They always have every thing perfect & it always looks like a million bucks. I TOTALLY admire them for their talent. I try to watch & pick up on the things that they do! They should be hired to put on cute showers or parties for people!
This time, most of the credit goes to:
Stephanie Romney, Fran Garcia, Peggy Moffat, Vicki Sherwood & Shellene Garner.
As always, Good Job!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Layers Clothing

I HATE swim suit season, but I LOVE the new Layers suits.
I have not got one YET, but I really want the pink paisley "MIMI", & I saw the black polka dot in person, & it was very cute. I need to start saving up my money for it!
I copied a few of my favorite swim suits, dresses, & also a couple T's.
If you love these suits, or anything else on their website (www.layersclothing.com) you can get items cheaper, or SAVE on shipping thru my sister-in-law, Kanoe. Her e-mail is: kanoegrun@aol.com. You could even host a party thru her for a bigger discount! COOL, huh!
My favorite swim suits:

My body does not fit into 1 pieces, but I do love the suit below.


Here is a couple really cute dresses, I just don't know if I could pull them off.

Good gift for Mother's Day!
My mom & sister have the lace bottom T-shirt & I need to stock some of these.
They can be worn with shirts to add length, or just to dress up your outfit!
How cute is this popular styled shirt? I love this one!