Sunday, January 31, 2010

2009 Christmas


Here's a little peak at how crazy our December was!
Painting, painting.... and trying to find time for all the great things that happen in December!
INCLUDING finally getting into our own place!
We threw this wall together in 45 minutes. It really bugged me, so it has already changed...
but I am just sharing it, since this house WAS our Christmas!!

So that was our Christmas decor....
Ellie walking in the front room to see if Santa found our new house!
HE DID!!!!
Santa brought Ellie & I each a desk! (and Lance an ironing board- I promise he asked for it)
He wrote Ellie a cute note & she was so excited!
She said "Mom, I didn't even ask for anything & I got a desk!!!!"
We had such a great morning! It was so fun to spend it in our new home!

We went in the family room to see if our stockings were visited.... right as I was taking the picture- Elle found a little hidden gift from Santa!

A new doll!
Santa said that her name was LIBERTY but he called her LIBBY!

After opening our presents- Ellie was ready to bust out things and play!
That after noon we headed to my parents to TALK TO Elder Sherwood on the phone!
It was so fun for all of us to talk to him & hear how good he was doing!
He'll be home in just a couple months!
We dug into stockings ....

Then we were on to the presents under the tree!
The 3 youngest girls each had a cute new {singing} baby to love!

This year the sisters did our pajama gifts... I LOVE SHALAE'S!! (from Alisse)
Don't worry- she tried them on for all of us!
(I got a cute dress & slipper boots from Auburn .... ask Lance if I ever miss a morning w/out a robe & slippers.. cause I don't!)
All the son-in-laws with Sam & their new fishing poles...
but when is the fishing trip????
My mom is Miss Crafty Quilter lately-
check out the ADORABLE aprons that she made for us:
It was another great Christmas!
Hope everyone else had a good one, too!

Christmas Eve With the Cummards 09

It started with a nice LOBSTER dinner & then on to the nativity..
Next, the kids were loving all of the presents!
(below is an outfit from D3 to Ellie)
This is my niece, Sally.
She was so excited about that scooter, she WOULD NOT put it down after opening it! It was so cute.
Lance opening gifts... with some of our nieces & nephews!
NOTHING out of the ordinary!
More presents...
make up...
The kids were loving it!
The kids with their great grandparents:
.. and with their Cummard grand parents:
It was another great Christmas Eve-
I love traditions!

We love the 4 New Additions to Our Family!

At the beginning of December, Shalae got married!
{sorry, 16 Candles sidetrack}
The kids were adorable!

These 2 love birds were so cute!
Russ is one of the funnest & FUNNIEST guys that I have ever met! He is perfect for Shalae!
Every once in a while she will text or e-mail us (the girls in our fam) something cute or funny that he did & it just makes me happy because she is so happy!
We love these girls! Taylor, Kaitlyn, & Sophie! They are so adorable & sweet.
Mr. & Mrs. Price:
Some pics after the wedding:
(Me & my sisters & my mom)
After we celebrated the new couple at Oregano's!