Saturday, June 23, 2012

Girls Camp 2012 * Dana Ranch Ward

Our Stakes theme for girls camp this year was : Be Loyal to the Royal Within.
IT WAS A GREAT THEME. Here are a few free printables. 
The top one I found on Pinterest. Here is the LINK!

The 2 free printables below are  some I made (inspired by others). They are also on my Pinterest board.
Enjoy the free printables if you'd like!

The Beehives met at my house one night to make crown shirts. I loved watching how creative the girls got. Each shirt was very different. 

Some of us rode up to camp with the girls. 
The ride ended up being pretty fun.
I did about 1/2 the girls hair & was able to get to know more girls in our neighborhood.
Setting up tents... ALWAYS a good time.

Sister Romero relaxing in her "throne" camping chair. :)


Sister Heaton was our Ward Camp Director. She did so awesome. She made everyone a SNUGGIE. We were warm & decked out in purple! OH.. and we also wore our crowns that we made a few weeks before camp, at mutual. 

2nd years did a 5 mile hike.
 At the top of the mountain. 

Jacobs Ladder..

More games...

Just some of the awesome Dana Ranch Leaders! :)


Princess Training..

Me & my 2nd Years.

Each ward was given a flag to decorate. 
I loved helping with it.
Secret Sister area..

What would camp be like without BRAIDS?

Friday night. Bishops Night..

By Saturday morning, we were very spiritually lifted & closer as a ward/stake.
I loved our theme:
Be Loyal To the Royal Within.
It was a great year!

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I just wanted to let you know that I used your printable today on my blog and linked back even though I pinned it on Pinterest :):)